ED outlines 5-year work plan

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday set tough benchmarks for his upcoming government, pledging to eradicate corruption, restore rule of law, promote infrastructure development and economic advancement among other key deliverables in the next five years following his inauguration yesterday.


President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Addressing delegates who included regional leaders, Zanu PF and other top government officials during his inauguration ceremony at the National Sports Stadium, Mnangagwa said he was ready to reform the country by implementing his Vision 2030 anchored on re-engagement with the international community.

“Now that elections are behind us, we must now focus on addressing the economic challenges facing the country.

“To realise our vision and leapfrog our industrialisation and modernisation agenda, we will foster policies that attract both domestic and global capital,” Mnangagwa said before outlining a rundown of programmes that he hopes to implement.

“Now is the time for us to unite as a nation and grow our economy. Let us courageously and diligently embark on a shared journey towards the realisation of our national vision to transform Zimbabwe into a middle-income economy with the increased investment, decent jobs, broad-based empowerment, free from poverty and corruption by 2030.

“My government will, in the next five years accelerate industrialisation, modenisation and mechanisation, with greater emphasis on market-driven policies. Furthermore, comprehensive strategies will be put in place to stimulate the value chains across our industries and commerce,” he said.

Mnangagwa said he would invest heavily in modernising roads, airports, railways and border posts to allow Zimbabwe to connect with the outside world with ease.

The President said he had set up incubation hubs that encourage innovation and inventions to ensure implementation of his vision.

He threatened to root out bureaucratic bottlenecks, unnecessary delays, lethargic and corrupt activities as he strives to set up a government accountable to the general public.

Mnangagwa said he will also take measures to correct the fiscal imbalances which have undermined the financial services sector causing cash shortages.

The Zanu PF leader applauded the Constitutional Court for dismissing his rival Nelson Chamisa’s election petition, and pledged to institute a commission of inquiry to probe the fatal shooting of seven people during MDC Alliance protests in Harare on August 1.

“The isolated and unfortunate incident of violence that reared its ugly head on August 1, 2018 was regrettable and most unacceptable. Such conduct should be alien and vile to our nature, culture and traditions as the Zimbabwean people.

“To put closure and finality to the matter, I will soon be announcing members of the commission of inquiry into the said violence who will upon completion, publish their findings.

“Once again, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones,” he said.

Several African leaders including Rwandan President Paul Kagame, South African leader Cyril Ramaphosa, Democratic Republic of Congo’s Joseph Kabila, Zambia’s Edgar Lungu, Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane, Botswana’s former leader Festus Mogae and Mozambique’s former leader Joaquim Chissano, among others.

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  1. and indeed the elections are now behind us and to the opponets who are still living in the past wake up and smell the coffee we now need to join forces and mend this economy and those who were calling for sanctions re-examine yourselves and go back and ask for relaxing of those measures so that those at the helm can easily transform the economy and the lifestyle of the ordinary zimbabweans , ITS OVER AS A CONTEST BACK IN 5 YEARS.

    1. Eliasha, look-these worryaz of the MDCA always keep their guns oiled, they are so hungry to eat everything uncooked. Whether or not they want to go forward, days are stubborn enough to push them through. We will just watch them talk and talk.

  2. the harsh reality after all the political narratives is that we are all Zimbabweans. Uniting for a common cause for the progress of our nation is not an alternative but a prerequisite

  3. the harsh reality is we are all Zimbabweans despite political narratives. Let us unite for a common cause for the progress of our nation.

  4. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…KuMutungamiri wenyika; Chekutanga ngachive chekutanga. Mawonero anguwo, chekutanga panodiwa Makurukota achiri kugona kumhanya. THOSE WHO ARE ABLE TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Muyenzaniso, Finace inoda munhu anogona kubvi mabanga emumigwagwa ayo atekeshera nenyika yose. Kuitira kuti avo varikushuvira kuuya kuzoita mabhizimusi muno vavimbe nemabhanga. Mabhanga aya akaramba akadayi andiwone tichipunduka senyika. Zvekurimisisa ngazvidzike mitengo. Kwete kurambopa vanhu pachechena ihwo hupfumi hwenyika hwakaita manyama imire nerongo kudayi. Huwori!! Huwori!! Huwori!! Ndinoziva hahuperi kuti gwa. Asi ngahwutapudzwe. Kana huchiperawo, chingava chinhu chakanakisa muZimbabwe. Nekudaro; FIRST THINGS FIRST & S.M.A.R.T. YES WE CAN SWIM!!! Only if we have a VVV GOOD CABINET. YES WE CAN SWIM!!!

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