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‘Zanu PF killed Tsvangirai’


MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday sensationally claimed that the party’s charismatic founder, Morgan Tsvangirai, was killed by his Zanu PF rivals as part of the ruling party’s “scorched earth policy” to weaken opposition politics in the country.

By Everson Mushava

Chamisa told thousands of his supporters at a campaign rally at Chibuku Stadium in Chitungwiza that in killing Tsvangirai, Zanu PF did not anticipate that they were “rekindling a brighter flame that would consume them” in next week’s polls.

“I am saying this for the first time. There are people who connived to kill our leader Morgan Tsvangirai,” Chamisa said.

“They thought that if they killed him, they would weaken the party. Little did they know that they were rekindling brighter flames that would consume them? They are shedding crocodile tears, but we know they killed him.”

Tsvangirai succumbed to cancer of the colon in February this year, shortly after President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga paid a visit and offered him a pension, pledged to pay his medical bills and gave him ownership of a government house he was staying in. Government later provided a State-assisted funeral for Tsvangirai.
The late main opposition leader had opened up on his medical condition on June 27, 2016.

His death triggered a fierce MDC-T leadership fight, culminating in the party’s split, with faction leader Thokozani Khupe leading a breakaway faction of the

MDC-T, where she has successfully registered to contest next week’s presidential race using the party symbols and colours.

Chamisa claimed Zanu PF fuelled his succession fights with Khupe in order to further weaken the opposition party.
“They (Zanu PF) are right now disappointed, panicking and hopeless. They developed a parasite (referring to Khupe). Don’t supply it with fertiliser, it will destroy the country,” Chamisa said.

He said despite the setbacks, the opposition party had mobilised adequately to safeguard next week’s votes, with 44 000 agents set to be deployed to cover all polling stations.

“We should leave them no room for cheating. There are divisions in Zanu PF. They have disappointed (and) their old man (former President Robert Mugabe), he is very angry. This time, they don’t have their goalkeeper (Mugabe) and we are going to score at will.”

Chamisa said Mnangagwa was trying to cause civil strife by colluding with Zec to rig the elections.

“He has been telling me to go to the court if I have issues. How can he invite me to his bedroom?” he asked rhetorically.

Chamisa said he was working with war veterans like Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa to tap into their wisdom.

On the issue of land, he said resettled farmers should not be afraid because his government would not displace any farmer, but give them title deeds so that they settle on their farms permanently.

Chamisa said his government would change the governance culture of Zanu PF, improve education, the economy, labour issues and health.

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  1. Everson Mustafa, he did not say they killed him.

    You quoted him in one context, yet your headline is misleading.

    Are you aware that you are harming Chamisa, Everson & Newsday?

    You are no different from Herald.

    Different sides of the same coin

    • It is clear that Chamisa is a bitter presidential candidate. I am afraid this person can be a war monger if he ascends to the Seat.

  2. Vachamisa vavakutsvaka uta nemugate, haaa vazopererwa chose, sign of panic and confusion, Come Monday E D Pfeeee

  3. If this headline is accurate then this is atrociously cheap politicking from this wanna-be presidential aspirant.

    • Neither did I

      “I am saying this for the first time. There are people who connived to kill our leader Morgan Tsvangirai,” Chamisa said.

      “They thought that if they killed him, they would weaken the party. Little did they know that they were rekindling brighter flames that would consume them? They are shedding crocodile tears, but we know they killed him.”

  4. owner of this paper declared publicly whose vote he has. I am not surprised NewsDay has become Herald II

  5. Next time its ZANU P.F impregnated my wife.
    Was just sitting nahusband wangu last night and what a happy nine months this has been due to ED
    My husband is driving home safe and stress free all becoz we no longer have unnecessary roadblocks
    My babamunini who is a kombie drive is all smiles every day after work no spikes and the maoko guys
    Inini in the medical fratenity handichataure.Haaa ED PFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  6. Nelson Chamisa in Sex Scandal
    laptap90 Uncategorized July 23, 2018 1 Minute
    Harare – MDC Alliance President, Nelson Chamisa has been embroiled in a fresh sex scandal involving Elizabeth Tsvangirai, the widow of the former leader of Zimbabwe’s biggest opposition party the MDC-T and Chamisa’s mentor, the later Morgan Tsvangirai who succumbed to cancer earlier this year.

    Chamisa’s affair with Ms Tsvangirai (nee Macheka) was widely reported as Morgan Tsvangirai lay on his deathbed.

    At the former opposition icon’s funeral, his mother, Lydia Zvaipa threatened to commit suicide if Chamisa and Macheka attended the burial.

    According to impeccable sources, Chamisa and Tsvangirai would engage in sexual rendezvous in the hospital parking lot while Morgan Tsvangirai was dying.

    Fresh evidence has now emerged proving that the married Chamisa spends the majority of his nights at Tsvangirai’s homestead.

    Security personnel close to Chamisa and within the establishment confirmed that Chamisa and Macheka are effectively cohabiting at the later Prime Minister’s home in Highlands.

    On three separate days this past week, reporters observer Chamisa’s black Jaguar XF escorted by his white unregistered Toyota Fortuner driving into the Tsvangirai homestead in the wee hours of the night, only to depart at 05:00 am.

    A close relative of Chamisa’s wife confirmed that the matter had become a thorn in the family’s side.

    “It is now an open secret that Chamisa is dating that woman. He does not sleep at home. My aunt (Chamisa’s wife) is forever in tears”

    According to the family source, Chamisa’s wife even attempted suicide on the 03 of July.

    “She tried to kill herself. Its bad. Chamisa told her point blank that his new status deserved better women. He calls her ugly and dark and says he deserves a yellow bone.”

    • Your comment or report is driven from a personal hatred of the young man. Stil that doesnt change our perception of Chamisa. If his wife was crying, she would need no spokesperson, kuti iye haana muromo. Unorwara stereki iwe nehama dzako dzeZanu Pf

  7. Are you being paid to comment on whatever Chamisa says? Some of your negative comments wont change the people’s perception towards him.

  8. time is up 2008 and Gukurahundi killers hwendo huno shiri yabvuta rekeni, chakachaya paMonday panodonha mukono chete rikitiiiii. Asijik


  10. Chamisa is always like that, very soon he will reject those accusations, if he has evidence of who killed Tsvangirai why did he chose to remain quiet and fail to report the case.

    • Umm you, kana ukaroyerwa mwana wako unondomhangara kumapurisa here? Unongoita bembera kuti muroyi azive kuti zviri kuzivikanwa. Thats why Chamisa says “they” hapana kana paati Zanu Pf kana ani zvake. Muroyi ega anozviziva, achafa nenyadzi

  11. Zva Chamisa zvichateerwa here? For those of you who are serious about choosing the best person to lead Zimbabwe after the 30th July Election just take a bit of some time to do a psychological analysis of Chamisa’s temperament and that of ED. a truthometer of what Chamisa says and what ED says. There is no doubt Chamisa’s has the temperament of Student Union leader not national leader or President of a country. Ini shuwashuwa ndokupoindira vanhu kuti President wangu uyo ndichireva Chamisa. Kuda kana ndorwara hangu.

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