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Experts unearth Zec results mess


Discrepancies in election figures contained in the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s own documents and signed by acting chief elections officer, Utloile Silaigwana, are expected to be put to test by MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa’s legal team led by Thabani Mpofu at the Constitutional Court today as the opposition leader seeks to overturn President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory.


Zec chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba

Chamisa, challenging the presidential results released by Zec, pointed out that most of them did not add up, further denting the credibility of the electoral body and raising more questions to the final tally announced late last Thursday.

The seemingly embarrassing errors have been flagged by a team of technical experts in the MDC Alliance and an independent human rights and science data group Team Pachedu in separate reports.

Team Pachedu, which is not linked to the alliance, noted that in a number of polling stations — using data from Zec source documents — the total votes cast, votes rejected and total valid votes, did not match.

In Bikita East ward 16, which had six polling stations where a total number of votes cast were 2 189, votes rejected were 54 — the total number of valid votes was captured as 2 183, instead of 2 135.

These discrepancies are replicated in various constituencies including Gokwe-Sengwa, Gokwe-Kana and other polling stations in Harare.

In Zaka, a phenomenon that could make world records is displayed in the results published by the electoral commission, where the number of voters who cast their votes in two different wards is identical at all polling stations and the voting patterns are also similar.

Team Pachedu said the Zaka West phenomenon was statistically improbable and could only point to figures being “cooked up”.

“Zec defies probability theory, a sample of a duplicate entry from Zec presidential data the example is statistically improbable. The presidential results announced were, thus, inaccurate and there may be need for an auditor to look into these figures,” Team Pachedu said.

In Zaka West ward 23, at Chiringeno Primary School polling station, 330 people cast their votes, while the total number of valid votes was given as 321.

In ward 22 at Harava business centre tent, 330 votes were cast and 321 votes were valid, according to Zec.

Presidential candidates also got similar number of votes at different polling stations, with Mnangagwa getting 160 votes at Harava and Chiringeno, while Chamisa polled 139 votes at both polling stations.

Both ward 22 and 23 had four polling stations and each of them had results in sync with another, same number of spoilt ballots, votes for each candidate and same number of voters who turned up to vote.

In total, ward 22 recorded 1 438 voters, 58 spoilt votes and 1 380 valid votes.

Mnangagwa polled 835 votes, while Chamisa got 447 votes, which figures were similar to those recorded in ward 23, with no variation.

A presidential results projection from sample-based observation report released by Zimbabwe Elections Support Network, (Zesn) notes that there were polling stations where more votes, than registered voters were cast.

“The SBO data shows overall turnout at 84,7%, with a margin of error of 0,7%, with all provinces with turnout over 80%. There were 11 (1,5%) polling stations with turnout over 95% of which 5 (0,8%) had turnout of 100% or more,” the report, based on a sample of 750 polling stations, read.

One of the polling stations which had over 100% voter turnout was in Zaka West in Masvingo at Manatsa business centre tent polling station, which had 484 registered voters, but a total of 542 votes were cast on election day.

Elections Resources Centre director Tawanda Chimhini said the figures released by Zec were partial and showed some discrepancies, which was a cause for concern.

“The figures have some discrepancies and this will be detailed in our full report, however, it’s important to note that announced results must tally for them to be credible. All release of results must be accompanied by all necessary and official source documents to allow for verifiable of the same. Such release must also include key details such as the complete voters’ roll used on polling day,” he said.

Chimhini said this should be done in line with Zec’s constitutional obligation to run the elections transparently.

“A partial release of information may easily be viewed as an attempt to mask some inadequacies which will be unfortunate given the growing tensions arising from the election,” he said.

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  1. Why are these killers called kings
    Why are these riggers called winners
    Why are these dissidents called presidents
    Why Africa why?
    Gangsters with guns are called Governments
    They pave their way with bullets and not ballots
    They call their confusion a revolution
    Their corruption is called production

  2. kkk Chamisa should just prove how he has won as per his allegations. But he doesnt have evidence. Do you have V11 to prove that. Dolololo eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh tine 79% chete ZEC refused to give us the other 21%. kkkk.

    • Are you offering your “5c” worth of opinion or you wanted to brag that you have 5 senses?
      Whichever way, I find your contribution hilarious.
      Yes, ZEC did not avail some stats for 21 polling stations whose results the NC legal team are disputing. This is a very valid and legal challenge. ZEC itself should come clean on all the 21 results. It will be very easy to see how these affect the overall results.
      It’s the moment of truth not twaddle.

