Zanu PF supporters walk out on Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday faced another embarrassing moment after hundreds of starving Zanu PF supporters started walking out while he was being introduced by his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga, at Mutare Aerodrome.


Chiwenga had to order members of the national youth service to stop people from leaving and listen to his boss’ address.

Mnangagwa’s address at the Zanu PF rally attended by thousands of people was also cut short due to light rains in the city.

“I am cutting my speech short because weather experts told me that in 20 minutes there will be poor weather and I might fail to leave with my helicopter,” Mnangagwa said.

Security details had a torrid time trying to stop hungry supporters from leaving, some of whom had been bussed from as far as Chipinge and other areas across the province.

Chiwenga claimed there were messages circulating on social media that some buses and a train were almost departing.
“Let’s reduce our walking. There is no bus that is going, let’s have discipline. There is no train or bus that were carrying people, please don’t follow the messages that are circulating,” he said.

“I want to urge you to sit down before our Honourable President Emmerson Mnangagwa can start to address us. Please, youths from national service, please, stop people from going away.”

A few weeks ago Zanu PF supporters also walked out on Mnangagwa while he was addressing a rally in Bindura.

Mnangagwa told the crowd that Vice-President Kembo Mohadi was now back in the country after weeks of undergoing treatment in South Africa following a grenade attack at a Zanu PF rally in Bulawayo last month.

“I want to assure you that our Vice-President Kembo Mohadi is now well and returned into the country yesterday (Thursday),” he said.

Mnangagwa said he was not worried about the arrangement of names on the ballot paper and urged his main rival, MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to do the same.

He said while Chamisa was being bothered by the order of names on the ballot paper, he was concentrating more on the number of the party supporters going to vote for him.

“The surnames that we have belong to our fathers. I am called Mnangagwa so my name will be at the bottom. He is called Chamisa and his name is on top. I was never bothered about his name going on top, but he is being bothered by my name which is on number 15. That issue he has on the names is his own issue, us as Zanu PF we should have the burden that on July 30 we all go to vote,” Mnangagwa said.

Chamisa has threatened to mobilise his supporters to picket at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) offices from Tuesday to demand transparency in the printing of the ballot papers.

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  1. Farai Johnson Nhire

    This article has again been prepared by another fool who thinks misrepresenting facts will dismantle the rejuvenated mighty Zanu Pf. Vp Chiwenga just advised the listeners to remain seated because those who were sending messages were lying. No bus was leaving as yet because the program was just starting. No one was asked to stop other people from leaving because as soon as people realised the lies about the leaving buses, they remained calm. How do you know that those people were hungry? If anything, Mai Muchinguri had a hard time urging people who were standing in order to get a closer look at their leader to sit down in order not to block the vision of others behind them. Takakuudzai kare kuti shumba inevanhu kwete zvenyu zvekukwidza Nelson ndege yemashanga.

    1. kuvhotera ngwena kuvotera nhamo hatichada nhamo isu garayi nenhamo yenyu imwi mazanu isu tapinda musmart nachamisa president wedu wechidiki watakapiwa naIshe.they wwill try all rigging ticks but it wont work because GOD IS IN IT.Pamberi na President Chamisa vane maoko akachena .Pasi nemhondi dzakauraya mujuru,dzamara and all opposition supporters

    2. KWANA

  2. The main message has been confused with whether people wanted to leave before the speech or not and what could have motivated them to leave. In any case there is no smoke without fire???? The sad news, however, is that ED and ZanuPF support the non-compliance with the electoral law of the Presidential Ballot paper and says nonsensical things about his and Chamisa’s names. That is what the people should be concerned with. Can you blame us if we say ZEC is a captured and arrogant institution, not fit to run a credible, free and fair elections on 30 July 2018?

  3. Givech Murapa

    I was there we left before president speech.we were tired for waiting for Ed and no one was aloud to live the rally so people began to run away when Chiwengwa was giving a speech.many buses came and there closed musika and flea mkts.its not a lie.

    1. thanks a lot

  4. Vanhu vakamanikidzwa as always, kumiswa kutengeswa,kumwe kunyepa so ka.. he says rake riri kuzasi when zec introduced a 2 column ballot paper rakamuisa pa2nd place. You preach what you do not do, idambudziko hombe iroro.30 July muchaona. Hapna munhu asirikudya nezAnu achaivhotera, zviri pachena. Vanhu varwadziwa, enough is enough, tairisai way of living paghetto, kna winky D akaimba

  5. Every cloud has a silver lining, we about to have a nice Zimbabwe. Even ED himself knows that he is close to the edge and we are going to push him on 30 July.

  6. I am sorry to say Mr President, despite all the good work you have done to redeem your status, including the current peace prevailing in our country, the more you speak empty talk the more hollow you sound. You are number 15 but we all know its notnot on one colum. You are second on your column. So do not lie so openly like this Mr President. You need to show us that the Damarcene moment you are going through is genuine like Paul’s was. Thank you otherwise for your attempted statesmanship sir. Dont spoil it by lyin and do not for a moment think the public isso gullible.

  7. Farai Johnson Nhire

    What is all this fuss concerning balot paper positions? It is not the name from your ancestors that will win you elections but your competence. After all what is wrong with zec positioning the top two competitors where they are equaly visible? To me it sounds like being fair. The notion of alphabet rigging has no both moral and constitutional ground.

    1. nohembe idzodzo nhai

    2. whatever, but that ballot is illegal according to the constitution. so using an illegal ballot is breaking the law.

  8. You should be celebrating that ED’s rallies are attracting “fewer” people than Chamitiswa’s. Even those that fill the stadia at ZANU(PF) rallies are MDC Alliance supporters who come to deceive ED. We have all seen Chamitiswa rallies attracting more than 10 times what ED can command! Munochemeyi kana ED atizwa nevanhu vake. Tichakutsvagai tikakushayayi paplatform ino after the elections. Wake up ! You are backing a losing donkey in a horse race!ED pfeeee

  9. Disconnecting with God, the Source

    God created us to lead, rule, control and have dominion (Genesis 1: 26). The best source from which to derive leadership lessons is God himself. Personally, I am afraid of anyone who is not connected to the source. They don’t have the internal fear to respect people. We have seen leaders maim and kill people in the name of power. At times what we need is for the leaders to be connected to the Source of life.

  10. A very well balance person will walk out on EDiot. A smart person won’t even attend. The man makes no sense even before he opens his filthy mouth. These are liars who will soon get their reward. It never pays to cheat, lie and steal. Why should people be stopped from walking out. Its their right; why sit and listen to a rumbler. The people who were bused could not stand the nonsense. If Zanu boasts of numbers; why bus people? They bused huge crowd again last week in Kadoma. Trying to justify their rigging. Shame! We cannot argue with some of u here on this forum for we now know u have brains of a GERIATRIC. Vote for change or forever be an EDiot in the school of imbeciles where foolishness abounds !

  11. KWANA

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