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AJJF jurists jet in to observe ConCourt proceedings


The Africa Judges and Jurists Forum (AJJF) has dispatched senior judges and jurists to observe MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s presidential court challenge against President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa, set to be heard at the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) starting today.

BY Everson Mushava

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

Arnold Tsunga, Africa director at International Commission of Jurists, yesterday disclosed that three jurists had already been accredited to observe Chamisa’s presidential petition.

“The Africa Judges and Jurists Forum will be represented by secretary-general Martin Masiga from Uganda, Retired Chief Justice Earnest Sakala of Zambia and Justice Isaac Lenaola from the Supreme Court of Kenya,” Tsunga said.

“The AJJF works closely with the International Court of Jurists and the latter strongly supports the mission.

He added: “The three are already in the country and have been accredited.”

The AJJF, headquartered in South Africa, was formed by African judges and jurists to create space for African judges and jurists to promote the rule of law and development in the region.

AJJF, in a statement, said the observation mission will focus on the proceedings of the case’s compliance with regional and international human rights law and standards on fair trial.

“These norms are substantially reflected in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. Members of the observation mission will sit and follow proceedings from the courtroom,” part of the statement read.

“At the end of the exercise, the observers will compile and release an independent and impartial report, stating their conclusions on the fair trial dimension of the proceedings. In appropriate cases, they may make recommendations they deem necessary for the improvement of the administration of justice in the future.”

Masiga said in an environment of polarisation and tension, the presence of international observers gives the litigating parties and their supporters a sense of international assistance and renewed confidence.

“The presence of the observation mission should help to make sure that justice is both done and seen to be done,” Masiga, who is the founder member and incumbent of the forum, said.

Chamisa’s court challenge is expected to be attended by many diplomats and foreign journalists.

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  1. This is a very good arrangement because we do not want the so called experts who always want to say negative things about our leaders and institutions based on hearsay in rumours.

  2. its very sad that the likes of tsunga are thinking that bringing in of their western sponsored panel will change anything. Arnold Tsunga have been in government before and he has nothing to show to the people of Dangamvura /Chikanga Constituency wen he was the MDC MP. we are knowing you
    Victory is certain
    judgement will give EMMERSON MNANGAGWA VICTORY

  3. I think Satan’s side killed those 7 people a fortnight ago, leave God alone. Drink your blood and eat their flesh you vampires.

  4. Mafodo, MDC alliance has a hand in the killing, you must be enjoying their blood and flesh with your alliance team. Seems you are happy with this mishap which you knew will happen when innocent pple where influenced to vandalise property and dare enough to disregard security orders by the police by insulting and fighting to over power them

  5. CDE NDAWE MABVAZUVA, your article is idiotic and full of unwarranted hatred. This issue has nothing to do with personality of Arnold Tsunga. Why are you so stupid like that? No brain at all. The article clearly states that the AJJF is made up of African judges. It does not even include any western judge. The judges were not brought in Zimbabwe by Arnold Tsunga. They are here at the blessing of the Zimbabwean government. So if you have nothing to say just shut up.

  6. We expect justice not only to be done but also seen to be done in this landmark ruling.
    It entails the certainty of the nation but not about Mnangagwa – Chamisa political duel.

  7. l think, all Zimbabwean people who are on a flat position of failing to see the cunning of men known to be Chamisa and Biti will deep their sores in the sulphur of HELL.The fact that chamisa had already said, if he didn’t win, he is gonna through some dirty soil in the plate, this is what he is doing and finally he shall go to the gallows of the underworld, this is a prophecy from the Jesus Christ the Lord of all flesh and spirits. Believe it or not, its not a mandatory but its up to what shall befall humanity soon, watch it out lively, some belief.

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