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Just step down: Chamisa taunts ED


OPPOSITION MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday ordered his political nemesis President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa to do the “most gracious and revolutionary thing” by conceding defeat and start negotiating his retirement package before Wednesday to avoid humiliation at the Constitutional Court (ConCourt).


Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa told NewsDay that it was clear from responses by Mnangagwa and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) that their defence was weak, adding that he was confident the ConCourt would rule in his favour when the matter goes for hearing on Wednesday.

“In fact, the people have spoken and it is only counter revolutionary to disregard the will of the people,” Chamisa said.

“He knows he lost and he should do the honourable thing; concede defeat. He and (Vice-President Constantino) Chiwenga should start negotiating their retirement packages and allow the people to move on.”

But Justice minister and Mnangagwa’s chief election agent, Ziyambi Ziyambi, challenged the youthful opposition eader to “keep his confidence for Wednesday”.

“The matter is going to court. Do you need comment from outside the court? Chamisa should keep his confidence for Wednesday,” he said.

Chamisa is challenging Mnangagwa’s slim 50,8% win in the July 30 polls, where he garnered 44,3% of the vote in initial results declared by Zec before slashing the Zanu PF leader’s margin to 50,67% following the opposition party’s petition.

The ConCourt will on Wednesday hear the matter in which Chamisa is seeking to overturn Mnangagwa’s electoral victory in the watershed July 30 polls.

The case will, for the first time in the history of Zimbabwe, be televised live.

In his heads of argument filed on Saturday, Chamisa said Zec had failed to explain Mnangagwa’s vote tally, claiming the Zanu PF leader was a beneficiary of 70 000 illegal votes “engineered” by Zec to avoid a run-off election.

He claimed the number of votes cast in the presidential election did not square up with the voter turnout claimed by the Zec.

He said the number of votes cast for the presidential election exceeded the number of votes cast for each parliamentary election, according to Zec’s figures and the discrepancy was not explained.

Chamisa, whose legal team is led by Advocate Thabani Mpofu and also includes South Africa’s advocates Dali Mpofu and Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, also claimed some polling stations had more votes recorded than the registered voters, while at others, the voters exceeded the threshold of 1 000 and again there was no explanation by Zec.

Mnangagwa is due to file his heads of argument today.

The Zanu PF leader has insisted he won in a free and fair poll and accused his rival of political grandstanding.

Mnangagwa claims Chamisa’s court case is flimsy.

Advocate Lewis Uriri leads Mnangagwa’s defence team made up of a dozen lawyers, who include Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and party legal secretary Paul Mangwana.

Chamisa said he had noted the caution and circumspect position taken by Sadc in its communique of the just-ended Summit when it congratulated Angolan President João Lourenço on his victory in the August 23, 2017 elections, but withheld congratulations on Mnangagwa.

“Sadc congratulated Angola’s President and withheld congratulating Zanu PF and Mnangagwa because they know very well that he did not win,” he said.

“They knew he was defeated and that is why they encouraged Zimbabwe to complete the court process.”

Chamisa said it was also a fallacy that Zanu PF garnered a two-thirds parliamentary majority because most seats were being challenged, especially in rural areas where alleged electoral malpractices, including voter intimidation and fictitious assisted voters, were rampant.

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  1. ….there we go again the childishness and the theatrics,the boy should ask himself why Zanu(PF) allowed the court proceedings to be aired live….dzungu rakawandisa apa

  2. It’s conspicuously clear that this has become cheque book journalism,under what sort of wisdom would a plaintiff put undue influence on a matter before the courts? Your Chamisa character isn’t learning I can see the same mouth that spoke one word too many during campaigns is the same mouth doing the same in post election era.Stratergy shares a symbiotic relationship with timing Chamisa so count your money when the deal is done.come Wednesday another storm brewing in a tea cup nothing much!!!!!

  3. This news can’t even get their figures correct – said they slashed Mnangagwa’s lead from 50.8% to 58.6% !!! Kikikiki

  4. It’s not Zanu (PF) but the Justice Service Commission (JSC) that allowed the live coverage of the court proceedings.

  5. very very silly and immature politics were you hear a contestant tell a winner to step aside for the loser to take charge infact its even strange and am not sure if it came from his mouth or its the media trying to sell papers

  6. It is very unwise for chamisa to conclude that other Sadc members believe Ed lost election because if that had been the case, they would not have given him a post. The oposite is probly true. After all they have endorsed the plebicite as free fair and credible and they even said Zimbabwe works as a good example for the rest of Sadc.

  7. Chamisa is challenging Mnangagwa’s slim 50,8% win in the July 30 polls, where he garnered 44,3% of the vote in initial results declared by Zec before slashing the Zanu PF leader’s margin to 58,6% following the opposition party’s petition.


