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Let parties gracefully accept court verdict


THE nation is gripped with the unfolding Constitutional Court (ConCourt) case, where MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is seeking to overturn Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidential electoral victory, which is being televised live to ensure that ordinary citizens are afforded an opportunity to follow the proceedings.


It is trite to mention that the decision by the ConCourt is final and cannot be appealed against once the full bench makes a finding on matters brought before it.

Zimbabweans should be alive to the fact that justice is not justice only when it serves their interests and should, therefore, avoid being emotional as the case proceeds to ensure that as soon as the matter is concluded, we quickly go back to the drawing board to rebuild our country’s long-fallen economic walls.

As we wait for the ConCourt to sift through the evidence submitted by all parties and come up with its verdict, we urge the nation to avoid succumbing to emotions in this delicate balance, but allow the country to emerge the ultimate winner in this contest.

Indeed, this is a high stakes game and given the political gamesmanship and posturing that preceded the hearing, the burden upon Chief Justice Luke Malaba and the jurists he leads to be just and impartial cannot be overemphasised.

The moment for the judiciary to stand out and dispel whispers of compromise and lack of independence is now. The men and women charged with giving life to our Constitution should come to the party.

MDC Alliance spokesperson and lawyer Welshman Ncube was clear that our courts are also under scrutiny from the people of Zimbabwe and international community, especially given that the bench agreed to open itself up through a live broadcast.

It is incumbent upon the bench not to be influenced by what either Mnangagwa or Chamisa said following the release of the highly disputed results.

The matter calls for a sober, well-reasoned and considered judgment that is fail-proof.

It is also critical for the nation to continue in peace as the hearing continues today and judgment is passed tomorrow.

We appreciate that the country, including business, has been largely on a standstill following the release of the election results.

Since the ruling will bring a rest to this case, as the judgment will be final, we implore both parties and their supporters to abide by the ruling and that those who will lose will not seek to settle the matter through unorthodox means.

We commend local preachers that have called for peace prayer meetings this week. We desperately need peace than ever before.

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