Defiant Chamisa escalates fight

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has taken his fight to overturn President Emmerson Mnangawa’s recent electoral victory to the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR) following the dismissal of his petition by the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) last Friday.


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

His lead lawyer, Thabani Mpofu, confirmed yesterday that his client had approached the ACHPR for recourse, adding the opposition leader was prepared to exhaust all the legal and political remedies to his case.

“I can confirm that we have lodged a petition with the ACHPR,” Mpofu said.

In his petition Chamisa, who claims he was robbed of his victory in last month’s general elections, argues that the ConCourt and the government of Zimbabwe violated the voters’ rights to a legitimate government by manipulating the July 30 presidential election results in favour of Mnangagwa.

Commission on Human and People’s Rights (the ACHPR) otherwise known as the Banjul Commission to challenge the August 24 Constitutional Court decision controversially validating Zec’s decision that Mnangagwa won the July 30, 2018 harmonised general elections,” part of the petition read.

Chamisa added that the ACHPR had the power to declare human rights violations and use that to overturn Mnangagwa’s victory in his favour.

“The grounds of the petition are based on the flagrant and multiple violations of the universal human rights of the voters and people of Zimbabwe by the current Zimbabwean regime and the ConCourt including the right to free and fair elections, right to a fair hearing before an impartial court, right to legal representation by counsel of choice, right against undue political interference and the right to be governed by a legitimate government,” he said.

Just after the declaration of Mnangagwa’s victory by Zec on August 3, 2018, Chamisa filed a ConCourt application challenging Mnangagwa’s narrow victory, arguing the whole electoral process had been marred by irregularities and massive poll fraud.

But his petition was dismissed with costs by the ConCourt led by Chief Justice Luke Malaba on grounds that he failed to provide sufficient primary evidence to prove the alleged irregularities.


  1. Fight on young man, the zanupf demon should not be allowed any breathing space until it is cast out from our midst

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      Ndimi munoita kuti nyika idzokere shure mamdca. Surely you are now blaming the Highiest court on the land for your failure to provide evidence. So you think continuing making noise to keep ZANU PF busy you are doing a good thing for the nation?? SORRY. The truth part is you are doing a disservice to your party and to the nation because very soon you shall realize that chamisa is a psychiatric person.

    2. Chamisa is a bigger and dangerous demon ever known.

    3. Kusarohwa uko!

      1. iwe ziva kuti Chamisa was once admitted in an intensice care unit after being beaten to death during Mugabe’s regime. Chamisa is a strong man who is focused


  2. Why not take your case before USA courts whilst you’re at it…

    1. @ Floyd Chevy. It makes more sense to me too. The USA courts would automatically declare him the winner and then mad Trump would send jet fighters to install him at State House a-la Haitian style when they overthrew Jean Bertrand Aristides’s elected administration in Port-Au Prince.Whoever is advising this bitter renegade politician must have forgotten to tell him that there are no precedence for reference where this Commission on Human and People’s Rights (the ACHPR)has overturned an election result anyway on the continent before.

  3. Kkkkkkkk Chamisa must be careful now as he risks being seen as a joke if he continues with this thing. He is acting like a bad loser and really he cant remove ED now. Ku court MDC brought no evidence at all and surely its time to move on. I dont think even his mates and a chuck of his supporters will support this move. The organisation he is approaching is not even recognised by the Zim government. Chamisa anenge akumhanya mushini manje

    1. The people who are advising Chamisa are clearly pro-ED. They are pushing him to discredit himself, and appear as power hungry. The issue here is not whether he was short-changed or not, but it’s all about him failing to prove that there were irregularities. This failure to win the court case was partly because Chamisa’s court battle approach had several procedural errors, among them failure to promptly apply for a recount. MDC Chegutu West candidate did the smart thing and asked for a recount, and it was found that he was the winner, instead of Nduna. We have discovered that Nelson is dump, after all.

  4. Musafurira mwana imi. Just like that fatal demo and the court petition, nothing will come out of this action. Read the writing on the wall and move on. Mugabe aikufurira has turned around. Most of your advisors including your incompetent and useless lawyer Thabani Mpofu will soon abandon you. Uchadyiwa mari na Mpofu kusvika zvanaka. Very soon tichanzwa kuti akukuendesa kucourt watadza kumubhadhara.

    Nharo dzako hadzishande mfana. Pfavira ngoma usiku hunoenda kure.

