Breaking: Zambia denies Biti asylum

Zambia has denied asylum to senior Zimbabwean opposition politician Tendai Biti, Foreign Minister Joe Malanji has told the BBC.

Mr Biti arrived in Zambia this morning, the minister said.

“He wanted to seek asylum but his grounds are not meritorious. As it is, we are just keeping him for safe custody before he heads back to Harare,” Mr Malanji told the BBC.

“It is not up to us to tell when he’s going back; it’s up to the Zimbabwean authorities,” he added.

Mr Biti is a member of the opposition MDC Alliance, which lost Zimbabwe’s elections last week.

He preempted the official announcement of the results by saying MDC Alliance candidate Nelson Chamisa had defeated President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the poll.

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  1. I wonder what Biti is running away from and the Zambians were right to deny him asylum. Biti must stay hear in Zimbabwe to help Nelson to prove that the elections were rigged.

  2. These guys have an agenda to make more noise and declare that zimbabwe is a military state and they are in danger if they remain in the country. Their handlers are ill advising them. Its so clear that if they won the elections and have the evidence why run away.

  3. but this useless Newspaper had reported that Biti was arrested you publish unverified News you need to have your lisence revoked. Stupid Newsday

  4. Is this not the guy who said he was he is ready to be arrested or die for his political views?this coward incited people to hold an unsanctioned demonstration that later turned ugly and saw six innocent civilians being killed, cars and property being damaged. As a qualified lawyer he knows that he has a case to answer. luckily he will be back soon to face the music

  5. What the devil is Biti doing in Zambia when he is the one who dragged us all into this mess!
    A few days ago Tendai Biti was telling the world “he was ready to die for the cause!” When the Army was shooting the protestors he and his fellow MDC leaders disappeared like the morning mist. Now we hear he was seeking asylum in Zambia! Typical of these MDC politicians they drag the nation into a dangerous situations and leave others to face the consequences.

    We should not have had these foolish elections, not without first implementing the democratic reforms; there is nothing, absolutely nothing to be gain by doing so.

  6. Biti and others insisted in these elections going ahead with no reforms he should be back in Zimbabwe and facing the music, hopefully next time he will be calling for reforms!

  7. thanx to about 300 Zimbabweans who helped to rescue Biti,keep up the good work together we will make it.Zambia take it or leave it,we will solve our own problems alone without you.We already know why he is being chased.Shame to some of us vakadonhera mugomba 6m deep varikudaidzira mapoto neupfu wekubikira mugomba imomo.

    1. Unenge dofo iwe Predator!


  9. you people you are amazing what Biti did was right if it was you who is told we are after your life can you just seat down and watch .Please dont say some unrealistic statements.Even ED when he got the romours that they wanted to kill him did he seat down and waited instead he ran away also.Shame to the Zambian government,Hates of the the mob who came to the rescue of Biti

  10. tendai chaminuka

    Waitangirei musindo iwe uchiziva kuti hauzvimirire,waitemba kuti vamwe vachapindira.just singing

  11. biti ndinyati wekutengesa chimoyo nenyadzonya.
    mutengesi, akambotengesa 2008 apa atengesa 6 lives otiza futi.
    on the day in question biti was onfront leading the protesters on his green jeep muna fourth street.
    Varume biti anenyaya,

  12. Comment…let’s leave biti alone n concerntrate on building zim as one people. Emotions do rise differently during elections era. Ed should stick to his mantra ‘let’s build zimbabwe together’ n forget n forgive what happened. Biti s a good minister whom we can trust wth our finance ministry. Let bygones be bygones.

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