‘AU, Sadc toothless bulldogs’

THE presence of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) and the African Union (UN) observer missions during the just-ended elections has only served to rubber-stamp the political status quo and sanitise electoral fraud, civil society organisations (CSOs) and opposition political parties in Bulawayo have said.


The CSOs and political parties said the two regional organisations have always been bedfellows with Zimbabwe’s ruling elite since 2000.

Both blocs endorsed the just-ended elections as free, fair and credible even hours before the disputed presidential results were announced.

Rural Communities Empowerment Trust (Rucet) Lupane co-ordinator Vumani Ndlovu said Sadc and the AU had a history of protecting the liberation movements.

“Remember they were the first to declare the elections as free and fair even during the height of the 2008 (campaign) when violence was perpetrated against the opposition and the general dissenting voices. The international countries are divided on the conduct of the Zimbabwean elections,” Ndlovu said.

#ThisConstitution leader, Abigail Mupambi, said the two organisations ignored the suffering of ordinary people in Zimbabwe while protecting their compatriots.

“Most of them were quick to declare now contested elections as free and fair while acknowledging that there was an uneven electoral field and you wonder how on earth can the two variables co-exist? It’s not possible to achieve credible elections without a fair ground and transparency,” she said.

She said several Southern African countries have been beneficiaries of Zimbabwe’s crisis as many locals are now resident in the said countries where they offer cheap labour while Zimbabwe continues to import goods from them.

Ibhetshu likaZulu secretary-general Mbuso Fuzwayo said it has always been the culture of political leaders in the region to protect fellow politicians.

“You will recall that during the commission of the (Gukurahundi) genocide, Zambia, Botswana, Britain deported Zipra cadres. We are on our own,” he said.

MDC Alliance Bulawayo spokesperson Felix Magalela Sibanda said the problem lies with African brotherhood mentality.

“How could African presidents shower President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa with congratulations while there is a pending electoral dispute? Legally, it is sub-judice to pre-empt pending judgments. That alone proves that Sadc in particular is toothless bulldog that is too partial and must not be taken seriously. The African Union is hopeless because most of its leaders are dictators,” he said.

The remarks came at a time Western nations have expressed reservations over the credibility of the Zimbabwean election due to the arbitrary arrest of opposition members.

United States senator Chris Coons, a member of the Senate foreign relations committee, released a statement condemning violent government-sponsored attacks in Zimbabwe since the elections on July 30.

“I am watching the situation in Zimbabwe very closely, and I am concerned about reports of arbitrary arrests, detentions, and government-sponsored violence. These tactics have no place in a democracy, and the government must ensure they stop immediately,” he said.

“The people of Zimbabwe have suffered through such tactics of repression and intimidation for decades. Last month’s election was supposed to offer them something different.”

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  1. its about brotherly love

    “She said several Southern African countries have been beneficiaries of Zimbabwe’s crisis as many locals are now resident in the said countries where they offer cheap labour while Zimbabwe continues to import goods from them.”

  3. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Vanhu vanenge vana Coons misoro yavo haitore mushe? How can elections in Zimbabwe be free and fair when America imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe and make the opposition’s election victory the conditions for the sanctions to be lifted? Sdcc countries deserve a lot of praise for their stands. They should never allow these cruel people to convert our region into a mega hell like Syria. They pretent to love blacks when they are slaughtering fellow whites in the middle east in their hundreds of thousands.

  4. fair game wakarohwa mwana wamai , yoiu are wasting time , start thinking of 2023 campaigns instead of beating about the bush.ED WOYEEEEEEEE

  5. The equation is very simple father; Opposition,western countries,private media, ngos=Ruling party,Africa, SADC, govt media etc.As long as Zimbos fail to break that divide through unselfish self-introspection and national interest,that will be the status quo for decades to come.These election observers are not there to patch-up a fructured political landscape.Its an internal matter

  6. The equation is very simple papa; Opposition,western countries, private media, ngos=Ruling party, Africa,SADC, public media.These observers are not here to mend a fructured political landscape.Thats a purely internal matter requiring unselfish commitment to national cause beyond hunger for power and glory by those in political leadership.It will be overambitious to expect those observers and the west to shape Zim political destiny.Simple

  7. AU abbreviation should be ARPU for Africa Revolutionary Party Union and SADC should be SARPDC Southern Africa Revolutionary Party Development Community.There is no way an opposition party from any country can be supported by these organisation because they are afraid of opposition parties political wave sweeping across the continent and putting all the revolutionary parties out of the game.Shame to AU and SADC,you don’t represent the African people but personal interest.

  8. Wako musoro iwe Farai nezanu pf ndiyo isangashandi mhle

  9. really pipo you mean we have to call that boy commander in chief a boy who doesn,t even know how to polish and hold a gun this is Africa only a revolutionary can rule in Africa this kandri was born out of a struggle blood was spilled thumbs up Sadc and Au

  10. its not bwt this country yakauya ne hondo cz pakarwiwa hondo taive tisati tazvarwa so it must not be a contributing factor ykt opposition isatongawo..kana musingadi nayo idzoserei tinoitorawo nehondo.The point here is SADC and AU are toothles dogs period.

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