    1. Thabani will stay with Chamisa even if it means going to the moon. Imari ya-ari kuda chete. Chamisa achagumira asisina imba ne mota when Thabani finishes with him

  5. Its now time to build the nation Chamisa. Its all done and dusted.
    We can’t keep mark timing on the electoral episode forever.
    Beware not to swear yourself like your Kenyan counterpart, Odinga.

  6. So its only you and you alone who is supposed to win, youngman you are so power hungry. You want to use the vanguard system like what you did on mama Khupe.

  7. chamisa chamisa Chamisa !! how many times did I call you?


  8. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Why do you not preserve your resources and energy for the 2023 plebiscite? Chigaro chakadogagwa naMnangagwa shamwari and there is no hope for reverse. After all President Mnangagwa seems to be the only one who is capable of mantaining a stable security situation for now. Even Chamisa’s western backers seem to realise that. We only need to be practical vana vezimbabwe.


  10. People deserve the governments that they get and Zimbabweans have become a joke of Africa. How could MDCA produce evidence that ZEC was in possession of and refused to release it to the bereaved? The legal system blatantly delayed the process and exhausted the plaintiff. This fight was never a fair fight and l applaud anyone that fights to change a system that has held back generational development. How many of you have children or grandchildren working in Zimbabwe in respectable and professional careers? There is no future yet you attack someone that attempts to change it very shameful indeed!!

    1. @Levs84.Musavanda nezvigunwe Chamisa did not make an application to have access to the primary evidence (all the election materials) and recount as stipulated by the law within 48 hours. He disregarded the information achiti he has enough evidence.

      The truth be told Chamisa was supposed to filed ma urgents ake to all polling stations and get the V11 forms. Its not the duty ye ZEC to give political parties those V11 forms. Chamisa was funded enough money to pay his urgents but akarova bag hence the reason he failed to cover ma polling stations.

      Remember pa press conference yake yeku Bronte Hotel he said he had over 70% of V11 forms but come on court day he failed to produce them.

      Ini ndakatomuvhoterawo but honestly this guy is just useless.

      Lets move on guys.

    2. chamisa would only change Zimbambwe for the worst. Fake pastor

    3. please tell people the correct thing. just because you dont likt mnangagwa does not mean we should support a person who purports to be a lawyer yet does not understand the basics in law. he should have gone back to the recounts, full stop. he is being misled.

  11. MukorekoreTavara

    Jabwisi wandikuvadza???

  12. Spoilt little brat this camisa. Its only about him and him alone. His party performed dismally in the local government and parliamentary parts of the election but he seems not bothered by any possibilities of rigging there, its only in the presidential elections, where it only concerns him, that he has to go to such stupid lengths to be declared a winner. If the truth be told, immediately after the court hearing, it was clear to even the simplest of laymen out there that he absolutely had no evidence for his purported ‘resounding win’ and rigging he had lied to his supporters about.

    1. Well said. Totally agree with you.

      1. Comment…if chamisa want to build zimbabwe ,he must contrubite a lot not to just keep on urgurments,whilst the zimbabwe economy is going down,he must accept defeat ,we youths we like leaders who like to build zimbabwe

  13. It will be history for an organisation to declare our election as not credible after eminent people countries and organisations endorsed it even our supreme court. It will be a joke.

    How does one expert to be effective as president when you have no majority in parliament. Tell me how how.

  14. The colonial system which Zimbabwe inherited is deceptive and exploits it own people especially the YOUTH. Most if not all of our political parties and institutions are not aware of this fact. ED and Chamisa are basically in the same camp of “deception and exploitation under a colonial system”. They are only sitting at different tables but are being served from the same kitchen “the colonial capitalist and exploitative system”. Chamisa should by way of strategy congratulate ED and point to him that they are both under deception and control of the same colonial system and should plan to secure and guarantee the future of the YOUTH.

  15. shamwari steady nejojo machunks haisi nyama.imboita zvekuti isu majority tirarame, zvawakuita izvi zvikazounza nzara mumusha isu povho tisu tomama imi muchifula muchiguta.taitokudawo but hapana yekutamba takanyura tese. lets prepare for 2023 mwana wamai.

  16. chamisa doesn’t deserve even to be a headman he is too arrogant he is just digging his own political grave vanomufurira varikukonzeresa kuti asambofa akatonga nyika ino munofunga mukamupa nyika munofunga kuti anobvuma kudyiwa here akataura kare kuti ndikadyiwa handibvumi court ikatonga kuti ndakadyiwa handibvumi vantu pepukai.

