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Chamisa ups ante


…expat lawyers jet in

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday dispatched a three-member team to lobby Sadc leaders at the ongoing regional summit in Namibia as Zimbabwe’s political situation remains in limbo.


The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) on August 3 declared President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa winner of the July 30 presidential election with 50,8% of the vote, while Chamisa came a close second after garnering 44,3%.

Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda yesterday confirmed MDC-T women’s league boss, Lynnette Karenyi, national executive member Gideon Shoko and academic, Phillan Zamchiya have been dispatched to Windhoek on a diplomatic offensive.

“They are going to highlight the fact that we have deposited a petition with the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) as well as the need to uphold issues of free, fair and credible elections in Zimbabwe,” Sibanda said.

“The diplomatic team will also highlight the fact that Zec’s numbers don’t tally at all.”

Chamisa has, however, since approached the ConCourt seeking to have the results reversed and instead have him declared winner. The opposition leader is arguing Zec falsified figures to benefit Mnangagwa, but both the Zanu PF leader and Zec have denied the charges with the matter now set to be heard next Wednesday.

MDC Alliance’s foreign lawyers have since jetted into the country for the ConCourt showdown with Zanu PF. “As we speak, some of our lawyers from South Africa have arrived.
Advocates Dali Mpofu and Tembeka Ngcukaitobi are already in the country and we are expecting more from Kenya as well as Zambia,” Sibanda said.

“We must, however, indicate that our lawyers are disappointed at the standard response from President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa’s camp. It’s so unpresidential. Our lawyers are shocked and would have expected better. We also think Mnangagwa would have wanted to have this case heard to its logical conclusion given the slim margin he has. You cannot run a country with such a slender majority, there is no credibility and legitimacy.”

Mnangagwa is already in Namibia for the two-day summit running under the theme Promoting Infrastructure Development and Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development.

Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo was quoted saying Zimbabwe will not be on the agenda.

In the run-up to the elections, Chamisa at some point demanded Sadc to convene an extraordinary summit to discuss what he called “a developing crisis” in Zimbabwe after writing to South African leader Cyril Ramaphosa, the regional body’s chairperson.

He, however, changed tact a few days later and reportedly approached Angola, the current chair of the Sadc Troika, requesting that a meeting be held to discuss the situation in the country.

This seems to have died a natural death as the elections were held before violence broke out, leading to the death of at least seven people at the hands of soldiers, triggering global condemnation, including from Sadc and the African Union.

The Sadc election observer mission (EOM) gave last month’s election a clean bill of health, adding it “represented a political watershed in the history of the country” despite howls of disapproval from the opposition.

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  1. The official definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different outcome each time. For how long now has the MDC been mounting these disputed election outcomes? Nothing will come off it and the next stage in the script will be to call for more sanctions on the country. The people will suffer excluding both Zanu PF and MDC fat cats. This is why democracy for us as a nation is a size 11 boot trying to fit a size 4 foot.

  2. I sense madness in this man’s utterances. How do you tell SADC to intervene in a case which is in the highest court of the land and has been allocated a hearing date. How was he expecting to be impressed by ED response. Nonsensical indeed.

  3. I sense madness in this man’s utterances. How do you tell SADC to intervene in a case which is in the highest court of the land and has been allocated a hearing date. How was he expecting to be impressed by ED response. Nonsensical indeed.

  4. There is no political crisis in Zimbabwe and sadc and au know that for a fact. How can any honest politician send a team to sadc who also had their own observer team hear to convince them of the crisis which they failed to see for themselves? That is a very serious mockery of Sadc. All those foreign lowyers will not change the fact that Chamisa and his party lost elections. Mnangagwa did not win by a narrow margin since his closest rival was beaten by 6,5 percent and that is not narrow by any standards. If anything, the zim standard is much higher than that of other sadc nations. President Lungu of Zambia became president atfter ganering a mere 32% of the valid votes casts. If anything, Zimbabwe has a lot to lecture to fellow sadc states and they themselves agree with that fact.

  5. You send people to a SADC meeting for the cause of the alliance, but who will give them an audience? will they muscle their way in like Komichi and Sibanda did when ZEC was yet to announce the Presidential results? This is such a futile endevour.

  6. Very right Farai, this nkululeko guy leaves a lot to be desired, what kind of a team does chamisa have, if he had won we would have some cub ministers surely.

