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Bus operators caution drivers


PUBLIC bus operators have urged drivers to exercise extreme caution this Heroes and Defence Forces holiday to minimise road carnage.


Zimbabwe Transport Organisation (ZTA) chairman Samson Nhanhanga, who is also CAG bus company director, yesterday told NewsDay that he was hopeful that the holidays would be bloodless and urged drivers not to risk passengers’ lives by speeding to meet their employers’ daily targets.

“I want to advise drivers to follow the rules and regulations of the road. Drivers should not speed and should not drink and drive during this holiday,” he said.

“If drivers of buses are tired, they should tell passengers that they are tired and stop driving. But what we are realising is that some passengers force drivers to continue with their journey despite that the driver will be tired, and we have had such incidences where a driver is forced to continue with a journey and is later involved in an accident,” he said.

He expressed concern that some drivers of public transport vehicles had “dubiously acquired licences”.

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