Chamisa in make or break talks

THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC-T will today hold an explosive national council meeting amid reports that the indaba could be used as a witch-hunt against party officials accused of fanning indiscipline, divisions and insubordination.


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

This came at a time when there was debate within the party over the status of the MDC Alliance, where some were of the view that it should be disbanded, while others want the alliance to become a fully-fledged political party.

It is understood that the indaba will focus on key contentious issues that could define the future of the main opposition party going forward.

These include the future of the MDC Alliance, which failed to dislodge President Emmerson Mnangagwa from power in the July 30 elections, despite a spirited fight by Chamisa in the presidential race.

NewsDay also heard that the meeting would focus on the threat to the existence of the opposition alliance and the divisive elective congress next year, with reports that Chamisa’s potential challengers were already finding it “tough” to survive in the main opposition party.

Chamisa’s spokesperson, Nkululeko Sibanda said his boss called for the national council meeting to take stock of all the party organs and chart the way forward.

“One thing that is very clear is that we received credible intelligence that Zanu PF is planning to destroy the party in the next six months and they are throwing these stories just to cause despondency,” Sibanda said.

“But they don’t realise that president Chamisa has not just build the party in the last six months, but has built a movement. A movement survives every onslaught.”

Although some party officials told NewsDay that the national council would likely discuss the suitability of potential challengers to Chamisa’s leadership mettle, party chairman Morgen Komichi flatly refuted reports that some top officials could fall by the wayside after the meeting.

This also followed reports that the stage had been set to purge secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora and his purported loyalists from the party.

“What is happening now is that we are going into a season of internal democracy and there is a group of leaders that does not want Chamisa to be contested,” a senior official said.

“By the time we go to congress, all those that are seen to be harbouring ambitions will be gone. We are preparing for a bruising fight and for our secretary-general [Mwonzora], it will be hard because there are people around Chamisa who feel threatened and are pinning him over his endorsement by Zanu PF’s war veterans.”

But Komichi said today’s meeting would be a post-mortem of the elections and map the way forward.

He said that Mwonzora and others that were viewed as against Chamisa were not on the agenda.

“I haven’t heard about that and we don’t have complaints against him,” he said in reference to Mwonzora.

Mwonzora himself is on record dismissing the “divisive” agenda linking him to leading a faction trying to wrest power from Chamisa.

There were reports of sharp differences within the MDC Alliance over the distribution of seats in the recent election, which resulted in multiple contestants in several constituencies.

The MDC Alliance principals have not met since the elections, further fuelling speculation that all was not well in the coalition.

“We haven’t met, of course, after the elections, but we are communicating and working on the issues of the electoral challenge. It was hectic. We are going to keep the alliance alive,” Komichi said.

He also said there was a possibility of forming one major party.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube weighed in, saying the alliance was well in place.

He said they had a written agreement to work together.

“The alliance has Members of Parliament which the alliance has to manage and direct on how to do their work in Parliament in the next five years,” Ncube said.

“The alliance has councillors and it has responsibility to provide leadership in those councils. Everyone who won at whatever level won on the ticket of the alliance. The alliance, therefore, has all these people who are the responsibility of the alliance.”

He said the alliance had learnt the importance of unity and working together.

“Obviously, there will be future elections in 2023,” Ncube said. “The alliance in whatever shape or form will obviously be in those elections.”

He said while the alliance principals had not met as yet since the elections, they, however, kept in touch and made decisions jointly through teleconferences to discuss issues such as election petitions and Press statements.

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  1. Mwonzora is tipped by War Vets to take over from Chamisa at the next Congress so its a good move to avoid discussing him for now in case the party torches fires it cannot put out.

  2. We voted for unity, kindly refer to the MPOI 2017 Survey which showed that we want a unified opposition. We showed this by voting overwhelmingly for u guys. Dont disappoint us.

  3. Why MDC always pointing fingers at ZANU PF. Why is ZANU PF not always pointing fingers at MDC. Is MDC so vulnerable they have not intelligence to proact.


    1. Zanu blames mdc for economic collapse I guess you have been absent minded.

  4. Here we go again making lies about ‘credible intelligence’ that Zanu Pf wants to destroy us within 6 months! Last time we were promised ‘overwhelming evidence’ that Zanu Pf rigged only to turn up in court with hearsay and an incomplete V11. This Dr Sibanda guy is fast turning into a clown worse than Tamborinyoka before him.

