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Byo recreation centre sues tenants over $20 000 debt


BULAWAYO-BASED Malawi Recreational and Culture Centre Association has sued two of its tenants for $20 000 in rental arrears.


The association filed summons against Karias Chitsulo and Alsen Moyo at the Bulawayo High Court on August 8, demanding payment of the debt.

The association submitted that in January 2011 it entered into a verbal lease agreement with Chitsulo and Moyo for its property at stand number 65417, Tshabalala Extension in Bulawayo, but the two failed to meet their rental obligations.

“The plaintiff’s claim is against both defendants jointly and severally, the one paying the other to be absolved for confirmation of the cancellation of the verbal lease agreement, payment of $15 937,74 being arrears for rent for the period up to August 2018, payment of $12 497, 96 accrued interest on the said sum as of August 2018, ejection of the defendants and all those claiming occupation through them from stand 65417 Tshabalala Extension, Bulawayo, payment of $175,14 together with further accrued interest as levied by the city council on the account from the month of September 2018 to the month of full payment,” the summons read.

“During the period of his tenancy, first defendant allowed second defendant into the property on terms and conditions the plaintiff is not aware of,” the association submitted.

The organisations stated that the two, for the period of their tenancy, did not pay anything to the city council, being their rent as agreed thereby accumulating arrears from January 2011 to August 2018 at the rate of $175,14 which now stand at $15 937,74. It said the council levies interest on any overdue account which accumulated to $12 497,94 as interest.

“The defendants have refused, failed or neglected to pay despite demand,” the association declared. Chitsulo and Moyo were yet to respond to the summons.

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