EcoCash launches scan-and-pay service

ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe (Econet) yesterday launched EcoCash scan and pay service, a big mobile commerce milestone in the country, which will enable users to scan and pay with their smartphones at the point of sale.


Natalie Jabangwe

EcoCash’s new scan-and-go mobile shopping capability is a transformative technology, which will significantly improve payment experience and boost efficiency for the benefit of the transacting community.

EcoCash chief executive officer Natalie Jabangwe (Pictured) said this technology would equip shoppers with a “fast, simple and instant payment option”.

“One of the biggest opportunities to move Zimbabwe towards that cashless and financially inclusive society lies in leveraging something millions of Zimbabweans already hold in the palms of their hands,” Jabangwe said.

“We excited to be the first and only mobile financial service provider in Zimbabwe to offer this innovative service to our customers empowering them with a fast, simple and instant payment option.”

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is eager to see a transition to a cashless economy partly to modernise Zimbabwe’s national payment system and also to ease pressure on cash since the country is facing a crisis.

Econet, a diversified communications company, is leading the digital revolution in Zimbabwe.

Ecocash Scan and Pay service were launched together with the Ecofarmer Club, which is meant to offer relevant products and services that meet the needs of ordinary farmers in Zimbabwe anywhere, any time. The products come a few months after the recent launch of Kwese iflix, an application for live streaming and on-demand sports and entertainment.

“We are excited to launch this service that will serve millions of farmers and consumers of farming services throughout our country,” Econet chief executive officer Douglas Mboweni said.

“We always pride ourselves in our ability to use technology to address the needs of ordinary people and EcoFarmer is one of the products.”

EcoFarmer equips farmers with a personalised club card, which entitles farmers to discounts on vital farming inputs and implements from approved suppliers.

The card is linked to a bank account and can transact on ZimSwitch


  1. Natalie: Beauty with brains!!!

  2. Nat at some point will need to have a one on one with with you

  3. A very poorly written article. Tell us how it works and stop waffling

  4. TECHNOLOGY AT ITS BEST…..Thank you Econet

  5. I thought the writer or reporter was going to explain how the scan and pay works not to just sing praises without giving the consumer full information. garai pasi kana musati mava nezvekutiudza

  6. It’s a good idea but why don’t you upgrade your network since u are introducing new things network yenyu irikuremerwa please zvinhu zvenyu zvawsndisa

  7. Poor article not so clear there how it works,well lets wait and see

  8. Wat a poorly written article.

  9. This is an exact copy of WeChat pay. Anyone who has been to China will tell you that there is no innovation here.

    1. At times it’s not about innovation but bringing in services that aren’t here but found elsewhere.

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