    1. For sure my guy…..This Dr Sibanda guy…Liar Liar Pants On Fire…..

  5. Farai Johnson Nhire

    It is a good idea to look at their party business with 2023 in mind but still, they need to be realistic in their expections for then. The opposition should strive to mantain an important role of providing checks and balances in the operation of government business. The idea of restling governing authority from Zanu Pf any time soon is farfetched owing to the business orientation of Ed’s government which will likely have turned Harare and Bulawayo into Shanghai by 2023.

    1. Zanu PF might have “won” the election but what makes you think they will achieve in years what they failed collectively to achieve since 1980? There is nothing on the ground to suggest so except vapourware.

  6. Let them be bold enough to break the legendary doxophobia and address the patriarchal foundation the party was laid on and the misogynistic ‘adjustments’ it was subjected to immediately after the departure of the founding father Morgan Tsvangirai.
    This had its toll in the dismal performance during the last general election.
    Why hide your faces in the sand in the glaring truth?

  7. The first business of a meeting of this nature in any decent democratic set up would be for the leader of the party to tender his resignation having led the party to electoral defeat. Should he still feel though that he is still up to the task he should avail himself for re-election / appointment in a shake up of the party where other members must be allowed to contest the party leadership. Such election should be held immediately or as soon as possible, preferably before year-end. This thing of waiting for ages before some congress to choose a new leader for a losing party normally does not produce the desired effect, as was seen in the recent case of the post-tswangirai MDC-T.

  8. Whistling. . . somewhere in nero’s mind l foresee him emerging from the meeting having resolved to accept ED as the president elect. l foresee him announcing that for the interest of the nation lest move on.

    I could be wrong but from the way l have been watching and understating the political space, everything nero have done before, during and after elections especially the “evidence” produced in court looks like his main goal is to portray ed as a reformed leader.

    If l am wrong after today’s meeting forgive me.

  9. zanupf warvets endorsing someone for mdc leadership, ngwarai musapesaniswe nezvenhando.

  10. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    @ Sikhosana you sound stupid and idiotic. Chamisa performed better than even Tsvangirai with little resources to campaign with. don’t compare him to ED who could use state resources to buy any campaign cars or materials of his choice. ZBC was on his side, police , chiefs , military , the concourt as well. Chamisa did very good in the elections. He is the future in terms of leadership, he has youths behind him.

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      Sorry hako Linda you sound so depressed by the loss of your chanyiswa. Fine, but I expected better reasoning and language from someone at our highiest institution of academic excellence than those ‘stupid, idiotic’ words against sikhosana. Your reasoning is not in tandem with that of someone at UZ. How can you talk of backward things like saying all the institutions you mentioned being on ED’s side. Up to this age you are still biased not to accept the reality that your so called president pa you tube failed to produce evidence of all his allegations. SHAME ON YOU. I hope you are not playing there and buy a certificate at the end. ITA ZVECHIKORO ZANU PF INOKUITISA BP UKATADZA KUNYORA Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ED panyanga.

    2. Chamisa did not perform better than Tsvangirai because Tsvangirai actually beat Mugabe hands down in 2008 and he had more seats than Nelson garnered. Urikuti chii?

  11. Farai Nhire, before dreaming of Mnangagwa turning Zimbabwe into Shanghai, first revisit 2.2 million jobs promise

  12. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    Surely its so funny that the mdc always lay their incompetence as a party on ZANU PF. For your information Sibanda ZANU PF is never intimidated by the so called evil opposition. Bit by bit people are realising the truth about your opposition status. As we speak ZANU PF is forging ahead thinking of how it can improve the living standards of the people without any time to waste thinking of the so called alliance. If you are not in good books it is because of you don’t have the ideology if ever you had one. In as far as we are concerned we know you as punch, that type of drink favoured by women at their kitchen top ups where all types of beverages are mixed together giving different effects to individuals. So how can ZANU PF plan to destroy a thing which can easily destroy itself because of chamisa’s greedness? Leave ZANU PF to focus on better things than your daily nonsense.

  13. Silent Chikanda

    Linda, you mean he has youths in urban handiti. Usakanganwe kumaruzevha otherwise ungazoshamisika kuwanda kwevari kumusha sezvinomboitika pakudyiwa pamavhoti paya..


  14. The junta just purchased surface to air missiles are we at war?

    1. So you don’t have your vehicle insured until you have an accident, dunderhead?

    2. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi


  15. Well I was followed a lot on Mdc campaigns and at some point he said if he loses to Mnangagwa he will resign.I hope he will be true to his word. The coalition wasn’t a good idea in the first place. They only serve one party Ask Nicky Clegg of UK.He joined the Tories but they got didn’t give him what he had promised the student who had voted for him.Come the next 5years he lost 8of his seat and only got 2.They following day he resigned. Mdc looks yourselves in the mirror and say what went wrong. Bury your heads in the sand. Come 2023 ,they will be more tears.

