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Zimbabwe opposition preparing court order for release of vote results


Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) opposition party is preparing a court application to force the election commission to release results from Monday’s national ballot, a senior MDC official said on Tuesday.


Tendai Biti, a former finance minister, said some election results that were supposed to be posted outside voting stations were not available.

The election, the first since the removal of Robert Mugabe last November, is a two-horse race between MDC leader Nelson Chamisa and President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Biti said it was clear Chamisa had won.

No official results have been released.

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  1. tendai mbiti anedzungu, bapu too much. zvino zimbabwe hamufe makaitonga kanganwai vapfana. murivamwe dai maramba muchingodyawo mari sema mp fullstop. mbiti bullshit.

  2. Biti mudzaku dzaku ndosaka akabvunziwa naMukupe kuti abva anwa mapiritsi here . MAYBE HE FORGOT TODAY TOO

  3. Chunhu chese chine nguva yacho. Nyangwe Smith aiti, “Not in a thousand years!” Zanu was smart to hold onto Mugabe long after his ‘Best Before’ date. They will not be able to carry off rigging without him.

  4. Naturally, such a highly contested election is bound to raise speculation countrywide and Zec officials are obliged to keep updating the people in intervals to avert spontaneous flare-ups.
    Nonetheless, let us exercise restraint and follow legal channels to express our dissatisfaction. The supreme will of the people must always prevail.

  5. Lets try having a zimbabwean for a change. We tried a malawian – mugabe, a zambian – mnangagwa, were almost going to try a mozambican -zhuwawo, and even a congolese – lumumba. No, our very own will truly care for this nation not these mabvakures who are out for themselves. Ndatenda

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