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‘Zec has failed transparency test’


Civil rights group #This Constitution has accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) of failing the transparency test after it reneged on calls for an independent audit of the voters’ roll and refusing political parties a chance to observe the printing of the ballot papers.


Zec has remained unmoved by calls from the opposition political parties and civic organisations for transparency to ensure that the elections are free, fair and credible, which critics say is a recipe to incite violence after the announcement of the results.

The nation goes to polls today and the electorate seem determined to choose a government which will fulfil their aspirations despite the concerns being raised.

#This Constitution leader Abigail Mupambi said it was public knowledge that Zec had successfully failed to pass the transparency test.

“What is interesting is that the people of Zimbabwe have not lost focus at the moment despite this disturbing situation. They have remained focused on the ball, ready to cast their vote. I further urge the people of this great nation to be ready to defend their vote, no one will do it for us.

“Zec must allow people of Zimbabwe to have their voices heard freely through the manner in which they will handle tomorrow (today)’s elections. On the other hand, the electorate must remain focused and go out in their numbers and vote, realising that their vote is that voice which matters most in shaping the future of this country,” she said.
Bulawayo MDC Alliance spokesperson Felix Magalela Sibanda advised all party members and citizens to focus their energy on casting their ballots.

“Avoid public gathering but reserve your energy for casting vote to Nelson Chamisa for Presidency for the Republic of Zimbabwe. Avoid strangers, safe guard your particulars in case they are stolen or misplaced and make you fail to vote. Avoid dangerous adventures until you vote. Avoid unwarranted driving under excitement as due attention gets distorted by extreme pleasure of otherwise,” Sibanda warned.

Habakkuk Trust director Dumisani Nkomo said all was set for the polls amid concerned of unresolved transparency issues by Zec.

“All is set with a few hurdles such as unresolved voters’ roll issue,” he said.

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