  3. Just a thought. if the majority of these ZEC “commissioners” did not get the logic right, that their main role was to facilitate a credible election, what chances are there that they understand basic principles of arithmetic and emprirical logic? Some of them struggled to read 4 and 5 digit figures, the chair even read a percentage figure as thousand in one case…..and was corrected by some of them…
    Chamisa’s lwayers are simply going to put holes into the whole counting/collating exercise such that it becomes unbelievable. hence losing credibility. It’s time for those degrees to stand up to something….or nothing. A recount will become necessary IMHO.

  4. Kana usina Njere unofunga kuti Pachedu haisi MDC Alliance.It’s a team of pathetic MDC activists masquerading as research experts! Their analysis of the voters’ roll was kindergarten! If you believe that Pachedu is not MDC , if you believe they are “experts ” uri zidofo who needs to be pittied!

  5. Pachedu is a Re-brand of MDC Alliance very biased and subjective it’s credibility is questionable it’s like Zanu pf and Zec

  6. If unregistered voters managed to cast their votes at polling stations with more than one party representatives, then what were these teams doing there, or they fall asleep on the job, these claims are now a mystrey

  7. What is being omitted is that polling agents for ALL political parties signed for these results, so is MDC Alliance accusing its own polling agents of rigging against it?

    • @BHIBHO….for once i thot yu are smart but you are not. look its s thin line between you and the dumpest guy i have know because at least you can read! this analysis is based on ZEC figures from ZEC documents as presented by ZEC.Read first paragraph first line again. there is no polling agents signatures on ZEC excel spreadshit….so MDC alliance are not accusing polling agents let alone thier own!!! Polling agents were signing V11 forms…remember the results were not verified by contestance before being announced otherwise if they allowed verification, all these anomallies would have been unearthed during verification. kamburumbude kungwarira pasina iwe urifuza

  8. hamusadaro… overnight everyone is now an expect of rigging. NewsDay be careful.you.will lose your credibility.with.the people.

    Remember you recently.published a false article,

  9. Newsday you are an MDC paper that is there to fuel confusion among the electorate. Yesterday you were retracting a false story that Chamisa had filed a Constitutional challenge and today you are saying errors qualify for rigging evidence. You are not a newspaper but a propaganda paper.

  10. Whether Pachedu is MDC Alliance or Rhodesian is neither here nor there guys. The thing is; are the figures tallying? Does the Alliance have the evidence with the supporting numbers? Vote counting is simple addition and subtraction which does not special or complex formula

  11. Guys you surprise me,I think we all did mathematics as school. Even when your answer is right you are required to show all workings. No one will simply take Chamisa’s claims without checking the formulars to come out with the bases of the arguments. When the foundations are broken what will the righteous do. Lets make sure we have the same voters roll, the number of votes casted in all constituences irrespective of the names of the candidates, spoilt votes unused ballot papers the reconcile them and when satisfied with ZEC’s foundations then the V11 forms can be considered

  12. Wish all those commenting here against the newspaper’s credibility and against MDC could also comment on the Zanu-PF propaganda paper, the Herald. It makes me want to throw up. Look, we are all Zimbabweans here and having a differing opinion is not a crime. The Herald says zero-good about the MDC and I just wonder what would happen there if the MDC were to win their case in court.

  13. These examples are not enough to warant nulification of Ed’s victory at all. They cannot prove that the mdc alliance won the election with 79 percent. Those discripancies are too few to make any diference and are nothing more than inevitable typographical errors common when preparing such a large document mostly made up of numerals in the shortest possible time. What counts is the information on the v11 forms because it was signed by all concerned. In any case, inflating the number of rejected votes in Bikita which is Ed’s stronghold would actualy reduce Ed’s votes and giving an advantage to Chamisa. What it means is the typist wrote 54 rejected votes instead of 6 only. Such an error reduces Mnangagwa’s voters since the rest of the data from that constituence clearly indicates it’s a Mnangagwa stronhold. I also have a question for those who say the opposition had not agreed with the results: why did the opposition encourage their supporters to demonstrate against the delayal of results? Which results ?

  14. Why are these killers called kings
    Why are these riggers called winners
    Why are these dissidents called presidents
    Why Africa why?
    Gangsters with guns are called Governments
    They pave their way with bullets and not ballots
    They call their confusion a revolution
    Their corruption is called production

  15. kkkkkk chandinongoziva ndechekuti ere z no way 100 lawyers would want to stand for a lie let’s wait and see

  16. yes chamisa won the election fairly but as long as he didnt prove that in court it means its over he must agree a lose kkkkk

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