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Chamisa cries foul over military crackdown


OPPOSITION MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has cried foul over the alleged military crackdown and overnight raids on his lieutenants’ homes since Wednesday last week after he rejected the election results and threatened to challenge Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa’s narrow victory in the just-ended polls.

BY Everson Mushava

Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa, who according to election results released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) garnered 44,3% of the vote against Mnangagwa’s 50,8% of the total votes, has rejected the results and threatened to legally challenge his defeat.

But since Wednesday when the military stepped in to thwart a “violent protest” by suspected MDC Alliance supporters in Harare’s central business district where they fatally shot six civilians and injured 14 others, suspected State security agents have raided several opposition leaders’ homes.

Chamisa at the weekend said the behaviour by the military was aimed at instilling fear in the opposition camp ahead of their court challenge.

“As you can see, leaders in my party are being targeted,” Chamisa said.

“The idea is to intimidate us not to challenge the rigged elections. We will not be moved. We will continue to defend the people’s vote through legal and constitutional means. We are not a violent party.”

Yesterday the social media was awash with pictures of opposition supporters who had been brutalised by suspected soldiers deployed to the high-density suburbs.

MDC Alliance co-principal Tendai Biti, youth leader Happymore Chidziva and one of Chamisa’s advisers, Phillan Zamchiya said their homes were raided on Friday.

“I am safe. They raided my place. They found none. Thanks to a Good Samaritan. Thanks to the life tip-off and also thanks to consistent State media attacks on my person that kept me alert!” Zamchiya posted on Facebook on Friday.

MDC Alliance national chairperson Morgen Komichi said the “shootings, tortures, abductions” had exposed Mnangagwa’s propensity for brute force against his rivals.

In an unrelated development, MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube said the seven parties in the coalition were considering merging into a single political party.

“We are more effective when we are united. So I have no doubt at all that we will work tirelessly now that the elections are over on the mechanism and methodologies of ensuring that down the line, perhaps in the next six or so months, we emerge with a single political party constituted by the various elements of the alliance,” he said.

The opposition front was formed last year, bringing together seven parties, with the sole purpose of gaining some numerical advantage to upstage the ruling Zanu PF party in elections just ended.

Ncube last Friday said partners in the alliance were contemplating merging into one formidable political party within a space of six months.

“It has been clear to us since the formation of the MDC Alliance that we are stronger together.”

The MDC Alliance was formed last year and comprises of Chamisa’s party, Ncube’s MDC, People Democratic Party, Transform Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe African National Union, Zimbabwe People First and Multi-Racial Democrats. — Agencies

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  1. We are hearing a lot of report of people being beaten and tortured in the High density suburbs. But it seems your news paper is not reporting on these. Are these stories fake? Or has Newsday gone so low that they now partake with ZANU in hiding and denying political violence.

  2. Chanyiswa is so funny. You want criminals to get away with this barbaric behaviour of torching other peoples’ vehicles because they belong to mdc? But he totally refused them in front of journalists that those who were destroying property were not his people. SHAME MANINGI kune vanosevenzeswa mabasa akawora.

  3. hapana zviri kutaurwa nachaniswa dzungu chete kakabomhoswa, kushaya njere dai musina kudenha musiri kurohwa iyezvino makazvitangira musindo mbavha dzakubira vanhu dzamusina kubhadhara dzichinyepa kuti masoja, kakapusa kabenzi kemunhu. vana Welshman makutaura zvekubatana nhasi but ndimi makatanga nekuuraya part nana job sikhala nabiti makuita kunge makamutsa sitereki nxaaaaa, budisaika zvamaiti mune evidence yekubirirwa makuti now maelections are over, musauraise vanhu imi pasina chamuri kuita muri mboko dzevanhu, munonyepera vanhu kuti vapinde mustreet imi mucbiziva kuti election haina kubirirwa, kusanyara.

  4. Five(5) nurses including were brutally beaten up by soldiers on their way from work. Please follow up and report on this story. ALSO report on fake medical reports being given to the victims of the violence.

  5. Five(5) WESTEND HOSPITAL nurses including a tax driver were brutally beaten up by soldiers on their way from work. Please follow up and report on this story. ALSO report on fake medical reports being given to the victims of the violence.

  6. Any soldier you meet just beat. The landlords should get rid of all soldier lodgers. The kombi drivers and hwindis should never allow soldiers in their kombis. Whats the army doing about the soldiers who killed innocent civilians? If you dont take action against your idiots, the civilians will unite and put the law into their hands. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. MAGUTA KUNYARWA.

  7. Zim soldiers never went to war. All they know is shooting defenceless civilians. I be the govt to send ZNA soldiers to fight in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanstan, Somalia and see if they will all come out alive. These STUP!D ZNA soldiers do not know any real war and they will retire without experiencing war thats the reason the shoot civilians becoz they think by shooting at unarmed pple its real war. WE DONT WANT TO SEE THESE COWARDS IN OUR COMMUNITY. THEY MUST STAY IN THEIR FILTHY BARRACKS.

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