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ED must resign or face humiliation


NOW that the collusion between President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has been exposed, the best thing for Mnangagwa is to resign from his position as President-elect and accept that the 2018 harmonised election was rigged in his favour.

By Kennedy Kaitano,Our Reader

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa’s petition had not provided any evidence of intimidation, but Mnangagwa went to town distancing himself from the alleged intimidation.

Intimidation of the electorate is common knowledge, to the extent that even the court gave Chief Fortune Charumbira an order barring chiefs and traditional leaders from forcing people to vote for your party.

Mnangagwa, did you not order the traditional leaders to work with your party at a rally you addressed in Mutoko, all this in violation of the country’s Constitution? Can Mnangagwa deny this?

He must not rely on evidence provided in a court application, as he needs to do the rightful thing and just apologise for creating an environment which allowed traditional leaders to intimidate the electorate.

There is evidence of a video that has also gone viral of Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana, who interestingly is on the team of lawyers defending Mnangagwa in this election fraud case, telling the world that the Zanu PF system was lethal.

I have made it a point to ensure that I share my views with the United Nations so that they can keep an eye on some of those things they may not be privy to in order to expose Zanu PF’s dirty tactics.

I also want those opposition parties who originally were quoted as having endorsed the shambolic harmonised elections which took place last month as a free and fair election to relook at the evidence they may have missed and do the right thing if they want to maintain their political relevance and integrity.

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  1. Nyika ino is not for sale guys. All these complaints and lies about rigging and indimidation is just a western ploy to distabilise our nation and loot our resources like they are doing in the middleeast. Donald Trump is on record predicting that event and i find it very difficult to believe he is a prophet. These so called protests are preplaned shenagians by America and it’s friends to try and create a pretext to invade our country and Russia and China must provide Zimbabwe with advanced air defence systems to deter agressors.

    • farai grow up the people who are looting are russians and chinese elections were stolen undeniable evidence will prove this you hate america while using their money because you dont have your own money wake up farai go back to political school america yes has their own mistakrs but why are you not complaining about the looting and hiding of money in swiss bank by china and zanupf grow up nana

  2. Let the courts do their mammoth task but we are going anywhere if people think in such a way that ED the president elect will just resign willy nilly after being declared the winner in a declared free and fair election

  3. Comment…kaitano is just good guys wy bcz the paper is selling. and newsday is making money other than that this is too much unworthy of a public story more of primary school debate.

  4. Yes the article is very confusing if you do not try to read between the lines. This call for Ed to resign or face humiliation is not from Chamisa. The call is from Us and other western countries. These western nations are up to no good at all and Ed may have to prepare for an armed conflict sponsored by the west. VaMnangagwa muri kutononoka kana muchifunga kuti chamisa arikutaura akazvimirira. The western countries are at an advanced stage of creating a Syria in southern Africa. Please ask for HQ9 air defence system from China and S400 air defence system from Russia and Trump will scratch his head before he probably finally decides to committ suicide.

  5. there are only two people who commented here using different names one ip address is in Hatfield Harare , the names of the one commenting is reserved but next time I am going to write your names and the name of the network owner so be careful guys

  6. Kana iweo tinokuziva nekwese kwaunoshanda zvese nekuruzevha zvese nasabhuku wako zvese nemutupo. Just carry on and we will folow suit.

    • if farai you follow and kill me i will go to my grave but yours will also be waiting for you you can kill as many as you want bt you also have an expiring date watch out stop intimidating people death or life we fear nothing ok

  7. Iwe Paid Boys , DAVIE na Peace, murimbwende dzevanhu uye murimadofo. Handisiri ini ndakati mupfure maticha nerekeni muchitadza kudzidza nevamwe. FOLLOW SUIT hazvireve kutevera munhu uchinomuuraya. Idimikira, an english ediom, rinoreva kuita uchitevedzera zvabva kuitwa nemumwe. You use false names on the blog muchituka president nekuti munotya mhosva asi identity nemazita evamwe ndio aurikuti unoda kuisa paruzhinji kuti imi mazonyanyokoshei. Rambai muchifurirana muchishaudha president mazita enyu mese tinomaziva and tinoafumurao zvakare kana munenharo.

  8. Chatinoda isu kugadziriswa kwenyika zvekuty inotongwa nagarwe hazvina ,we want a new zimbabwe without corruption .ED aishanda na MUGABE SKA HpNA CHANGE becz dai pane change yatinoona dai takaiona pa 100 days dzakapromoiser kuty mari inenge yaapo but , mari yacho yakatowedzera kushaikwa .L kuty vaGarwe mukabvisa vanhu vakaita sna Mangudya munenge matigonera .Pa finance minister [poiswa TENDAI BITI ndiye angagona zveu minister kwete avo varipo

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