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We’ll arrest Chamisa: ED


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday warned that opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa could be arrested if he continues to incite his supporters to picket at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s offices in a bid to disrupt Monday’s general elections.


The threat came as police blocked Chamisa’s planned mass demonstrations scheduled for today, with the law enforcers citing manpower shortages.

The opposition presidential candidate has vowed to block the holding of elections until Zec has guaranteed transparency and security of the vote.

Addressing a Zanu PF campaign rally at Mubaira growth point in Mhondoro, Mnangagwa said the law would deal with any malcontents bent on disturbing the peace obtaining in the country ahead of the polls.

“As political parties, we signed a pledge for peace ahead of elections. All 55 parties taking part in the elections signed, but to my surprise, some little boy and a small party turns around to say he wants to shut down Harare.

Oooooh, my father Shumba! How does he want to achieve that? As who? Getting support from where?” he queried rhetorically.

“I heard that he changed his heart and said he wanted peace and if he does that, we welcome him. He is our son, we allow him to traverse throughout the country asking for your vote, but if he chooses chaos, law and order will prevail.”

The Zanu PF presidential candidate warned his arch-rival, saying: “If you act in a peaceful manner, we will not touch you. You will stay in opposition doing your things while time moves and we will continue ruling over you. We can’t close out opposition because we need it. If it’s not there, then we won’t have anyone to rule over.”
The threats of arrest also came as Zec and opposition parties yesterday reached a deadlock over how next week’s elections would be conducted, with the electoral body insisting there was no more room for further concessions on the electoral roadmap.

Tempers flared during a multi-party-liaison committee meeting in Harare after Zec commissioner Qhubani Moyo shot down demands made by the MDC Alliance, prompting a heated debate, with opposition officials accusing the electoral management body of colluding with Zanu PF to run a sham poll in favour of Mnangagwa’s government.

The remarks drew the ire of two Zanu PF representatives, Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana and Nick Mangwana, who immediately stormed out of the meeting.

“If you have issues, talk to Zec, not Zanu PF. You cannot continue to accuse my party without substantiation. People do not understand how these things work. You raise the issues to the constitutional body, not Zanu PF,” Munyaradzi, the Zanu PF legal secretary, said before he walked out.

Nick weighed in, saying: “Why do you accuse Zanu PF when you are not happy with the referee?”

Norton independent parliamentary candidate, Temba Mliswa tore into the MDC Alliance, blasting it for its threats to picket at the Zec offices over electoral reforms while not doing much on the ground to win the polls.

“The election situation is way better than ever before. We cannot have a perfect election, but let us appreciate that it is way much better than of any other country in the world. Rallies and demonstrations will not work. Candidates should go on the ground to talk to people, and I am the one doing that, while the MDCs are busy marching in the streets. We do not want cheap politics here,” Mliswa said.

He also attacked both the MDC Alliance and Zanu PF for fielding candidates with tainted backgrounds.

Chamisa has since called for an emergency meeting with his close lieutenants today to review the situation.

In turning down the MDC Alliance demonstration, Harare police boss, identified as Chief Superintendent A Ncube, said they were now busy with election preparations and could not spare some officers to escort the demonstrators.

“You are advised that currently, the district is engaged in final preparations for elections deployment scheduled for July 30, 2018. Our members are engaged in training and collection of kit as well as final deployment strategies/other political rallies,” Ncube said.

“You are advised that the venue at which you intend to gather, i.e. the Africa Unity Square, is currently being utilised by the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Recreation from Tuesday July 17, 2018 to Saturday August 4, 2018, who are celebrating the arts, culture and heritage policy of Zimbabwe.”

Chamisa has bitterly complained about the way Zec has handled the pre-election process, especially the printing of ballots, which he described as controversial.

According to MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, the party’s national executive will meet today to decide their next course of action following the latest developments.

“This (ban) is totally unfair and uncalled for. It’s a ploy by Zanu PF to slow us down. Our previous demonstrations have been peaceful and exemplary. There was no need to ban it, as if there would be violence,” he said.

“Given this latest development, our party national executive will meet tomorrow (today) to review the political environment as well as participation in the election.”

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    • Chamisa arikuziva kuti haana door neZANU PF saka achiridza mhere, he is running away from himself ED pfeeee

    • Why should you insult a fellow human being for having different views from yours. Why should you let politics define who you are. Why can you not express your views without insults.