  17. Justice must prevail in Zimbabwe.

  18. Comment…Maifarira n’anga neinobata mai.Egypt hatisati tabuda tanga tavapadhuze kupinda muCanaan.

  19. simbarashe shoko

    bapu mfana. we want to move forward. i doubt if your supporters are happy with that childish move. Elections are over. lets unite for the betterment of zimbabwe.

    1. Musorobhangu(G40)

      I am happy with this latest move.

  20. I did not know that a guilty person can be left set free and the innocent one sent to jail by the highest court in the land.
    Gore rezvidzidzo.
    Vamwe vanotoziwa zvawo kuti wakabiridzira wamwe, asi kwakuto pururudza.
    We can still learn from the biblical Pharoah.
    History repeats itself.

  21. Modern Christianity breeding political bandits. This Chamisa thing is a joke. I hope level headed men around him will rein him in otherwise soon he will be a Ngomahuru candidate. He fasted for a good president and we have one he is telling God it has to be me! Me! Me! Just like his mentor Robert who always talks about him and all is not well until its him kkkkkkk.

  22. Let’s be honest, nothing is going to change with zanupf in power. Rather than let another valuable 5 years go to waste it’s better to fight this monster to the bitter end now than to relax & be robbed again in 2023, don’t give up guys

  23. we all saw it on tv the case playing out and it was all about hearsay probabilities whatsup communication and so forth but not even a single iota of proof and we cannot blame it on the 9panel of judges its a pity ,urban vote is not majority and its about time you cool off ponder on how you can fit in the jigsaw, you have been on the washline for long and you have dried up, AU chair said with his own words yesterday the elections were free and fair according to a report there got so dont waste stationery by sending anything there focus on raising some savings for the court costs incurred.

  24. Yes we voted for you and u were rigged. However going forward i think let this one go and concentrate on urban local authorities we u have total control. Introduce all the policies and governance system u think is best, do it even if Local gvt minister resist people have eyes and ears and are good judges. Built the party structures and convert the alliance into a real political party. Ncube and Biti must be on your side.

  25. Ko maReheasal ekuenda kuState House kwaChamisa akazoperera papi? Sorry kukudzoserai shure.You are a baby in diapers Chamisa tanga wakura wozoita politics. Wakabvutira Khupe masimba but remember kuState House kure.Yepu yepu haibatsiri. Dont stay in denial Garwe is the Pres of Zim stop stop

  26. nutty dreadlock

    adyiwa ngaarutse

  27. Chamisa ndaambo ende kwaMagaya abviswe dimon ramaari.

  28. Lets move on Chams as a country, if we continue fighting the lost battle, our weaknesses maybe exposed. Let’s admit and move on. lets plan for 2023 and make sure all stations have polling agents, lets learn from mistakes.

  29. Yes it may take time but the destination is diminishing.Even kuCannan vakazosvika but nguva yanga yafamba.It has not been Tekere,Ndabaningi Sithole or Edgar Tekere.It has not been Tsvangison or Nero but definately someone will take Zimbabwe to the promised land.Facts are so many but there is only one truth…..ese amuri kutaura ayo maFacts but chokwadi ndechimwechete and you know it.U need not be reminded.It is very difficult if not impossible to remove an armed system but there is God above who makes even the mightiest of men to stumble.Watch with me.

    1. All these people that keep harping on about God, just because munhu calls himself Pastor does not mean that God is with him and just because he has gotten close does not make him Joshua.

      He could be a Moses and what Moses did was lay all the ground work , commanded the armies and directed people responsibly until they got to the entrance of the Canaan. What Chamisa achieved was phenomenal given the circumstances and the environment that he is in. That he failed to make it is a shame, what he should be doing now is organizing his party. Unlike the Zanu under Mugabe, this party is trying to engage and intergrate with the Western world so he should be seen to be pushing Zanu to change the laws, his party should be seen to be actively holding the Govt responsible for its policies and calling out corrupt practices, put pressure on them to actually perform and meet the min requirements that are needed to make sure that 2023 we don’t have this drama unfolding.

