Khupe slammed for endorsing Mnangagwa

THE Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has taken a dig at MDC-T leader, Thokozani Khupe for endorsing President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s electoral victory, saying this automatically stripped her of the “Queen of Matabeleland” tag and could spell doom for her political career.


Khupe and senior officials from her opposition party attended Mnangagwa’s inauguration at the National Sports Stadium on Sunday, saying the gesture was a sign of “patriotism”.
The MRP sad it was not amused.

MRP president Mqondisi Moyo argued Khupe’s decision to endorse and associate with Mnangagwa will have negative ripple effects on her political career.

“We feel this move [endorsing Mnangagwa] has disqualified her as a leadership figure in Matabeleland,” Moyo told journalists at the Media Centre on Tuesday.

“It is clear she got most of her votes in Matabeleland. She was naturally viewed among the 23 presidential candidates as a Matabeleland candidate. Her embracing of those accused of genocide in Matabeleland is not only shocking, but spells her doom on her political carreer.”

The MRP president said Khupe had missed an opportunity to build her political profile by allegedly hobnobbing with Mnangagwa.

“The best she can do for now is to join Zanu PF and stop compromising the opposition,” Moyo said.

Khupe’s spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni, however, said the attack was unwarranted, adding the breakaway MDC-T faction was not going to stoop so low and be sore losers.

“I understand the frustrations of the people with regards to Mnangagwa and us attending that inauguration, but there is one thing that people must appreciate that when we contested that election, we were mindful that there was going to be a winner and if we had won that election, we were going to expect people to come to our inauguration because that is how these things work,” Phugeni said.

“Remember this issue was there before the election of alleged atrocities that he (Mnangagwa) committed in Matabeleland. Unless they [critics] are suggesting that we should have been sore losers that you participate in a process and then lose and don’t go and congratulate the winner.”


  1. this tribalist outfit must stop these childish games and utterances and threats thoko is free to do whatever she wants we are living in a free democracy

  2. What is MRP anyway? T Khupe and her MDC-T have shown political maturity. Nothing other than tribalists can be said about this MRP. There is no room for tribal lines anymore in Zimbabwe. We saw those antics from Mugabe and we dont want to see them again. Thank God MRP is a nonexistent entity and we can’t lose sleep over what they think. Just a bunch of hungry opportunists.

  3. Haiwawo!! Who listens to nutty Mqondisi anyway? Just a cursory look at the results of the recent elections will confirm that pesky Mqondisi and his secessionist and his tribalistic MRP are totally and hopelessly irrelevant!!!

  4. Iam not see any problem with thokozani it shows that she is mature we are in people one nation why we are still have mugabe spirit let’s work together as a nation let’s build our country together pasina zvemapart

  5. Thokozani Khupe has always been a ZANU PF girlfriend planted by the junta to cause confusion in the opposition. The primary evidence is her appearance at ED’s inauguration.

  6. which maturity are you talking about here? Khupe was a Zanupf project period.

  7. Pasi nema tribalist

  8. Khupe is confused. I used to have a high opinion of her but I have now changed. “Patriotism” utter tosh. Sorry you cannot eat “Patriotism”. Losers ought to be sore. It shows the sore loser cares.
    Khupe any port in a storm. Just join ZanuPf and cut out the crap about “patriotism”. So opposition is not patriotic then? What a fool!

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