  7. The MDC alliance is a mockery of our nationhood. In a country with “thinking people ” Chamitiswa would not have managed to get a vote from his wife. For how can we trust people who are so anti-Zimbabwe with the leadership of Zimbabwe. Chamitiswa & Biti “love” Zimbabwe so much that they would want her to “burn economically ” unless they themselves are given the opportunity to run it in spite of the election outcome. Chamitiswa , because of this treachery , will NEVER RULE Zimbabwe

  8. These chinja guyz are confused sadc has already made known its position regarding the just ended elections

  9. All along i thought Chamisa is the new beginning of Zimbabwe but now i can see that Chamisa is a big fool who doesn’t care about people of Zimbabwe all he cares about is his own benefit of becoming the president

    • Meaning what sis should Chamisa just let go. How does the situation you and me are in get improved for the better for you and me without someone sweating to correct the ANY anomaly when ever its encountered? I hear fellow Zimbos say that the young man should let go and prepare for the 2013 elections but the question is what again if Mnangagwa and Chiwenga vakabira…wait for 2028 elections.

      • sadly SADC is run by the Big boys of one party nation states look how they watched Bob, lie cheat,loot and murder for 35 years

  10. The international community acknowledged that Zimbabwe, which is not a banana republic conducted its election and the results were announced by the relevant electoral commission.
    Subject to the constitution, the aggrieved runners up filed a petition which is yet to be determined by the judiciary. What is out of the ordinary thus far?
    Why should we rush back to the international community to intervene in internal matters pending in court in a sovereign nation unless we imply beforehand that we have no faith with our judicial systems? What a circus!
    Lets set parameters to solve our own problems before unnecessarily exposing the other side of the country to the world.
    Learn to be your own man Chamisa, justice will prevail after all.

  11. The more some people choose to trash, ridicule and protest at a perfectly legal ConCourt application, protected under our constitution, the more you know there is something to be feared. If you have no exposed, soft parts, you can choose to totally ignore a barking dog, especially if you, yourself believe it to be toothless. Why not welcome the chance to put to rest any accusations, if they indeed have no basis?

    To Man Kenya, the current acting president of the country chose to side-step the law enforcement officers and judicial system and instead to border-jump into Mozambique then South Africa, in fear for his life. That is a fair reflection of our situation. So no surprises that The MDC Alliance also chooses to appeal to our neighbours to ensure justice is done.

  12. For a young man, an advocate and a pastor, Chamisa is a very BIG disappointment. What exactly does he hope to achieve by sending all those grown ups to SADC? Does he think SADC will intervene in a case that is before a competent court? BULL!!!!! That is joy riding and a total waste of donor resources. And even if you had hired Johnny Cochraine of the O.J Simpson case or Advocate Bizos of the Mandela case, this one hauihwine. Kuvaraidza nguva uku kuteya nzou neriva. Chinobuda hapana apa. You are just delaying the inevitable. The bark of a dog will not stop the movement of a train. Ichooo

  13. Gentlemen if our comments are to go by, surely this case should have been concluded already kkkkk. I am seeing here political activists throwing stones at each other just wait and see the judgement and how it will affect the general populous.

  14. Ronaldo. I think what a lot of these comments are saying is that he should wait for the constitutional court results before he rushes to SADC.There is no way they can make any decision on a case which he has taken taken to court. I don’t know. I maybe wrong. I am not a lawyer.

  15. Chamisa knows he did not win the election and he wont win the court case. All he wants is to make enough noise until there is enough pressure for a GNU. Even Biti’s antics were all to get attention. Sorry guys this time hamulume. Win your own election. Even if someone wins by 50.0000001 as long as its more than 50% they have full legitimacy. The challenge is not by how much ED won the issue is did he win or not and did he get more than 50%

  16. Comment…Nyaya dzezvematongerwo enyika azvinzwisisiki. Ndozvimwezvo zvakaitika 2008! Mhedzisiro yachicho munyika mukazova neHurumende yemubatanidzwa. Chiyi chinonyatsotora nzvimbo chaizvo munyaya dzezvematongerwo enyika nhayi veduwe?

  17. They are making a mountain out of a molehill. Zimbabwean crisis at this point does not require the so called diplomat mission. The court is yet to preside over matter. From the evidence provided by MDC-A, and the 66-page response of their lawyer, the case is likely to be ruled in favor of the incumbent. Maybe the foreign lawyers will try to breathe life into the petition, but I don’t see how, in the absence of fundamental evidence they can do that.

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