Gweru loses water engineer over working conditions

GWERU City Council lost its recently hired water engineer to Rusape Town Council over poor working conditions, a senior council official has revealed.


Mayor Charles Chikozho said the engineer resigned after being offered better salary, among other benefits, by Rusape council.

“We lost our recently hired water engineer to Rusape Town Council, where he was offered better remuneration,” Chikozho said.

“We re-advertised the post (water engineer) and carried out interviews, but the successful candidate was not happy with our working conditions and packages and did not take up the offer.”

Chikozho said council was working out on modalities to improve working conditions for its staff to attract qualified personnel.

The local authority had recruited a water engineer in a bid to improve the city’s water and sewer reticulation system and enhance service delivery.

In advertising for the post, council had highlighted that the city needed a civil engineer on the ground to see to the running of the city’s water and sewer system as well as augmenting the work of the director of engineering.

Gweru has been facing perennial water problems as a result of ageing pumps as well as incessant sewer bursts. The city requires over $27 million to address its water supply challenges.

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