    • Chamisa is not ready to spend a couple of days in a flea infested prison cell, he is still a young advocate with big ambitions. His big house is not yet completed and his children are very young. Prison and endless court cases were never part of his plans and will derail everything he has planned. The older politicians know this path very well. This threat of arrest will work wonders.

  1. I believe Nelson should take the warning from Ed seriously. Mind you Nelson, when Ed orders your arrest, he is not doing it as a zanu pf leader but as a zimbabwean’s top executive who has a constitutional mandate to see that the laws of zimbabwe are observed by every citizen, himself included. Remember he made the vow to that effect before chief justice Luke Malaba on the 24th of November last year when he became president. With your qualifications in the law field, we expect you to understand these facts beter than we do.

    • @Farai, ED was not voted by anyone. He came into power through a coup, there is nothing constitutional about him. He is an illegal leader and should be careful what he says.

      • Coup or no coup we were all slaves of Robert and Grace,now that ED has done us a big favor you are still complaining,wake up and shine your eyes you can’t blame the whole team if the coach has failed to deliver like what Robert did. ED Pfeee the only candidate so far if you want to waste your time please vote for Chamisa[Promises and Lies] only.Too young and immature to rule this country enough of this nonsense let’s move forward not always after planning demos.

        • ED had two very personal choices – stay in South Africa and be forgotten, or follow through on his coup. He chose to follow through. But it was for him, not for anyone else.

          This is the man who actively helped to torture and murder over 20 000 people in 1984, and has been a part of continuing murders, and disappearances ever since, remember.

          He still has to prove his democratic credentials. This – doesn’t.

        • wat abt yo mnangagwa he is useless too coz he z not doing anything majaira kuba nezanu thats y .chekubirira hachinune we are now going back to 2018 situation coz of pfeee pfeee munhamo

    • in real democratic countries the president has no right to call for the arrest of anybody.that duty falls solely on the police

    • And just how much is ZANU paying you? Remember to ask for dollars, not that zhing-zhong local yokel “bond note” stuff, by the way!

  2. @Reformer I dont think your comment is called for on this platform .It is you gentlemen who need our votes but if you start calling me a fool then …..I will change my mind .ED Pfee

  3. Fear not, Chamisa. The majority are behind you. Junta PF has lost legitimacy. The securocrats will desert it and they will just be naked old men with no support from anywhere. Tshisa mpama, tshisa!!!

  4. ED is still living in the past which is evidenced by his heavy-handedness to opposition peacefull demonstration which was scheduled for 25 July 2018 after he advised the police to deny MDC alliance the opportunity to protest to ZEC in demand of transparency and inclusivity in the 2018 elections.

    • Have you been paying attention to Chamisa speachs and comes from Chamisa’s mouth he preaches violence every day lets not support a leader even when they are doing the wrong thing violence no no no he should stop these things. Ed is right any citizen who is going to be promoting violence should be dealt with its not a Zanu PF tendency. I dont even support ED but i agree with him Chamisa is pushing us to be a violent society its to my detriment. Pasi no ku itiswa ne leadership, Pamberi ne peace peace peace.

  5. FORGET ed pfee inyoka here this time hakuna kangamwaizvenyu.poor zanoids you are fooling yourself.ed is not president elect is a coup person for your own information.

  6. @don are you saying millions of people who celebrated in the streets were in support of a coup.Then its a lekker coup which is very popular.At least it was not a funeral coup pakatorohwa muridzi wehuPresidency Dr Thokozani Khupe.Haaaaaaa ED PFEE

  7. MDC fools are too fanatic that they fail to live in reality. Do you really think this demo was ever going to be allowed ever. Common sense should sometimes prevail. ED has done a lot to give people freedom which was never there since 1980. Whether Camisa wins or not, social reengineering is needed particularly in the MDC alliance suporters.

    • Common sense and Zanu PF – oxymoron!!! A presidential candidate who can’t add or multiply ha ha ha! No wonder they promise to create more jobs and build more houses in 5 years than they have done in the last 38 years. That’s why those who believe them are described as fools on this forum. They believe anything – even when logic and evidence points to the opposite. @TKMF it’s the liars, murderrers and thieves and their blind unthinking followers like you who need social engineering.

    • Who gives you the right to call others a fool simply because they are airing their views. And who says ZANU of has no fanatics. Isn’t gukurahundi a great example of fanatism

  8. Haiwavo, just come clean and say … am Zanu Pf, I dont think Reformer has made you change your mind.

  9. I am still looking for maturity among the mdc alliance ranks, please. Where on earth do you get such a situation of peace towards crucial elections.

