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Citizens Manifesto bemoans post-election violence


Citizens Manifesto (CM) has bemoaned the deterioration of human rights in the country in the wake of reports of political violence in several parts of the country and the killing of seven civilians by the military soon after the July 30 elections.


CM, which is made up of 25 civic groups, among them residents’ associations, labour, faith-based organisations, women and gender rights groups, disabled persons’ rights activists, youths and students as well as informal traders, called for thorough investigations into what has been transpiring after the elections.

“We express deep concern over the implications of such deterioration in the human rights environment on the future of democratic practices and citizen participation in Zimbabwe,” the group said in a statement.

“We also register our concerns on the reported cases of post-election violence and encourage the police and other relevant institutions, especially the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission, to thoroughly, openly, transparently and in an accountable manner investigate and bring to book all reported cases of violence and intimidation.”

CM said people who occupy leadership positions should exercise caution with the power they hold as it is within their reach to either foster peace or violence.

“We also call for a show of responsible and servant leadership from public officials, political leaders as well as civic leaders from various formations to speak and act in a manner which promotes peace and national cohesion, without resorting to reckless, divisive and inflammatory language,” the statement read.

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  1. Instead of making unsubstantiated claims in the media, tarnishing the image of the country, why not report specific cases to the Human rights commission to be attended to, that is what is was formed for. So many of these civic groupings have destroyed the country’s image on falsehoods, just for few silver coins from their donors.

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