Zec brews polling booth shocker

THE underfire Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has redesigned the structure of the polling booth so that voters cast their vote in the full glare of election officials, a development likely to compromise the secrecy of the ballot.

Zec Mashonaland West elections officer Austin Ndlovu confirmed the new set-up yesterday, saying it was meant to discourage voters from taking pictures while in the polling booth.

In previous elections, the voting booth faced the wall, with the voter able to vote without anyone closely watching.
“There is a shift to the traditional set-up, where the voting booth faces the wall. This time around, the booth will be in front of election officials at a distance that they will not see how the voter is voting,” he said.

“This was done to avoid unscrupulous people who are in the habit of abusing social media by posting how they would have voted.”

Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) chairperson Andrew Makoni blasted Zec for compromising the secrecy of the ballot.

“It defeats the whole purpose of upholding the secrecy of the ballot. Someone can actually see whether someone voted on top or at the bottom from behind,” he said

Election Resource Centre director Tawanda Chimhini was more blunt, describing Zec as the greatest threat to a free, fair and credible election.

“What reasons Zec is giving is nonsensical. Actually, Zec is the greatest threat to a free, fair and credible elections in the country,” he said.

“When everyone in the world is moving towards making the secrecy of the ballot a priority, Zec is trying hard to do the reverse.”

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  1. even if i vote eye ball to eye with a Zec official prying, i will still put my X on my preferred choices of president, party, council and so on no big deal

    1. Elisha urimbwa.Why dou you always support nonsense from ZEC.

      1. i do not get it so what is this scolding all about i know my choices zec or no zec presence i will pick my choices full stop

        1. This man is full of shit

          1. Wezhira Wezhara

            @Mukepekepe do not put the name of our team into disrepute by dragging it into Politics. Wadii wangoti muMDC

  2. Zimbabweans should reject to go into a shameful election that is marred with irregularities.

    1. You said its OK for your photos to be published in the circulated voter’s roll so there should be no problem if you vote in full glare of election officials

  3. Memory Siziba

    zec is desperate to rig for Zanu

  4. But that is rubbish

  5. Shoko ra Nehoreka

    Zec yapererwa veduweee

  6. This is consequential in political hotspots where there is a history of political violence. The electorate will be intimidated to vote as someone looks at him/her. Remember the name verification comes first, then someone sees you voting it’s plausible for one to think the name and the vote can be matched. This is a serious threat to democracy. It must be challenged by the opposition.

  7. ZANU PF chiwororo

    vamwe musangoda kuomesa musoro zvisina bnasa elisha akutaura zvachaita not zvauchaitwa. even zec official akauya paside zvokutadzisei pakuisa X wako now makungo wawata zvisina basa saka ndimi motora ma pikicha ka. ndimi musinga vhote futi maziguvhu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ED pfe pfe pfe pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. Shuwa they are trying hard to rigg in favour of zanu pf but they will fail big tyme because mwari akazviramba kare

  9. Under siege Chigumba should stop taking voters for a ride and realize the burden on her shoulders. At a personal level, she needs to consult widely and understand fully the spontaneous public anger buildup and outcries, by and by, and the possible repercussions especially after the announcement of the results. An election is a matter of life and death that attracts international intervention and thus she to undertake the whole exercise above reproach. She seems to take some of the opposition concerns casually but she may fail to withstand the backlash. She has to meet the international standards of a secret ballot among other electoral requirements. She may not be bound to bow to every opposition plea but some of them are too gravy to be wished away. From a layman’s perspective, Chigumba should realize the size of the shoe she is wearing lest she experiences the backlash firsthand when things are too hot to contain. Beware not to show the other side Zimbabwe on the international platform.

  10. maitiro enyu aya

  11. Vanhu ve Zimbabwe, namatai kuti Mwari vaite kuda kwavo. What God wishes no man can deny or stop!!

  12. You said its OK for your photos to be published in the circulated voter’s roll so there should be no problem if you vote in full glare of election officials

    1. Photos dont show how a person will vote you moron

  13. Yes in urban areas hazvina basa but kumamisha people will be told that we can see munhu wawavhotera, that’s the main challenge yekumamisha kuti they will be intimidated.

  14. Mnangagwa and Chigumba are a threat to national security and stability.Mugabe akatove nani shuwa.

  15. Mnangagwa and Chigumba a threat to national security and stability.

  16. chero zvofa zvodii hatife takavhotera ngena even tikanzi vhotai chiwenga akatarisa.hativhoteri mhondi

  17. Zanu pf people has stolen Zimbabwe’s riches,hence everyone involved in zanu pf politics is very eager to preserve what he/ she has stolen through patronage. Zimbabweans, must fight very hard until Zanu pf and partner ZEC cease to exist,total they must demise.

  18. What is the effect of circulating my vote on social media? Zec ikupererwa zveshuwa.

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