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Guluva 7’s second album out


After setting tongues wagging with his 16-track album, Colour of Dreams in 2015, Guluva 7 has spiced up the hip hop industry again with his second album, Command Hustle.


Guluva 7

The album has 10 tracks, with hit tracks Ngena Ka1 and Jacki Chen. It also features Lady Tshawe, Jus Percy, Mc Chita, Kbrizzy and Lord Skeelz and poet Sinkende.

Guluva7 — real name Nkanyiso Moyo, had taken a sabbatical since 2015 and says he was perfecting his art.

“This is my second album after my successful award-winning debut album Colour of Dreams. I named this album Command Hustle because it is a blueprint album dedicated to each and every one of us on the streets trying to make a living and feed our families. Command Hustle is a compilation of 10 hot tracks with two of them (Jackie Chen and Ngena ka1) already receiving encouraging airplay. I’m confident this is a banger album and it’s going to be well received by the listeners,” he said.

Asked why it took him so long to release another album, Guluva said he was perfecting his act, as meaningful art should not be rushed.

“I am sure the most beautiful painting in the world, the Madonna, was not painted in a day. I decided to take my time in creating this “baby” because meaningful art shouldn’t be rushed. I have been cooking in the studio and I didn’t want the pressure of releasing an album to spoil what I was working on. Besides, Colour of Dreams was still receiving some love from my followers.”

“With the way things are going, I am confident to say that by the end of this month, we will launch the album. But before, on August 13, we are dropping a video to one of the singles in the album Khanda Cool. I am sure it will be the set-off leading to the album launch.”

He said the album was motivated by the day-to-day hustles which people in Zimbabwe go through.

“With the tough economic situation, we are still surviving from the streets. It is the streets that are feeding us on a daily basis. Hustling, popularly known as Ukuphanda or Kujingiridza has become a profession on its own, hence this album is mainly a compilation of hustler anthems that aim at motivating one to wake up and get the paper,” Guluva 7 said.

He said plans were afoot to market the album countrywide and sell his brand.

“After the album, it’s making more music. We live for this thing called music and we will die in it. I am hoping to take this album around the whole of Zimbabwe and even across borders. Plans are already underway, so watch the space.

“Recently, I have been making music and watching the trends. People usually want you to produce music on a daily basis, but it wears away the artiste’s intellect, that’s how bubble-gum and flops are conceived. It is better for people to always think you are quiet because you are out and done, than for you to wear out completely. Keeping people guessing enables you to come back and surprise them with lyrical jabs. So, yeah, I have been around doing what I know best.”

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