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Dabengwa pushes for transitional authority


OPPOSITION Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa yesterday said the country urgently requires a transitional authority to help resolve the current political impasse, where MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has disputed President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory in the July 30 harmonised elections.


Dabengwa told Southern Eye that the ongoing haggling between Zanu PF and MDC Alliance over election results were hurting the economy and creating unnecessary political tension.

“The people of Zimbabwe have been resilient for over 38 years of oppression and dictatorial rule by the Robert Mugabe regime. They deserve a space of fresh air, hence, they were calling for a fresh start during the November 17, 2017, mass demonstration in Harare,” he said.

“I personally think the best way foward would be to establish a transitional authority which will be a buffer to protect the people of Zimbabwe. We select technocrats, even among the political parties, to work with the transitional authority.”

Dabengwa said people did not have trust in the new government even before it was sworn-in.

“Investors have already thrown doubts that it (Zimbabwe) would be the best destination (in which) to put their money,” he said. “We, therefore, need to come up with a fresh start that would give confidence to both population and international community.”

The intelligence supremo said there were many qualified, neutral and independent-thinking people in Zimbabwe who could be entrusted to lead the transitional arrangement.

The Zapu leader also condemned the military’s heavy-handedness in crushing last week’s demonstrations by MDC Alliance activists.

“For some of us with a military background, it is absolutely inconceivable that anyone would resort to the use of the army with automatic weapons and armed personal carriers over demonstrators whose numbers could have been managed by the police,” Dabengwa said.

“These were peaceful demonstrators that were not carrying anything. If the police felt that their numbers were inadequate to disperse the crowd, they could have employed water cannons, which they have used before in demonstrations.”

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  1. in what capacity mr duda? if it was mutinhiri or khupe with some parly rep better ukhulumela ubani sihlobo sami?

  2. Like Mugabe, Dabengwa publicly said he would vote for Chamisa.For us who voted for ED, it appears you want to get into power through the back door.please try again in 2023. As for a transitional authority or GNU? Wht did you not say it before the elections. What was the purpose of elections. We gave Zanu pf the mandate to govern for the next 5yrs. If Zanu pf wants to form a GNU or transitional authority then Zanu pf has to get consent from its supporters through internal referendum.

  3. Dabengwa we know where your ire is coming from, transitional government for what when a winner with two thirds majority was announced, you never achieved anything in politics and you will die like that, you are a quiet snake and everyone knows you, you always incite violence silently and Zimbabwe should be worry about you.ED must form his own independent government and not be pushed into uniting with people he has beaten, instead the losers should plead to be incorporated if he can, not forcing him to consider them.

  4. It would also be unwise for Ed to yoke himself together with people who celebrate his failure. The amount of disrespect these people have shown for Ed is very shocking and i do not see them being able to cooperate in any way practicaly speaking.

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