      There has to be a line drawn in the sand over these elections. That time has come, because very soon he is going to start looking like he is out for himself and that makes him lose relevence which he should leverage for better things

  30. Maybe the concort judges will help rig the economy

  31. xaaa aka kamface hakana direction

  32. Chamisa is not even fit to be his wife’s husband & / his children’s father! Such an over ly ambitious idiot does not deserve to be called “husband” or “father”. He will NEVER rule Zimbabwe. Even if he appeals to the devil his father the election result will not change. Or is he the devil himself, for the devil is the father of lies? The madness of Chamisa is that he believes his lies! He is doomed!

  33. Dont give up. If push comes to shove, get help from powerful military nations. ELECTIONS, I SAID IT B4 BABA TSVANGI’S DEATH THAT, THEY DO NOT WORK. WE NEED WAR BABA CHAMISA. AM PREPARED. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  34. Ma MDC A- (LIE) ence vari busy kutsvaga evidence yekuti seyi vanhu vavakapa maTshirts akawanda vakazoita mavotes mashoma. kkkkkkkkk

  35. Cannan was reached adter 40 years and remember we are getting to 40 years during this term lead by ED .We are about to get there . Nero akarota avekutonga and now he can not believe it was just a dream. Ngaaende anobika doro . Nero has all the V11 forms which show the information that is in the ballot boxes . He knew that opening the boxes would prove him wrong . Thats why he does not want to deal with evidence . All he wanted was was to discredit the results using allegations so that he gets a re-run . He is now making a fool of himself and is starting to lose some of his supporters . The next thing is for the party to split . Mark my words .

  36. Comment…l celebrated the fall of mugabe not knowing the worst is yet to come .Very soon zim will be a fully flaged army.Those left in the millitary will want to join forces with their mates in gvt .Who will tell the army to go back to the barracks .l hope sanity prevail but hokoyo nekutewuka kweropa .May god bless zim

  37. kid marongorongo

    cabinet yachamisa yakamira sei ane datat andipewo,the young man should face his little face by accepting defeat and plan for future. soon the young man is going to appear very unpopular across the world. so does he in his normal senses think there is any other special court that will counter rule what the Zimbabwe con court has ruled, he should give us time to work for our families. or if he is doing his things alone without involving the people its ok chinobhururuka chinomhara.

  38. Comment…Most fools are celebrating an Army gvt .ropa richatewuka muzim .No one will tell these guyz to go back to the barracks

  39. Comment…nhamo ndeyedu tose, whether Zanu or Mdc, we may differ in opinions but our diptank is the same

  40. When the weak give up it becomes time for the brave and those who know how to pray to God continue the fight

  41. Taura hako dhara. Nhamo ndeye nyika yose. Dai mabasa ariko chamisa haaichema remember rehu MP rakapera oda state house. Zvakaoma.

  42. Yaa tichatambura

  43. Thabani is the worst advisor and you rope in Biti and you have people who want a downfall of Chamisa so that they become the leaders of the Alliance. It is unfortunate that Chamisa is not seeing beyond the elections and that he has a future for his family. He is being selfish and I pray that he will see reason. Ko vekuChurch kwaari pastor vari kuti kudiiko? I feel sorry for the young man ari kuita semunhu ari kuramba kurambwa. As a lawyer, he should know better that pasina evidence you lose a case.

  44. Let’s pray zvinoita chete

  45. All of you who are opposing Chamisa’s appeal to the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights are not being true to yourselves. It’s his right to do so and that’s why those institutions were set up. What are you afraid of? When white farmers took their case against the Zim government to the SADC Tribunal, many thought they were wasting their time, arguing that the court has no jurisdiction over Zim laws. And guess what, they won. The court did such a good job that SADC governments forced it to close shop. Without credible institutions, we are doomed. I don’t support Chamisa, but it’s his right to make a appeal to any lawful institution. Let’s test the credibility of these African institutions.

  46. gondo rashaya nhiyo, rinokumba chero marara

  47. Way to go Chamisa we will fight to the bitter end even if it means transforming from opposition leader to rebel leader. The fact of the matter remains that ED is illegitimate and we cant fall in the same pit that Morgan Tsvangirai fell into. No GNU and more sanctions they will give in

    1. Wishmore Garan'anga

      More sanctions to hurt who nhai Chief Advisor?

  48. Let the boy try his best. We do not want him to regret at the end of the day. The truth shall be known.

  49. Chamisa is just trying to resuscitate a dead horse after the concourt ruling.
    Be as it may, we understand his psychological torture after his overoptimistic attempt to clinch the presidency unprecedentedly hit a snag.
    Let us give him the benefit of doubt in the meantime and hope that time will tell.

