ED, Chamisa must bury hatchet to move Zim forward

THE Constitutional Court yesterday brought to finality one of the most nail-biting and roller coast court cases in Zimbabwe’s history, in which MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa was challenging President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory in elections held last month.


Both men threw in everything into this epic battle that has a significant bearing on the future and destiny of Zimbabwe and must be applauded for their efforts because, even in their divergent views and perspectives, they both expressed a burning desire to serve this great nation.

Now that the court case is done and dusted, and is effectively water under the bridge, there remains a country to be run and managed. This is not the time for Zanu PF to gloat over its victory, or for MDC Alliance to weep uncontrollably over its loss, but it is time to demonstrate political maturity and statesmanship as both leaders find a way of working together for the good of the country.

Millions of Zimbabweans still need jobs, they still need food on their table and cash in their pockets. In short, they need a functional society in which their tomorrow is guaranteed. And in their different ways, Mnangagwa and Chamisa owe them that, the former by spearheading the nation in the right direction, and with Chamisa providing the critical oversight role and much-needed positive criticism for the good of the nation.

The fact that Chamisa also pulled in nearly as much the number of votes as Mnangagwa demonstrates that he has significant influence that cannot be wished away and many of those in the international world that the Zanu PF leader has been wooing will also listen to his voice. The truth of the matter is that no one is better than the other. Zimbabwe needs them both.

For Mnangagwa, this is the time to walk the talk after indicating that economics will lead politics on the campaign trail. He has a great opportunity to redirect the nation on a positive trajectory and this is the time to build his legacy by ensuring that the people of Zimbabwe can dream again, and live their dreams, after decades of living in a nightmare.

One of the ways of demonstrating that is by ensuring that those individuals that have been tainted by corruption and other unsavoury acts in the previous governments will not worm their way into the new government that Mnangagwa will soon set up.

There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, which will demand a lot of sacrifice and commitment. Mnangagwa must be alive to the reality that Zimbabweans have suffered for far too long and it would be unfair to perpetuate the retrogressive legacy entrenched by former President Robert Mugabe.

It is also critical at this juncture for Mnangagwa and Chamisa to continue preaching the gospel of peace. Obviously, yesterday’s judgment has disappointed a lot of people, some of whom may be tempted to take to the streets in pursuit of “street justice” which, in the end, will not be beneficial to anyone.

What happened the first time results were announced in still alive in our minds, and we do not need a repeat of that barbarism that has no place in modern civilisation.


  1. Good and statesman perceptive comment. The ZANU PF Party must be allowed to celebrate their victory without being seen as being spiteful of anyone. The opposition must be allowed to mourn a little and all must soon come together and listen to this papar’s advice.
    I appeal to international community not to push Zimbabwe to the wall for that will create resistance and extremism in defence of sovereignity however unproductive.

    Some of us liberals, we were already preparing for extreme postures against any outside interference which wont help anybody except those with personal gratification.

    I like the article.

  2. mdc alliance threw nothing into this one apart from making unjustified claims and instigating violence on the 1st of Sept but its now water under the bridge its time to move on and attend to the ailing economy

  3. Albert Tarusarira

    Well said, the economy is our number one enemy, all hands on deck gentlemen. Unfortunately if Chamisa insists not to work with the government, then he is disenfranchising his constituency from building this very economy everyone wants to see working again. Let’s wait and see if he is the democrat that he preaches to be.

  4. Claudious Kapita

    A good article of hope and unity. This is the language we need to preach as we foster our nation forward. We are all Zimbabweans and we should work together for the betterment of our nation and the future generations despite the fact that who takes the reigns of Government.The blame game will not take us anywhere

  5. Good comment Mr Editor. However, l feel that you also played a huge role in misleading a huge chunk of the public by sensationalising some of the MdcA’s childish claims and promises. We don’t forget how you manipulated rally fotos to sway public opinion. Maybe there is also need for some of your reporters to grow up.

    1. True; some of the Newsday journos must indeed grow up, particularly chubby Nqabayomuzi Matshazi.

      1. No you are wrong. You just love bootlicking like Chronicle who will e.g MDC demo flops. Newsday are not Zanu Pf propaganda machine that’s why,Zanu bombed newsday. So what you are you saying is nonsense.

