MDC Alliance to challenge 21 seats

THE opposition MDC Alliance has announced plans to challenge results in 21 constituencies, where it claims there was massive rigging, as it seeks to overturn Zanu PF’s two-thirds parliamentary majority.


Douglas Mwonzora

MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora confirmed the development yesterday, saying they would file the petitions after the Heroes holiday.

“Right now, I have 21 parliamentary and five local government petitions which I am going through, which I think we are likely to file immediately after the Heroes holiday. I want to take advantage of the holiday to have a look at all of these, I think we are filing one or two today (yesterday),” he said.

MDC Alliance’s losing candidates, mostly in Chipinge and Nyanga, have claimed that non-Zimbabweans were allowed to vote in the just-ended elections, with the majority coming from neighbouring Mozambique.

“So far we have proof that 600 people were allowed to vote in ward 11 of Nyanga North constituency, when they are resident in Mozambique. One of the requirements is that the voters must be resident in the ward they are voting. We also have evidence about Mutasa North and Chipinge, so basically, I am talking of the border areas,” he said.

Zanu PF has party structures across the Zimbabwean border, with Mozambique, but it was not immediately clear whether the alleged Mozambicans hold valid local identity documents or not.

“We have not looked at that, but whether they hold Zimbabwean identity cards or not will not matter. What will matter is whether they are resident in Zimbabwe, because in terms of section 1,5 of the Electoral Act you must be resident in the ward in Zimbabwe. We have people who are resident in Mozambique, but they don’t reside in Zimbabwe, their homesteads are in Mozambique,” he said.

Mwonzora said the fight could see Zanu PF lose its two-thirds majority in Parliament if their victories are reversed in the courts.


  1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    Heyi why all this desperation mdc Zimbabwe is in safe hands. Musaratidze kupererwa zvakadayi shuwa apa you claim to be educated but your reasoning don’t even give a sign of people who went to school. Mwonzora vabva vatowe mwonzora we mhunga here shuwa why kuzvidzikisira to such a level. Uri kutya kudzingwa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. kid marongorongo

    so who did these people vote for if ever that happened and how would you prove that, why didn’t you report the day they voted, these are just makeshift stories you lost just admit it no one will victimize you put up a fight guys its only that the party you were fighting is too big, organized and sophisticated

  3. NewsDAy, I am now very confused. I thought challenges must occur within 7 days, that is by 9th August. Other news stands are saying that time has expired. I think that MDC does not have any proof but are stringing you along. As the time has expired, they are going to “play victim” and say the biased courts are refusing to entertain their submissions, when they know time has expired.

    1. I think the 7 days apply to challenges on the Presidential election only, not MPs or councillors

  4. Comment.wait for ever youare not the choosen few you are miss guided by incorrossive imperial ideas how can elections berigged on youu..

  5. The question is where these people registered if they where registered whether these people go to work in Mozambique or not is neither nor there please MDC let it go

  6. This is beginning to sound confused and desperate.

  7. those issues of borders dzingadai dzakataurwa before elections so as to make sure the so called mozas dont vote,working & residing are two different things.

  8. Comment…lies from mdc

    1. let them produce evidence (proof)

  9. Comment…very few economists or scientists or even commercial law experts, only controversial activists used to donor money are in MDC. The tym shall come vanhu pavachakumhanyisai vaona Kuti ua using them

  10. we are waiting for the outcome we trust you guys

  11. sad,this issue of Mozambique how far true? very strange!!!!!!!

  12. hapana chinobuda apa mhonzora anoziva vatungamiriri vemdc itaivozve serious kuti isu vakakuvhoterai tizive kuti takavhotera vanhu vari serious otherwise next time we wont vote for you what u are saying does not add up and does not reflect the high level of education you attained ini ndinosaiwa kuti wakaenderei kuchikoro iwe uri dhofo rakadaro

  13. What about the diaspora resident in South Africa that crossed the border to vote in the elections???

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