    • Handisati ndamboona President asingafunge sa ED. He wants people to ruler over. Zimbabweans ngatingwarei we need a leader not a ruler. Vote Chamisa for president not this arrogant man.

  10. handisati ndamboona munhu asina brain sa Mnangagwa. You need people to ruler over not to lead the nation. Zimbabweans ngatingwarei . Vote for Chamisa

    • Its more about your levels of civilisation. Chaunoti kungwara chii. I wish you had love as your name seem to imply. The problem is you use your hearts to thing rationally. Have you ever taken time to reflect on how selfish this LEADER of yours is. Its all about him, himself and him alone. If he were to lead this country, he will be worse than RGM. He is just but SELFISH/DICTATOR in the making. He has nothing to offer, compared to A CLEAR DEMOCRATIC ENVIRONMENT THAT NEEDS NO ELABORATIONS AND A DEVELOPMENT TRAGECTORY, WELL LAID OUT AND CLEAR FOR ALL TO SEE. Vote ED and you are security GUARRANTEED, AND DEVELOPMENT FOCUSED. ED IS NOT RGM. There are no TWO leaders at any given time. Vaitoita kunge vacharwa over policy issues and crucial decisions. Vaitonga vese asi anotonga is one at any given time. AMEN.

  11. Today Chamisa this tomorrow Chamisa that honestly ZANU can rig elections 500% but yuo cant rig the economy.Today you are sayng Mugabe destroy the coutry alone here KKKKKK hy be serious.Zanu ika winner no investor,no jobs ,hungry,urombo,mishonga muzvipatara nothing also after this election suctions pfacha believe me nor not remember life yatakararama only from 2009 to 2013 hapana serious invester anopa matsotsi mari.Chamisa to win or lose with stand with you

  12. Comment…lets wait and see the outcome of elections.we need a better Zimbabwe no matter who is the leader. remember those who are our villains nw there used to be our heroes. we used to praise them with our hearts and souls.

  13. MDCA, some little boy and a small party???? You have a few days to swallow your words sekuru Munangagwa….

  14. KKKK PF for PATRIOTIC FOOLS…. Once a thief always a thief…OBERT MPOFU Minister of Corruption & Elicit Deals (ED)…

  15. If ED makes a mistake of arresting Chamisa then the biblical story of Micaih and Ahab will come to p If you are going to a major event don’t threaten anyone. Ahab did it and he never came back. As far as we know the position of the president is vacant for now. Its either you will be elected or someone else gets the seat. Don’t abuse this little moment you have, its a matter of days now. Remember you are there on Mugabe’s ticket who was to reign for 5 years. People did not put you there, and when they marched in November they all wanted Mugabe out irrespective of party affiliation. No one knew that the few were to reward themselves. Don’t be like those pigs in animal farm. This is your chance for people to duly elect you as their president but not in the now. For now you are a place holder waiting for this moment, be wise. Never should you allow yourself to be seen arm twisting this event. It is for your honour to be proven a fair man. God is watching and I know He has already got His choice. We will be going to vote on Monday for confirmation. Whatever we may do as people it will never reverse what God has already done

  16. I am ashamed with some of the Zimbabweans who still believe in ZANU PF ans ED to lead this country . Where the hell are you living , since the coup things have gone bad , cash crisis , prizes sky rocketing , flour shortages , at the moment Blue Ribbon and GMB are not making flour , fuel prize is going up everyday . What is ED and his junta administration doing , we have more vendors and more street kids on most road intersection in most towns , to a normal person with a sixth sense what does that show , it is the sign of rejecting the current government but because they don’t have people at heart they are keeping on forcing matters . People are sick and tired of Zanu PF and the junta . When we demonstrated in November , we did not demonstrate to put ED on the presidency but to remove Mugabe and his system which also includes Mnangagwa . On the threats to arrest Chamisa , it shows that he knows that Chamisa can spoil the party , it is our constitutional right to demonstrate as enshrined in the constitution , so arresting him is breaching the constitution . Mnangagwa igwara and arikuitiswa naChiwenga manje next week vachaita heartache neBP when Chamisa is announced the winner .

    • @Mudhara we still believe in ZANU (PF) and ED becoz we have no option.Chamisa has failed dismally in selling himself as Presidential material.Akungowawata and has become the greatest sale outs of the people’s will.Uyu ndiye muSelous Scout chaiye

  17. ED should be ashamed of himself and just shut up, he forgets that only 7 months ago he committed the greatest constitutional fraud of all by using guns and tanks to remove his father Mugabe, what is Chamisa’s Zec demo compared to what he did himself?

