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July Moyo ‘buried’ by undertaker


LOCAL Government minister July Moyo was “buried” in the July 30 parliamentary polls after losing to a Redcliff Municipality employee, Lloyd Mukapiko of the MDC Alliance, who is a full-time undertaker of the local authority.


Lloyd Mukapiko

Mukapiko will now walk into Parliament while Moyo, the boss of all local authorities, will have to await the goodwill of close ally President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa to name him into his Cabinet.

Speaking after taking on his boss, Mukapiko said despite facing Moyo, who appeared to have a huge war chest, he had faith in the electorate.

“I went into an election against a well-resourced candidate, a minister with access to funds. He put up billboards, used his position as minister to make promises and held sports festivals and even had access to council resources, but the people were not fooled,” Mukapiko said.

Months before the election Zanu PF had pledged to romp to victory, saying it was going to be an easy ride as nobody would vote for an undertaker ahead of an educated and organised Moyo.

Zanu PF Midlands spokesperson, Cornelius Mupereri was upbeat soon after nomination court processes about Moyo’s prospects.

“How do they expect to win when they field an undertaker as a candidate? We have a tried and trusted person who delivers. He has hit the ground running and pushing developmental projects at schools and is already solving the water problems that have hit Redcliff over the years,” Mupereri said.

In 2013 Moyo, who was eyeing Senate fell by the wayside after failing to find his way into Parliament when MDC-T grabbed two Senatorial seats against Zanu PF’s four.

Moyo is among Mnangagwa’s top allies who fell by the wayside together with outgoing Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, the President’s adviser Christopher Mutsvangwa and Labour minister Petronella Kagonye making up the numbers.

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