How 2018 elections were rigged twice in 3 days

As the whole nation is still in shock regarding the outcome of the 2018 harmonised elections as well as congratulatory messages starting to pour in from foreign governments wishing the President-elect a successful term, allow me to explain what really transpired.


Zimbabweans have known that elections have always been stolen. It is the how part that has often eluded them. This article will fill that void and hopefully bring closure to many that are hurting regarding last Monday’s charade.

The script is not different from how the 2013 harmonised elections were also stolen. That is why the mood in the streets right now resembles that which prevailed just after 2013 elections. Only this time there is more gloom and doom. There is no celebration at all even by the purported winners.

The ruling Zanu PF party knows that it no longer has the support of most Zimbabweans even in the countryside. It has, however, devised a system to manufacture votes which will make it appear as though it is still widely supported, especially in rural areas.

With all institutions that run elections captured by a section of the military establishment in the country, it has become easy for them to do as they please. Through this modus operandi, they will determine who makes it to Parliament as well as the ultimate presidency.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) created millions of ghost voters and registered them on the voters’ roll as though they were bona fide voters. That is why all efforts to audit the biometric voters’ roll before the polls were seriously rejected by Zec.

Since the voters’ roll is supposed to be biometric in line with Sadc guidelines on democratic elections, which means it has to have faces of the registered voters, it will not be easy to be transparent and cheat at the same time.

As a result, Zec refused all attempts to force it to be transparent. They hid behind the Electoral Act and conveniently accused anyone asking for transparency of interfering with the body’s constitutional mandate.

An audit of the biometric voters’ roll would reveal that there are people who have been duplicated over 150 to 300 times. These people are captured in different names and ID numbers, but with the same biometric details like face and fingerprints.

Another captured institution, the Registry Department, was responsible for producing these identity documents. Allowing for an audit of the biometric voters’ roll would have blown cover on the rigging.

On election day, about 10 000 of these duplicated people were planted in various constituencies throughout the country in groups of 100s. Remember, they are 100, but appear in that constituency’s voters’ rolls 150 times each.

Together with about 4 000 true registered voters of that constituency for example, the voters rolls of that constituency will contain a cumulative figure of 19 000 people. Zec will supply polling stations enough to serve 19 000 people in that constituency yet there are only 4100 people on the actual ground.

This means it became easy for these individuals to spend the whole day moving from one polling station to the other, voting; until each and every one of them had voted 150 times each. Polling stations would not be overcrowded, thereby aiding the rigging plot.

Forget about the weak indelible ink which was deliberately chosen for its weak qualities. It had to be easily washed away using the right chemical. That’s why they refused that it also be audited before the polls.

So when the results were being announced and a Zanu PF parliamentary candidate has 17 000 votes against the MDC Alliance candidate’s 1 800 or so, the actual votes for the Zanu PF candidate were just 2 000. The 15 000 votes were from this rigging method.

This was done in many constituencies around the country. One lady in rural Midlands told me she saw people whom she could not recognise on election day. “They voted and disappeared and I assumed they were coming from the other village,” she said.

This rigging, done by 10 000 people in various constituencies nationwide, gave the Zanu PF presidential candidate an extra 1,5 million votes as well as ensured that the party easily got a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

At the close of polling, counting of results started at polling stations around the country and the presidential votes were counted first and conveyed to the command centre in Harare. They were immediately collated and shockingly, the Zanu PF presidential candidate had performed dismally.

Even with a cushion of 1,5 million votes, he still failed to beat the MDC Alliance candidate who got an overwhelming thumbs up from Zimbabweans. People in many communities had voted for Zanu PF parliamentarians, but not the Zanu PF presidential candidate. This made him get mainly rigged votes and few actual votes, thereby compromising his presidential victory.

The section of the military running the plot immediately stepped in and stopped Zec from announcing the results, leaving the nation in suspense. The V11 forms from 21% of polling stations had to be withheld and not pasted outside polling stations in contravention of the Electoral Act. The re-rigging of the presidential results began.

Someone tipped the MDC Alliance on this and they immediately convened a Press conference addressed by Tendai Biti urging Zec to release the results and that Nelson Chamisa be sworn in.

A decision was made at Zec to start releasing the parliamentary results which had successfully been rigged the first time so as to discredit the MDC Alliance claims that Chamisa had won, while a way around rigging the presidential election results a second time was being sought.

This worked as the international community took MDC Alliance claims as political posturing when they heard the results being published.

