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‘Zec boss a security threat’


THE MDC Alliance has labelled Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Priscilla Chigumba and her officials as a serious threat to national security for reneging on their earlier pledge to implement electoral reforms proposed by the opposition to ensure credible polls on July 30.


MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube, who is also the leader of the MDC, told supporters at a campaign rally at White City Stadium in Bulawayo at the weekend that it was now clear Zec was not committed to free and fair elections.
“We are tired of this junta government. The biggest national threat today, the challenge to national security today, the biggest obstacle to a new Zimbabwe is Chigumba and her colleagues at Zec,” Ncube said.

The opposition movement has accused Chigumba of conniving with Zanu PF to rig polls on behalf of the ruling party’s presidential candidate, Emmerson Mnangagwa, a charge Zec denied.

Just recently, a prominent Kwekwe-based activist, Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, petitioned Chief Justice Luke Malaba’s office, demanding a probe on Chigumba’s conduct.

Moyo claimed that Chigumba had allegedly behaved dishonourably in the manner she handled preparations for this month’s general elections, adding there was need to urgently investigate and find out if she was still suitable to continue holding on to a public office.

He cited a number of incidences where he claimed Chigumba allegedly misconducted herself.

“She has availed the Zec database to Zanu PF, contrary to provisions of the law. In doing so, she has not only breached the law, but has unnecessarily exposed her hand by showing favouritism to Zanu PF. The act of allowing Zanu PF to access the database has compromised the integrity of the voters’ roll and prejudiced the whole conduct of the harmonised elections,” Moyo said.

Moyo also accused her of failing to show transparency in the printing of the ballot paper.

“There is evidence that Justice Chigumba has imported compromised ballot paper from Russia. The intention behind the use of that ballot paper is to negate the expression of the will of Zimbabweans in a manner that I am able to electronically demonstrate. Her insistence in keeping the ballot paper away from everyone but Zanu PF has made me very afraid,” Moyo said.

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  1. I’m now of the opinion that the sexist alliance does respect women n wat they stand for

  2. Stupid. Don’t try to hind behind respect of women so that Chigumba and Zanu rigs the elections. We will not accept that no matter what. Women or men its the same. we cant just smile at Chigumba rigging polls for Zimbabwe simply because she is a woman. I am also a woman studying law at the University of Zimbabwe . Upon completion of my studies i need a brighter future . That is only guaranteed by a credible election. So stop all this nonsense of saying women women to protect Chigumba ‘s dubious actions. We also know that Zanu pf is crying stop abusing Khupe Khupe Khupe. They want Khupe to split votes for Chamisa. But I tell you people are not fools. The wind of change will not change direction. Its Chigumba and Zanu pf who will change direction and follow the majority under Chamisa. We cant afford another 5 years under this old selfish leadership that plundered our country for more than 38 Years.

    • @Linda Ndlovu-UZ. 38 years???? That’s not true, more like since 2003. If your were to young or weren’t born when things were good in Zim then you shouldn’t talk about things you don’t know. There was free education in this country for over a decade. If you want things to change then you must be real about the past, the good and the bad. Have you got a problem with people standing up for women??? Chakashata chakashata. They should not have said what they said full-stop. Whether your opinion on Chigumba is positive or negative you shouldn’t be using derogatory speech that’s the argument.
      Peace and Love to all

  3. Since when has ZANUPF started respecting women.Are thse not the people who were tearing pregnant women’s stomachs in matebeleland saying they want to see whether there is a dissident inside.Have they forgotten all this kind of evil they committed on the face of the earth.MENEMENE TEKEL UPHASIN.Behold judgement is nigh.

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