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Chamisa shouldn’t hold nation to ransom


THE haggling over presidential election results has kept the nation in suspense and in an electoral mode at the expense of business which should move the country forward. We believe that if MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa and his team were serious about seeking legal recourse and not “street justice”, then they should file their papers today given that it is the last day available to them to pursue that course.


Over the last week, business had ground to a halt as uncertainty hung in the air with industry players keen to see what route the opposition wanted to take. If they do not file their papers at the Constitutional Court today, then this will raise questions about their intention right from the beginning: did they really want the courts to deal with the matter as provided for in the law or they simply wanted to play on the nation’s nerves?

The end game to this Russian roulette should now be pronounced. Chamisa cannot continue to hold the nation to ransom. It is time he steps to the plate and prove the rigging allegations. Zimbabweans have been waiting with bated breath, to see what evidence Chamisa holds and if it will be sufficient to reverse the declaration by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission that President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa won the elections.

What happened following the disputed polls, particularly the killing of seven innocent people by soldiers that opted to use live ammunition when minimum force would have been sufficient, is regrettable and cannot be undone. But is important that the country moves forward from this unfortunate phase and both sides of the political divide should play their part in ensuring that peace prevails and there is unity in the country. If we do not do this as a matter of urgency, it’s highly likely that the international community, that had slowly begun to open their doors, will turn their backs on us again. And Zimbabwe cannot afford that drastic action at this moment. We need as many countries as possible on our side. But the buck stops with us.

Chamisa and his team must be told in no uncertain terms, provide the evidence, let the court process come and go, let democracy and Zimbabwe be the winner and the end, and not personal egos.

Chamisa, therefore, holds in his application the hope of millions of Zimbabweans who voted for him, hundreds who marched on the streets in defence of their vote and families who lost their loved ones. It is our hope that he was not taking the nation on a wild goose chase given the significance of the case. Clearly, our fate and our future now lies in the hands of the court which will have to make a bold decision if the papers are filed today.

The lawyers should furnish the court with sufficient and credible evidence because facts always speak for themselves. They don’t require any embellishment. Failure to do so will be a clear demonstration that Chamisa and his team simply wanted to take the nation and the international community which is keenly following events, for a ride.

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  1. What kind of mbanje did this editor smoke this morning? For a moment l thought l was reading the herald by mistake, pure craziness

    • I think you are the idiot. Its clear that MDCA has no evidence to support their claims. Period. They are clutching at straws. If they had evidence, they would have gone to court a long time ago. Instead yangova Press Conference after Press Conference

  2. Comment…editor aita sei?vanhu hamudi kuudzwa chokwadi.chamisa should go ne evidence ku court first then court ikasawa impartial then next action.zvino iye akati court yakatobirira kare hamuone kuti anenge arikuda kutamba nesu?

  3. EDiots, if Chamisa tries to demonstrate you cry foul, now he’s following the legal route & you say he’s holding the nation to ransom, who are you to dictate on which day the papers should be filed? Are you a lawyer?

  4. The kind of logic and reasoning in this editorial is excellent! I have been sometimes been disappointed Newsday sensational headlines, but this …is super reasoning. No one benefits from this suspense. Zimbabwe is eager to move on.

  5. Editor editor editor you are a poor strategist like most journalists thats why you die poor. You lodge your appeal on the last day because you need ample time to prepare your case and not giving the opponents time to cover tracks.

  6. The editor is spot on. The elections issue should be resolved quickly so that we move forward as a nation and Chamisa is key to that due to his election rigging claims.

  7. I now believe that we Zimboz are very educated but have very little knowledge. Why should Chamisa file his petition on the first day of the seven days? It is still in his rights to file his petition when he is ready, as long as it is within the time frame permitted by law. Why should he be pushed to file early. He is not the one who caused the business to be at a standstill. This anger should be directed at the ‘independent’ ZEC that has the constitutional right to count, collate, tally, announce and declare winners in a transparent and verifiable manner.

  8. Is this any different from how ZEC announced the election results. Those who went into the streets to push for quick announcement of the results were thoroughly beaten or injured while seven were shot dead. Where was the editor.

  9. You worry about a week or two of lost business instead of worrying about the 5 long years ahead of us. That is very blinkered thinking. I would rather we loose a month of business than suffer till 2023. Shame on person who wrote this little thought out article

  10. Zim business has been at a stand still for 18 years and yet someone wants Chamisa to file his papers ‘urgently’ now. Pure insanity by this writer


  12. I voted for ZANU PF so why do u think Noone voted for ED.. Its so funny Chamisa thinks he won. He has no evidence at all. ED pfeee

  13. Just like Zec had 5 days to announce the results- according to the law-MDC-A has 7 days according to the law to file their papers and the ConCourt has 14 days to decide. So if you don’t know the law don’t write your ill informed emotional rhetoric.

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