Chivayo arrested for fraud, money laundering

CONTROVERSIAL businessman Wicknell Chivayo appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court yesterday facing four charges of fraud, money laundering and contravening Exchange Control Act for corruptly receiving $5 million from Zimbabwe Power Company.


Chivayo (39), who is being charged together with his company Intratrek Zimbabwe, pleaded not guilty to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Elisha Singano, who remanded him in custody to today for bail application continuation.

The businessman who was arrested at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International airport on his way to South Africa despite the knowledge that the police were looking for him, was represented by Advocate Lewis Uriri while the State is represented by Michael Reza and Zivanai Macharaga.

The complainant is Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), represented by Board member Thandiwe Mlobane.

Allegations are that sometime in 2012, ZPC resolved to increase its national grid and a feasibility study was carried out and a tender process done in August 2013 for installation of a 100 Megawatt solar power plant in Gwanda.

The tender was awarded to a Chinese company, China Jiangxi, at a cost of $183 million. Chivayo also participated in the tender with a bid of $248 million the third lowest.

The State alleges Chivayo’s alleged accomplice former Energy minister Samuel Undenge who is yet to be arrested interfered with tender process and directed ZPC managing director Noah Gwariro to award the tender to Chivayo at a cost of $172 848 597.

It is alleged on October 23, 2015 that ZPC acted on the misrepresentation and signed a contract with Chivayo for implementation of the project.

ZPC allegedly released $5 607 814, 24 into the Intratrek Bank account for the project to take off. Chivayo allegedly did not implement the project, but converted or transferred the money into various individual and company accounts.

The State alleges that Chivayo was also authorised by the RBZ to load $849 479 into his visa cards for the importation of earth moving equipment from the United States for construction purposes at the Gwanda Solar Project.

However, it was alleged that Chivayo failed to notify the Exchange Control Authority of all material particulars relating to the importation of the said equipment into Zimbabwe only to realise that none was imported.

ZPC suffered a prejudice of $5 607 814.24 and nothing recovered.


  1. The Energy Sector in Zimbabwe has been a fertile hunting ground for crude local commercial criminals and sophisticated foreign commercial crime syndicates. The most sophisticated of these foreign criminal syndicates are those that those that go back as far as 1895 during Cecil John Rhodes’s time. The ministers of energy and ZESA are just small boys ignorant of the complex operations of these local criminals and syndicates. These criminals and syndicates develop the Energy Policies and Procedures under the guise of Grants and Donor Aid for the purposes of contracting foreign and local consultants whom they control. The local & foreign unsophisticated criminals use politicians including the presidency and board members, these crimes are the easier ones to pickup because they are so clumsily done.

  2. The more sophisticated foreign based criminal syndicates syndicates operating in the Energy Sector are still to be exposed. These syndicates manipulate Energy Policies and Procedures through the funding of consultants engaged directly or indirectly by both ZESA and the Government. The recommendations of these “çonsultants” are tailored to suite and benefit their countries and preferred companies during the procurement of goods, services and projects in the energy sector. Ministers including the presidency and ZESA are either unaware or are accomplices of these criminal syndicates which date back to the 1890s during Cecil John Rhodes. The exposure of Chivayo & the ministry or government criminals is good as we can now open the net wider for the benefit of the Energy Sector.

  3. America, Britain and South Africa are already sending congratulatory messages to ED. They’re already joining the Chinese and Russians on the looting table. They can’t wait to join the feast any longer!

    Despite the clear evidence of transposition and inflation of voter figures by ZEC in favour of ED the people are being cheated again. And all this due to Commercial promises and interests made between them and ED.

    They did so in 2000 parliamentary, elections, 2002 Presidential, 2008 and 2013. They’ve done so again in 2018 and will repeat it in 2023 and forever! Why put a cloth over our eyes? Just decree that there are no more elections in Zimbabwe? Tell us you USA, Britain, China, Russia and RSA you’re now guarantees to Zimbabwe’s adoption of the Chinese model.

    South Africa is pleased to see ZANU rule by hook or crook because they fear Cosatu or EFF might eclipse the ANC so they may need to adopt the Chinese model too.

  4. And to imagine that Mugabe his cohorts chose to dine this fraudster and not people like Strive!

    These politicians!!

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