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Biti claims extra-judicial arrest, deportation


MDC Alliance co-principal Tendai Biti yesterday narrated his harrowing experience at the hands of State security agents who allegedly applied extra-judicial means to arrest him at Chirundu Border Post before illegally deporting him back into the country following his attempt to cross into Zambia for political asylum.


Tendai Biti (centre) walking out of the Harare Magistrate Courts yesterday

Biti told Harare magistrate Francis Mapfumo that it was clear from the way he was arrested that the security agents had an agenda to politically silence him.

He alleged that before the harmonised elections, suspected military operatives were executing a plan to “deal with him”, prompting his decision to escape.

Biti said the attempt on his life started during the election campaign period and at one point his official vehicle was waylaid on its way from Caledonia, and rammed into by another vehicle that sped off.

He said the matter was reportedly reported at Mabvuku Police Station, but nothing was done.

But all hell broke loose after voting. Firstly, Biti said he dramatically escaped abduction at his offices last Wednesday when he addressed a Press conference.

He claimed a fleet of about 15 unmarked cars, some with South African number plates, tried to block him, but one of the lawyers at his law firm jumped onto the drive way and made it impossible for the suspected abductors to execute their plan.

Biti said he went into hiding, but his family members and friends were later subjected to harassment that they were yet to recover from.

His claimed his mother was visited twice by a group of armed men who allegedly harassed her despite her ill-health and advanced age. The armed men reportedly camped at his mother’s residence intending to extract information on his whereabouts.

After that failed, Biti said they went to the home of his friend’s mother where they wantonly harassed everyone in sight.

Biti said his sibling was trailed on many occasions and at one time when he tried to seek refuge at a stranger’s house, the suspected operatives shot at his car which had two other occupants, including his six-year-old nephew.

Upon realising that his pursuers were determined to get him, Biti, with the advice of friends and relatives went to seek asylum in Zambia although he had another option to go to South Africa.

However, more was waiting for him at Chirundu Border Post.

Biti told the court that the security agents at the border post manhandled him, but he escaped with the help of a group of women who came to his rescue.

He said the Zambian police had a torrid time restraining his alleged “abductors”, adding after his escape he spent a night in a police toilet with colleagues as his pursuers bayed for his blood. He was eventually arrested after three gun-wielding soldiers with balaclavas stormed the Zambian police station, before being taken back to Zimbabwe in breach of a Zambian court order blocking his deportation.

Meanwhile, Biti’s lawyer Nqobizitha Mlilo and two other alleged accomplices who were arrested together with the former Finance minister at the border post, have been granted bail by Karoi magistrate Samuel Chitumwa.

Mlilo (39), Clever Rambanepasi (41) and Tawanda Blessing (36) were arrested on Wednesday at Chirundu Border Post.

Chitumwa remanded them out of custody on $100 bail each to August 30. As part of their bail conditions, they were ordered to reside at their given residential address and not to interfere with State witnesses until finalisation of the matter.

The State allege that the accused “acted in common purpose, connived and hatched a plan to enter into Zambia by evading immigration clearance from both Zimbabwe and Zambian authorities”.

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  1. this man has been watching too many movies funny and poorly made script all fiction he,s saying… he was just wanted for questioning simle,maybe he,s seeing shadows evrywr he goes any car without plates its police truly he needs mental evaluation

  2. akusvota uyu his behavior is unzimbabwean, too much kuda kunzwika thinking the international community ine basa naye.

  3. @kid.May you describe a Zimbabwean behaviour by the way?musatiratidza hudofo wenyu pano!This time makazorwa face powder muchanzwa butter nguva yekugeza yakwana.

  4. So Tendai believes the court can be so gullible to accept his silly story? To be serious, Tendai, do you truly believe the Zambian system of governance is so cheap. You want us to believe that merely by managing to cross the Zambia Zimbabwe boarder unlawfuly, you became eligible to get the services of the Zambian judiciary?! And you are supposed to be an ewperienced lawyer! How dumb! You cannot fool anybody, and i realy mean that. The whole of Zimbabwe and the world heard the police spokeswoman advising you, Chidziva and a certain man from Kenya by the name Jikikamba to go to cid law and order section to be interviewed in relation to violent Mdc Alliance demonstrations. The Zambian ministry of foreign afairs is on record confirming that they denied you entry into their country. So who do you think you can fool Tendai?

  5. Haasi iye aimboti ari ready to be persecuted or be killed here uyu? Ikozvino vana vevamwe vanhu vakafa wavafurira kuti varatidzire

  6. do you know what an”invitation” means, if there are genuine reasons to seek information or statement from a person for evidence there are correct legal ways to do this. One does not have to respond to an invitation.Do you invite a robber or other alleged criminal to a police dept !!!


  8. i give you 100% my bro @Chakweshe u know there is still of zimbos who have been brainwashed by e.d and mugabe’s system and they will never see the true colours of these thiefs even where its clear they seem not to see i dont know why,even my next door neighbours their mother used to be in zanu pf party bt nw they are so broke they drink peoples beer at bars but if u hear them praising these thiefs eish i feel giving sm1 a strong slap my guy zimbabwe needs god to intervene eish zanu i think has a gas sprayed over these party supporters

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