While the rigged parliamentary election results were being announced in batches, the presidential election results were being meticulously re-cooked to ensure Emmerson Mnangagwa came out a clear victor. The announcement of already known parliamentary results in batches was meant to buy time to deny Chamisa the presidency.

When people took to the streets to demonstrate against the grand theft taking place, the section of the military running the rigging that panicked and sent out soldiers into the streets to disperse the crowds. Because of the lapse in command, seven people died as a result of gunshot wounds, while dozens others injured.

The most shocking thing is that most of the international community in the country at this moment has refused to give the opposition MDC Alliance an ear. They have categorised them as sore losers, which has been taken by those running the rigging plot as an endorsement of their nefarious activities.

Mnangagwa knows it very well that he lost this election. The lack of celebrations in Zimbabwe’s cities does not mean that the celebration is in the rural areas. I have visited rural areas in the Midlands. The mood is the same as in cities. There is no celebration there despite a landslide victory for Zanu PF.

People are shocked. Of course, there will be a few Zanu PF supporters who will celebrate here and there, but the general atmosphere around the whole country is that of paralysis. Less than 500 000 Zimbabweans around the whole country voted for Mnangagwa. The 1,5 million ghost voters and a section of the military have imposed him on all of us through cooking up the figures.

That is why there are now serious disparities between votes cast in the presidential election against those cast in the parliamentary and council races, though all were being done simultaneously except in a few constituencies. It now appears as though more people voted in the presidential election than in the parliamentary polls, yet all voters in the whole country were given these two ballots each.

It does not matter how far someone has travelled on a wrong route. It is never too late to turn back. I, therefore, plead with the international community to help the people of Zimbabwe at this trying time.

What has just taken place is a coup on their will and wishes. They know what they want and whom they chose to lead them. All they are asking for is that you help them as they seek to apprehend the thief who is running away with the loot, while some outsiders are clapping hands for him.

I, therefore, appeal to men and women who still have a conscience out there. Please help us. Zimbabwe will be eternally grateful for your help. Do not shut your ears from our cry at this hour of need. That is all we are asking for.

 Mkhululi Tshuma is a Bulawayo-based political researcher. He writes in his personal capacity. He can be contacted on


  1. Silvester Matambo

    This is the most ridiculous article that I have ever come across in my whole life. This is total nonsense and Iam shocked that this seemingly harebrained character is calling himself a political researcher. No wonder way Chamisa will be the perennial laughing stock of the world,losing elections at every turn. As for the Newsday, such stories confirm my belief that indeed it is a gutter paper.
    ED Pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    2. the problem is that you’re just pro Zanu Pf & u’ve been brain washed that’s why u’re failling to make sence of those facts

    3. @Matambo – I second you. This article is garbage. I am not a zanu pf person but reading articles like this makes me puke. Shame on you Mkhululi Tshuma. Calling your self a political researcher is an insult to true researchers. Nxaaa! uTshuma kazalana lapha

  2. This article makes a lot of sense. That is why there are no celebrations at all. Probably ghosts are celebrating in their world

    1. @Chris, if you Google “The Guardian They could be twins.. photos.. Russians” you will see a UK newspaper’s story on where this regime probably grew this idea from. Russian elections, March 2018.

  3. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Pfeeee

    Hence the equation 10 + 4 = 40 makes sense now… he was probably planning on the rigging before the rally!!!

  4. A well researched article. thanks my brother. Shame on you Silvester, God will surely punish you. The whole country is disillussioned by such high levels of theft.

  5. Is it possible for a person to vote 100 times. Even a grade 5 child would even agree with the writer. Dofo ndoo rino believer nhema dzakadai. Even conspiracy theory yako yakadhakwa.

  6. voting 150 times in 1 day….
    every 5 minutes or so…
    This is not a joke 🙂

  7. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Mukhululi is just recycling the same rubish that he presented before with the only diference in the number of times each of these voters is said to have voted, 150 times as compared to the previous 300 times but still it makes no sense at all. From seven am to seven pm of August 30 when the election took place, there are 12 hours. Multiply 12 by 60 minuits you get 720 minuits. The voting was all done within 720 minuites. Divide 720 by 150 times that each voter qued up at a diferent polling station and cast his vote, we get 4 Minuites And 48 seconds. This is what Tshuma is being praised for. The belief that a single individual can walk from one polling station to the next, stand in a que and wait for their turn to vote and then vote, all in a mater of 4 minuits and 48 seconds. Iwe Tshuma ne Newsday yako, tiitirei maserious ndapota hangu.