  50. Chamisa anopenga hapana pfungwa

  51. no comments

  52. Comment…zvese zvamataura hazvina msoro kunyanya imi maZanuPF after all tese tichangosafa wether uri muMDC or Zanupf kana vagara usina basa uchangogara usina basa mugare mazviziva izvozvo

  53. Hatichewuke nhamoyatakawona chisa mbama chisa let me say kana muchinamata munokurudzirana kuti hatikundwe nerima asimunoda chamisa akundwe nerimwe zanu pf irima chairo its a demon zanupf

  54. Wishmore Garan'anga

    It is so sad when one who is well learned as Chamisa to fail to produce evidence to support his allegations!Surely it required a simple matter of producing evidence and you failed!Period.We want the nation to move forward.Surely lives of people that you are putting at risks are a big thing compared to your ambitions.Grow up brother!

  55. fungai mushe madhodha kwete kutaura semwana

  56. ACHPR….reply to kamisa…….GO TO HELL YOUNG SCHOOLBOY WE ARE NOT THERE TO CHANGE GORVENMENTS… move kamisa pertitions GOD kkkķkkkkk plis relatives of this boy sungirirai mwana dzadambuka pfungwa

  57. Comment…Pamberi naChamisa rigging yakaitwa apa people wanted change kana vatadza kugadzirisa zvinhu its going to be Chamisa fault but they are the onesin power they are forgetting they went to war to fight injustice dai takaramba tichitongwa nevarungu zvinhu zvanga zvirinani

  58. Comment…Pamberi naChamisa rigging yakaitwa apa people wanted change kana vatadza kugadzirisa zvinhu its going to be Chamisa fault but they are the onesin power they are forgetting they went to war to fight injustice dai takaramba tichitongwa nevarungu zvinhu zvanga zvirinani

  59. This chap Chamisa is becoming tiresome. Has he got any advisors or he’s relying on advice from those making money from him?

  60. Chamisa u are now acting as if yu are a fool.STOPIT.Advocate Failure,u have failed as a politician l can repeat yu are a failure.Re-stratigise yu are wasting tym,us as Zimbabweans we are feeling bored with ur childlish behaviour.Accept defeat,Zimbabwe must move forward.I have wasted my voted voting for yu,ur manners are dubious.

  61. Excellency Ole`

    Chamisa is evidently obssesion with absolute power i downright childish and psychotic.He willing destroy everything in his path to get absolute power for himself,but then Zim is not DRC-it can`t.Nyikayaramba chikomana…enda umbonokura nekudzikama wozodzoka wabve zera

  62. Kkkkk, let’s wait and see. It’s a game.

  63. Uku kwave kuonererwa. Contempt of Court. We have long known that the MDC was never meant for the good of Zimbabwe. Their mission is to disturblise the development of Zimbabwe and to frustrate any Government efforts to better the lives of Zimbabweans. It’s only in Africa where opposition political parties do not aaccept defeat. They spend much valuable time bickering over election results. Look at the USA for example, as soon as results are announced, the loser immediately congratulates the winner so their country moves forward. This shows that everyone wants the best for their country. Here chamisa does not see it that way, he loves power. We have been held at ransom for the better part of this month already and he is now extending that. Can we believe this is a Postor? All I know is that he joined the Church of God to secure votes and to try to use God to achieve personal gains. Now I have had time to listen to him preaching, I did not hear the message of salvation. Sorry to say ..

  64. people must always make objective n not subjective comments based on facts mdc alliance subpoenaed the court to force zec to bring to court servers which have the primary evidence requested from the applicant by the courts n the application was denied by the courts,also along the same lines court applications for constituency disputed results,applicant brought primary evidence n the courts denied it saying its not neccesary now the same applicant lodges complaint minus residue n courts demands these,double standards by our court .maida vadiiwo vasungwa maoko seizvi

  65. People who are happy with a 75 year old geriatrich cheating his way into the Presidency of the country, after 38 years of being the enforcer of human rights abuses and killings really need their heads examined properly. I dont think they are normal upstairs. Chamisa is right – I like his never say die fighting spirit spirit. These are the future leaders of our country, not these poodles who sheepishly follow the grand old men of Africa who have messed up our Continent since the 1960s.

  66. iwe ziva kuti Chamisa was once admitted in an intensice care unit after being beaten to death during Mugabe’s regime. Chamisa is a strong man who is focused

  67. ndi
    chamisa go foward to liberate zimbabwe from devils hands zanu pf

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