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Author chronicles poverty from prime minister’s viewpoint


TWENTY-ONE year old author Ashly Zhou has penned a book titled Africa, Meet the Prime Minister, which is a documentation of events that have taken place in Africa that have made the continent remain in abject poverty.


Zhou said his book, his first, emphasised the need to have a Prime Minister as one of the solutions to the perennial problems facing the country and the continent.

He said the book linked events that took place during colonialism that are still in existence years after independence and talked about how he would solve the problems as the prime minister.

“This book talks about what I would do if I were elected to be the prime minister which include amending certain laws that have been repressive to the public like the Access to Information Protection Privacy Act which was misinterpreted to suit political wants among many other draconian laws and acts,” Zhou said.

He said he, “as the PM”, would ensure constitutional integrity, check corruption and financial mismanagement and provide policies that will change the country into a highly militarised and industrial state.

“On the economic aspect, the indigenisation and economic empowerment act has been highly politicised and there is need for us to abandon it and bring about an industrialisation bent on an economic recovery act that will bring about everyone into a welfare state, policies that are empowering a large section of individuals regardless of political affiliation ‘the abnormal’ gap between the rich and the poor,” he said.

The youthful author, who does odd jobs to earn a living, says he is determined to prosper although he has met criticism as he continues writing.

“My dream is to see this book reaching a large audience and I have not allowed pride to stand in my way, I do odd jobs in people’s yards, that I how I managed to raise funds to print my book and it is my source of living,” he said.

Zhou said he was yet to launch the book as well as making the book accessible for purchasing online to reach a large audience.

“More books will be coming up as I am intensify my fight (non-violent) for the government to consider opening the prime minister’s office,” he said.

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