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Alliance still has faith in Sadc


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday said he still had faith in the regional bloc, Sadc, regardless of the fact that President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa was appointed deputy chairperson of the Sadc Troika on security when Zimbabwe is facing a disputed poll.


A few weeks ago, Chamisa wrote to Sadc pleading with the bloc to intervene after he declared an electoral stalemate over the printing of ballot papers and the voters’ roll which he said were shambolic. Despite his plea, the Sadc observer mission declared the polls as free and fair.

Addressing a Press conference in Harare, Chamisa said the fact that Mnangagwa was not congratulated at the just-ended Sadc summit, indicated that Sadc was yet to endorse the polls.

“I want to appreciate the position that they took that they didn’t congratulate Zanu PF, they didn’t congratulate Mr Mnangagwa because they know that he is not the winner and I am very happy and fortified by that position,” Chamisa said.

He scoffed at Mnangagwa’s appointment as the deputy chair of the Sadc troika on politics and security, saying it was a post for Zimbabwe, and not the incumbent.

“I know some will say Mr Mnangagwa was given the position of deputy chairman of the Sadc organ. That position is given to a country, it is not a Mnangagwa position. I will take up that position as Head of State once the processes have been confirmed. It is not Mr Mnangagwa’s position and it is a country’s position and that must be known. We don’t want people who celebrate nothing and want to make it something. He has not been appointed and there is no confidence in Sadc and that is why he came back empty-handed. He was not celebrated and he was not honoured,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa pleaded with Sadc to help the country leverage itself from disputed polls to ensure an economic turnaround.

“Sadc are the regional guarantor of peace. You are guarantors of peace and progress and it is important to make sure that they have a hands-on approach on the Zimbabwean situation,” he said.

Political analyst Ibbo Mandaza, said the move by Sadc was ill-timed and reckless given the situation playing out in Zimbabwe.

“The appointment was premature and extremely dangerous, even though it is the country’s turn in terms of Sadc protocols and procedures,” he said.

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  1. listening to the same press conference it is becoming more bemusing as the young politician continue to make equally reckless statements against the pending court case before the concort which leaves one concluding that there is a fifth element at play and this reminds us of a certain former lady who was gifted with a shrill voice and same lady at one time claimed to be the bona-fide owner of all dirty words in zimbabwe but look at were she is now and others would be tempted to conclude now that this young politician maybe getting bad bad advise from this bad lady of politics and unfortunately it will backfire and backfire big sooner rather than later.

  2. Vana erisha chimbonyararaiwo kani,musangosvora munhu siyai mufani kani vanhu vezanu hamunyare here get away mhani

  3. chimwana chosvota ichi ko kumbogadzirisa mapepa ekucort muwinne case basa kutsvaka kwaenda ED uyu mfana haana kana kurongeka, regai zvibirwe dzungu too much pasina chozikamwa.

  4. Comment…Tendai Biti does not have faith in SADC and AU. Chamisa, in contrast, seems to trust SADC. Both are co-principals of mdc-alliance. Confusing

  5. SADC haina kutadza kuinviter ED kuSummit.A the president anga ariko kuSummit he was supporse to receive chigaro chauya,not only that he is mature in politics.Chanyisa wenyu anoziva politcs kupi.Mwana mudiki.SADC IS CONFIDENT IN ED.Lets wait and see.

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