  18. To all Zimbabweans concerned with the situation in Zimbabwe,ED Mnangagwa was the very master minder of Gukurahunde that killed so many innocent souls. Today as well go into elections, we do hope that all progressive people must have the right mentality with positive attitude to determine our future destine, that destine for our young future generation’s lives because Zanu/Zec pf have played their party in demising zimbabwe. Pasi nembimbindoga dzeZanu/Zec pf idzo dzisingadi kubudirira nekushanduka kwenyika.

  19. Zimbabwe with its new leadership is a full member of the united nations and this is a fact wether we like it or not. All citizens who wish to participate anyhow in the politics of zim are required to do so stricly in acordance with the national constitution wether they have few followers or many. Any divergence from that golden rule of a democratic society is punishable both by local and international laws. Chamisa should be well aware of this as an advocate of law. That is why the death of Jonas Savimbi was a non event. He wanted to be both a political party leader and a rebel group leader. Those two cannot blend in this civalised global village.

  20. Comment…Most zim folk is outside building other countries wealth because of these zanu guyz nehumbibindoga Almost all our neibouring countries have stable ecomonies and curencies u can use and change anywhere in the world .Toda vana vedu vozoshanda munyika yedu .Zec failing just guide the country to undisputed polls.Zanu ne zec munonyadzisa

  21. Mr Mliswa, thank you for the comments. I wish you to win in your area to finish your work in parliament. Good comments, not opposing for the sake of opposing. Anything that disturbs our peace is not welcome, this is not the only election. Actually the Alliance should fight to win numbers in parliament to make the necessary changes for future elections.

    • @Munya, unfortunately some people dont seem to reason. They will just follow their leaders blindly without any questions. If MDCA took advantage of the political atmosphere and campaigned strongly, they would have more PMs that would enable the envisaged changes. Threatening and violence certainly works against MDCA and their supporters dont see anything wrong. ED as I read hasnt threatened Chamisa but the wrong deeds. Simply because MDCA are seen as the strong opposition shouldnt give them the wrong idea thst they can cause unrest as they please. Why not follow a proper democratic solution? Violence is never a solution.

  22. Kana Mwari variko vacharatidza ukuru bwavo. Vana vokwa Mangwana nyatso svotesai vana veZimbabwe mumwe muno mumwe Britain.Nguva ichakwana muchafura sora. Chimbozvivhunzai kuti VaMugabe varipi, Jona mudumbu rehove, Chombochehondo, Chihuri chejere, Zhuwawu murenje nevamwe? Mwari Uyu! Mwari Uyu!

  23. ED Mnangagwa thinks that the Gukurahundu killing issue is dead,no no no,mweya yevanhu ichakurangai chete. Ngaasunge Chamisa vaone,one by one panyika vanopabva chete.

    • this is exactly what u opposition guys want. since you started to campain you were always looking for fight bekoz there is no a single day you got on stage and did not insult the people in the ruling party. even today you always talk and talk about gukurahundi like you want someone to just come and raise those who died during that time. it just sounds as if guns were taken to just go and kill.. of course people died and its a fact and everyone knows that… and the thing that you forget to tell people who do not know is to,why did that gukurahundi happen and all the real circumstances that surrounded it.. You also continue to always say heh zanupf for 38 yrs ths heeh 38 yrs that, and all for bad things as if nothing good has bn done.. You must be reminded that the majority of these opposition parties came out from that mother zanupf particularly that mdc of yours was formed in 1999 as far as i know.. and this means before 1999 most of the people in your party now were zanupf.. … there is know country without a history..and gukurahundi is history just like chimurenga and we cannot blame people for taking arms in chimurenga.. the future starts now and we learn from history..

  24. Zanu pf haticahadi kuinzwa nezvayo,pavakaba,kuponda,kuparadza upenyu nedzimba nemabhizinisi zvakakwana. Vanhu havangarambi vachingonetseka nekuda kwezanu pf ine vanhu vashoma-shoma mhani.Seiko moyo yevanhu vemuzimbabwe yakashata? Rambai kunetseka, hapana chinoshanduka yakatonga zvakakwana.

  25. Sandy, can you please give us the compleet definition of gukurahundi? Give us all details of what transpired. Or else uri kutaura zvausingazive.

  26. ED will not arrest Chamisa. Rather, the existing laws of the land will arrest Chamisa. No-one, Chamisa included, is above the law.