  8. Don’t forget that zanupf is now a terminally wounded party that is perpetually divided in itself, Chamisa was given the correct figures from rebels deep within the zanupf rigging machine. He is 100% correct to claim this election

  9. @Njanji- Its the independent court that allowed the proceedings to be aired live, yes you are correct but am waiting for your vies on the courts if they say ED was duly elected

  10. Our clean national elections would trivially be in the electorate’s best interests. I again sincerely believe neither party ever recruited legal team to oppose popular demand for free and fair elections. There is no need for election re-run, if the elections are found to have been untainted. More transparent elections are not prejudicial to either political party.

  11. this cld be Chamisa’s final political nail, hopefully he brings dt evidence or else he z going to lose d few Westerners still on his side, and cultured supporters in need of a trustworthy Pres. God Bless Zim

  12. Whoever wins…its crystal clear now that ZANU PF isn’t going to take Zim ANYWHERE. They had all the time to prove to the nation that they are capable. We might not know what NC is capable of…but i think its in the best interest of this country to allow new blood to take over. People of Zim are struggling…long queues at banks…no cash…no employment…etc God have mercy on this country

  13. The matter is sub judice and I wonder why Chamisa is jumping before the gun.
    Lets stopping wavering lest we start trading barbs with the judiciary if things go haywire.
    Its a matter of days for us to see who will have the last laugh.

  14. Zanu is an evil party. It ordered Harare city council to cough up a large % of its revenue to fund the elections. Council workers up to now have not received their salaries. Council workers last got their salaries in February. PLEASE LEAVE COUNCIL TO RUN ITS OWN AFFAIRS. COUNCIL WORKERS ARE HUNGRY.

  15. Hondo yacho imbori yeiko nhai,? For sure necessary multitudes of foreign and local lawyers, advocates, attorneys to determine Western demand on us of political table manner, namely ” Clean hands before accessing their tendered meal?.” Whose necessary fight thereafter?

    • This idiot calling himself nacido rico is very good at insulting others. That’s a sign of brain deficiency like your so called leader who thinks all Zimbabweans belong to their so called alliance. After all if your party which you insult others for really commands the majority following why did it form an alliance to fight the mighty ZANU PF. They were sure of this very same outcome “DEFEAT”. So you can insult and insult but can you change or recruit someone into your ever crying party through that way? NEVER instead you shall join the winners to reduce stress and BP kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky

  16. Chamisa ane confidence dzakawandisa but dai ari mwana wechikoro achigara akafoira because haade kuverenge achifunga kuti ndiye ega anoziva. wakambotiti ndiye anohwina ma elections akarohwa apa ave kutaura futi zvekuhwina concourt manje toziva zvipi

  17. lets leave the courts to do administer their job , l believe the judges sworn in took an oath to serve truthfully and let justice prevail .The events which will take place on Wednesday will set a presidence to the fundamentals values enshrined in the constitution .The supreme law of the land . We need these pertinent issues to be resolved for the sake of progress .ZIm is already lagging behind , its tym to catch up

  18. KKKKK, hanzi childish politics, poor Zimbos were ruled by old Mugabe for so long they got brain damaged & it will take them many years to adjust back to a normal & youthful leader like Chamisa in this country

  19. We all know when rgm was in power it was mugabeland and now ed in power munangagwaland never Zimbabwe but to simplify things should just be called zanuland

  20. Unoziva sei kuti wawina ku court kwacho iweka mwana uzere nenhema chaiko, uye uzive bato renyu ndere nhema iro garaimuchingoruza mkahwina mungatiuraira nyika yedu,izvezvi makavuraisa vanhu mkabatwa mave kutiza, mrimapenzi chaiwo pasi nemwi

  21. This is just the usual madness! There are two possible outcomes of this court challenge:

    1) Chamisa to be declared the winner and we end up with a government comprising President Chamisa and a 2/3 Zanu PF parliament and senate.

    2) Mnangagwa is declared the winner and the corrupt and tyrannical rule continues.

    So either outcome will be a total disaster for the nation because neither government will accomplish anything of value. Worse still in five years we will be in the same mess we are in right now of yet another rigged elections because neither regime will implement any reforms.

    These elections should have never taken place with no reforms in place, these elections were not free, fair and credible and, since the Con-Court will only address one aspect of the election results it is per se ineffective remedy since that will not change the bottom line. We will still have a failed government regardless who is president!

    • They say the ultimate definition of inanity is to keep on doing the same thing again and again… each time expecting a different result. The opposition in Zimbabwe should have learned by now they will never win an election until there’s substantive electoral reform. They would do well to concentrate their efforts on that. South Africa has a great model. The votes are counted at the polling stations with representatives from all parties observing. They sign off on the outcome. How hard is that?
      My message to Chamisa and co. Get working on cleaning up the electoral system and don’t take no for an answer. Don’t take part in another election until its done.

  22. Comment…Mthulisi, ZANU PF ndiyo inowona nezvekufambiskwa kweMatare emhosva here, kubvira rini? Vanhuwe, ngatisature zvinhu zvinosvipisa nyika. Uye zvinoita kuti vanhu tishaye vimbiso nevaChuchisi veMatare emhosva.

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