  8. Comment…those who celebrates receives the mark of the beast .Be rightuosness .

  9. My only question is why do people used in such schemes never come out and confess even after the G40 fiasco

  10. Well studied lesson and its antidote ignored!

  11. Comment…thank you mr writer well researched

  12. Guys what did this guy study in school.Shame this is just too too much. Dont take people for fools

  13. Failed research the writer is dull and all those agreeing with this are dull

    1. Gangsters with guns are called Governments
      They pave their way with bullets and not ballots
      They call their confusion a revolution
      Their corruption is called production
      While they fill their stomachs full till they look foolish
      Our poverty is called power
      Our pangs is called our gains
      Why Africa why?
      hy are these evil perpetrators called protectors
      Why are these dictators called doctors
      Why are these liers called lawyers
      Why are these cheaters called teachers
      Their polytricks is called politics
      Their tribalism is called nationalism
      They are the richest leaders from the poorest countries
      They blame everyone else except themselves for their own mistakes
      They cut our legs before they race with us
      Then they declare themselves winners
      They prefer to cut our mouth than answer our questions
      Why are these cowards called comrade
      Why are these zeros called heroes
      Why are these thieves called chiefs
      Why are these killers called kings
      Why are these riggers called winners
      Why are these dissidents called presidents
      Why Africa why?

  14. One of the worst-reasoned and stupid presentations

  15. a well researched article…exposing election rigging in Zimbabwe. We as the people of Zimbabwe are tired of having our rights of choice stolen and abused every time. These kleptomaniacs must be very much ashamed of themselves. Zimbabwe will never develop if we still have people who want to reap where they did not sow. Well done Mkhululi

    1. Is this article meant to undermine critical views on elections? Or to undermine our trust in NewsDay editors: Even if an opinion piece I expect a newspaper to still make sure basic standards are met and this reads like a piece of fake news and bad speculation. your spoiling your reputation (and also, wasting my time).

  16. One of the worst-reasoned and ill-prepared submissions in recent times

  17. It seems like any fool thinks whatever crosses his mind and can be leveled against Z E C and zanu pf is what caused Chamisa’s loss.

  18. Brian if you agree with the writer you are also dull. you cant vote 100 or 150 times in one day, please. You dont need five O’levels to see that this is impossible. Which school did this fake researcher attend? Tiitireiwo maserious mhani

  19. I am an mdc supporter hangu but this is not how chamisa lost. Only one fact undermines this whole theory, one person cannot vote more than a 100 times in one day. Chamisa lost because in africa the power of incumbency makes you win an election through abusing state resources to force the outcome by the use of chiefs and soft intimidation chete

  20. I am an mdc supporter hangu but this is not how chamisa lost. Only one fact undermines this whole theory, one person cannot vote more than a 100 times in one day. Chamisa lost because in africa the power of incumbency makes you win an election through abusing state resources to force the outcome by the use of chiefs and soft intimidation chete

  21. Interesting to read but nonsensical.

  22. Comment
    this is utter rubbish from a so called political researcher

  23. Comment.. voting 150 times in one day !!!What palm tree are you smoking Mr writer ? Ask the voters they will tell you they were spending not less than 2 hours in the queue on voting day.

    As for rigging it doesn’t exist Makoni , Mujuru and Mugabe they have been fired from ZANU and bitter as they are, they have even embraced their former enemies but still they can’t point how elections are rigged . That should tell you something my friend.

  24. 100%true there are no celebrations in zim. These elections were rigged. We saw videos of pple being bused to polling stations. Zanu pf is not popular anymore. Since year 2002 (taneta nenhamo). Zimbabwean are tired of Povety. #zanupfmustgo


  26. That’s nonsense. tiitire mushe Mr writer makadhakwa brain how can a person vote 100 times pazuva rimwe @ different polling station.Kana kunzwa kuti vanhu havana kufunda haaa kana kuriko kunonzi kufunda muchinyora these nonsense zvirinani kusafunda.Let’s wait and hear the outcome of concourt kwete izvi zvaMr Failing political researcher.

  27. Comment…why do lie lyk you don’t have brains this crap does not hold water there no way you can win Parliamentary elections and lose presidential Mr writer these two go together there’s no way. incumbency is a factor here ZANU-pf had the the resources and machinery to win the elections. registered voters > those who cast the ballot. didn’t your party check the voters registers? why did your agents sign against the results bring out these statistics not just yapping wasting our tym. next

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