  6. Only time will tell.the people’s advice to our beloved president nelson is , Godisinit, we stand with you through thick and thin.God’s will always prevails in the end.Those that live by the sword die by the sword.It is not for us to figure out how but just to wait and watch while God does what he does best…

  7. you can never be further away from the truth now its the economy and as promised by guvheya zimbabweans are going to smile at last as they unroll the development programs which will transform the country in the next five years

  8. Comment…oil and water should not mix vahwina ngavatonge vega

    1. I like that too

  9. We have witnessed what this junta is prepared to do to hold on to power; with the ZNA, with ZEC, with the ConCourt…. So now let us see if they deliver in the next 6 months what they failed to deliver in the last 6 months…. or the last 38 years. What is expected of the MDC is that they provide a robust, constructive and corrective parliamentary opposition. That is not the same as lying down with ZANU PF in the bed that it has made for itself. Rather, let the chips fall where they may.

  10. Newsday used be good paper but now i dont even waste my money buying this paper,it propelled lies by Nkululeko the failed copycat of Joseph Goebbels.They should apologize first before preaching that Ed must bury hatchet with Chamisa

  11. Emmanuel (God is with Us Zimbabwe)

    You are alright, what is important is the citizens of Zimbabwe, if these man really want a better Zimbabwe we must work towards that regardless of political affiliation, I believe all political gurus include God in their campaigning rallies therefore is the time to exhibit the Character of God whom their preach thus love and love for the people of Zimbabwe, Everyone is waiting to witness a better Zimbabwe therefore its high time to set aside our political differences and focused on Our cripple economy, Iwe neni time basa

  12. Guys lets not mix oil and water hazvishande mangwana mozoti ivo ndivo vakanga vasingashande no no no Zanu ndo yawinner saka ngaitonge.Takazviona kare izvi vana Morgan vachishanda vamwe vavo vachiba saka vakadzi aviri in 1 bedroom kwete hazviite ivo vacho vaka winner ngavaite basa tione mangwana toona wekutondeka chigumwe chete

    Well done Chamisa you prove that you have surport kana kuri ku O level toti mose mune A.Kwete kubatana ne mbavha idzo hazvishande.

  13. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Ed should also find a way to create some sort of incentive for Chamisa so that he does not get desparate and some foreigners would likely use him to distabilise the nation. This is so in the light of the fact that Mdc Alliance will not last much longer and Nelson will be left without a party and without any employment. The alliance had been made possible by the prospect of forming the next government now the plan has all gone up in smoke.

    1. the war vets have started investing faith in mwonzora in a bid to distabilise the opposition party not sure if this will work

  14. Slogans have no capacity to improve the people’s lives. Yes ED this or that. these people are just the same see what they are doing to the old man RGM who elevated them to their positions. they now call him names and how do trust such sellouts.

  15. This is trevor Ncube trying to worm his way into deals with the junta govt

    1. ANONYMOUS, such puerile unsubstantiated accusations you are making are the same as the unsubstantiated allegations made by Chamisa and rejected by the Constitutional Court.

  16. intresting article,problem lies in creating a viable framework for cooperation[outside a gnu] given the way our two main political parties operate and the various characters at play within the parties.

  17. You, MR EDITOR, must also stop being a player in Chamisa’s losing team.

  18. Zimbabwean unity needs to include also former president RG Mugabe, all political parties, Civic Society, churches, Whites, and Zimbabweans in diaspora. We are all Zimbabweans whether Shona or Ndebele, black or white. Like South Africa which created a rainbow nation we should also create a proudly rainbow Zimbabwe.

  19. come on! In terms of race relations , we are better than south Africa . Don’t be fooled by the ‘rainbow nation’ nonsense. There is no black on the rainbow & south Africa is still a “Boer country ‘

  20. Comment…we need food on our tables MDC Alliance ZANU chiichacho kanavaine love nevanhu politics pasi vabatane zvinu zvifambe

  21. how do they work together mr editor. we are tired of prescriptions without the how part of things. can mnangagwa give chamisa vice presidence, do you want chamisa to go to mnangagwa’s office and say boss am here i will do anything you say? i honestly think this article bold but doesn make sense-mere rhetoric propaganda that has one effect of taking people for fools

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