  16. Comment…chamisa try to prepare your speech k wete kungoti zvawafunga wotauraa1.If you don’t vote for me mugabe will vote fo me.2 mnangagwa akawanaa 5percent ndomupa sisi v angu.mufaro

  17. MDC must look at their hands, what made them dirty is what they touched not what they dreamed over an early slept night.
    Stand by your fibula and femur.

  18. Let’s be clear that the country went downhill from 2000, that the first 20 years of independence can be considered a success. So, this 38 years of failure is a nonsensical lie.

  19. Hey you, The Man, who lied to you about surface to air missiles? Even if they had procured some, what would be wrong about detering bullies? Remember surface to air missile systems are purely defensive weapons.

  20. Chamisa was rejected by the people of Zimbabwe at the polls. The MDC will do itself a favour by flashing him down the drain with their pooh. His only contribution to the party will be to further alienate it from the people. He sees himself as the “people of Zimbabwe”and when he hears clueless idiots like Biti,Nkululeko and Komichi singing his praises he imagines the angels of heaven have joined his doomed project hence the hallucination, “#Godisinit”He is not in your evil party that fights the will of the people. Anyone who aspires for Zimbabwe’s highest office should opepose everything that harms or has potential to harm Zimbabwe. Yet Chamisa begs for ,and even celebrates, the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe. He WILL NEVER rule Zimbabwe.The MDC must throw him over the cliff. They don’t need him

  21. where is this strong ZANU PF? A party that garners a 2/3 majority in parliament and it’s leader cheated his way to the 50%+1vote threshold. Chamisa can still leave MDC-T form his own party and be ready to trounce whoever will be contesting the 2023 elections

  22. Zvatosvorana Gonzo naChin’ai.

  23. If you are really united you should not be worried about your enemies who want to separate you. The truth is MDC Alliance has its internal squabbles and they want to blame ZANU PF for their divisions. Its seems the name MDC is cursed when it comes to splits.

  24. Elections are over, the only and one thing left is to take the country out of it scurrent situation. What i would urge Chamisa is to swallow his pride and work together with ED for the good of this country. His political carrier hangs in the balance, the decision he is going to make today will show all the world what he is truly made of. Instead of being a hypocrite he should show all the Zimbabweans that he cares for this nation. We are tired of divisions and stagnation, let work together as one nation and lift our flag high.

  25. zanu and junta getting us nowhere.its foolish to expect honey and milk from the group of failures who for 38 years ruined the country.looting and corruption is what they know best.what can a clueless junta gvt achieve?Absolutely nothing.pfe pfe means shitting.

    1. These comments show how frustrated you are but realistically they will not take you any places. Focus on the future. Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”



  27. Conflicts are natural phenomenon in a democratic ecosystem. There is nothing wrong with what’s happening in MDC A. It should transform from the defeated party to a progressive and optimistic party. Members should try their lucky and when they fall short they will elect the most appropriate one. There is nothing wrong with Chamisa being contested now. Those who fell they can do better than NC should throw their hats in the ring. The leader of the party will emerge. Different opinions do not reflect enmity. The problem with Zimbos is lack of tolerance, pre-judgement and myopism. If MDC has someone who can dislodge ZANU PF, that person should be given the chance. MDC must have faith in what they are doing. Not all people with progressive ideas can be leaders but can put forward their ideas for implementation. People should learn to swallow their pride, be prepared to listen and understand what their followers want to be done.

  28. true son of the soil

    vanhu ndivo vakamusarudza kunational executive council meeting bro.Just dont hate someone.Lets forget the past and get the nation moving forward.

  29. kakatonyuraako

  30. @Farai thanks for admiting they exist remember they are long range and can hit targets outside of Zimbabwe lets hope the junta wont use them on its own people like they used AK47 on innocent by standers

  31. Mose maPfeee muri mahoro…

  32. Ngavabatane vanhu ava y wasting time.we are all zimbabweans kana nguva yake yasvika achangotonga lyfe yatirikurarama yakafanana ne disk ririkutenderera zvinhu zvakarongwa kudhara kusazvitambira kana kuzvitambira ndozviripo mdhara god ndiye ane yese and he has as reason yaanenge achazviitira bcoz hatizive kuti kuseri kwacho kwakamirasei.;););)

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