  27. The whole of last week, i have given the full details of how Zanu pf destroyed zimbabwe from the on set of 1998,but Farai J Nhire and your smart counterparts did not even say a word because the truth eats. Zimbabwe is bigger than Zanu pf and its small click of gangsterism. kana vanhu vasinganzwi kurwadziwa kwevamwe vanhu,you are truly the devil worshipers. Kusiya zvinhu zvichakakunakirai ndoozvakanaka.

  28. Yes ED proponents of violence must be ARRESTED there are worse than DOGS if we are to borrow from Bobs famous saying when addressing homosexuals

  29. Sandy iwe hauna hunhu. Unongoita basa rekupopota mafacts chaio hauna. Ndati chinombonzi gukurahundi chii uye tipe mashoko akazara maererano naMnangagwa negukurahundi uchitipa umboo hwakakwana. Nhasi ndinogona kungomuka ndoudza vanhu kuti Sandy ipfambi asi vanhu havangofaniri kuzvibvuma pasina humboo hwakazara. Ndinofanira Kutovapa umboo hwakakwana hunoratidza kuti sandy ipfambi ndiko kuti zvive fair kwauri iwe sandy wacho.

  30. I love my Zimbabwe. Zanu Pf thinks they are really clever and sitting pretty. If they talk and preach fair elections whats to stop this Chigumba woman and ZEC from opening up fully on opposition demands.? Chamisa is scared of shadows; why not open the doors and windows and let him see that there is nothing to fear? If there is nothing to hide then why not prove it? Themba Mliswa thinks he will win..but am sorry for him because he is history already. Why do people want Chamisa to contest in a game that is staked against him? If Chamisa withdraws, i would sympathize with him; impartial institutions should be exactly that; impartial. ZEC has proved to be anything but. The divide and rule mentality is now history. If ED wins and the discontent still simmers; will he be able to steer the country forward, taking cognizance of the fact that most of these people selling goods on the streets are Zanu pf youths who were empowered under his watch; that most companies are still bleeding from the evil fangs of corruption and lawlessness; that the economy can never miraculously open up overnight to accommodate the promises made and revive the hopes of a jaded nation?
    Zanu Pf underestimated the MDC Alliance big time; now they face an inglorious exit from power. And yet if ZEC leveled the field, ED would really be the Savior of this Nation and would compete with the greatest for International accolades..He would be too big for Zim.. But right now..;I wonder…

  31. chamisa chete chete survey makaiwona here toda kusvuvura zanu vachataura vega kuti tadyiwa we want chiwenga kuti ataure next week inenge yave CHAMISA PFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mugosvotwa,tigokusungai vamwe tichidzinga munyika medu

  32. MuHarare hamuna vanhu mufunge. Problem yevazhinji makazvarirwa mumarukisheni mukakuriramo saka iyoyo ndiyo zimbabwe yamunoziva. Ruzevha rwakazara nemunhu mufunge. Tarisai marallies aED and that is just tip of an iceberg. Mind you, havasi vanhu vemufamimily vese vanoenda kurally. Chamisa wenyu anomaitira chii mamillions ese nekutsvinya nekushaya hunhu kwake? Those people you see at rallies are going to vote for Ed kwete tumatheory twenhema twamunonyeperana. Have you ever heard how they respond to the PASI NEMHANDU slogan? it’s not just a mufled PASI. It’s an emphatic and jubiland PASI NADZOOOOO. And what does that show you if you have real brains?

  33. It is always good when your opponent under estimates you, and over estimates his own cleverness. Mnangagwa is not Mugabe and Chamisa is not Tsvangirai. The Zanu PF of Mugabe which got cleanly away with rigging is no more, and the MDC-T that stumbled and stared in confusion after rigged results were announced is not the MDC Alliance of 2018. Things are going to be very different this time.

  34. Ha pana chamisa iye unotozviziva kuti urikuzodyiwa na ngwena saka murikumuona achimhanya mhanya this time its free and f election pasi rose rakatarisa nyika irikutonaka ed urikutopinda panyanga mupfana uyo unogona kutosiya mdc yacho vapesana nevamwe vake mark my words haana mukanwa uye kuzvikudza to much

  35. pfeeee munhamo chekubirira hachinune sure Ed promised a good change from mugabe’s error in 90 days bt we ar now having more than 90×4 days the situation is going viral in zimbabwe .Chavanogona kuti shingirirai nhamo yadai kutsemukira seman’a

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