‘We will teach ‘noisemakers’ a lesson’

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday declared Zanu PF was confident of a resounding victory in this month’s polls and was already rolling out its post-election programme.


Addressing thousands of party supporters in Chinhoyi, Mnangagwa scoffed at “noisy little opposition parties”, saying these would not cause him sleepless nights as he was assured of victory.

“We are here (government) to stay. We are not going anywhere after the elections as we are going to win resoundingly.
We are not worried about those who make noise in newspapers, but we are going to teach them a lesson,” he said.

“We are going to win through the ballot and we want our people to warmly receive election observers.”

He chided the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance for organising demonstrations against the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), saying: “While others are planning demonstrations, Zanu PF is planning development. Dreamers are allowed.

The Zanu PF leader also took a jibe at former First Lady Grace Mugabe, equating her to the biblical Delilah who deceived Samson into shaving off his hair, but ended on the losing side.

He also warned that the net was closing in on land barons preying on desperate home seekers.

“The net is getting closer to the land barons who fleeced people of their hard-earned money promising residential stand that were not there.

“I now have the report with me including their names and who did what. Just wait and see. We will expose them.”
Mnangagwa assured white commercial farmers that they would soon get 99-year land leases and pledged to donate solar geysers to traditional leaders.

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  1. Comment…but what happened to the list of those who externalised forex?

  2. This EDiot has dementia. Gone are the days of killing people and thinking you can get away with it. This is 2018 and YOUR time to learn a lesson from THE Zimbabweans.

  3. we will teach him munangagwa a lesson.He is dreaming to think tat at this ege more poeple likes zanupf.poor ediot.ccc

  4. If only he could stand in front of a mirror and ask himself what exactly he has done for the nation that can make him win the elections resoundingly

  5. Vukurai henyu

  6. Kokerai Chisvo

    Victory is not certain its guaranteed

  7. ED uri homocepian isina zvainobatsira panyika.

  8. Thank you ED lets get on with new programms hapana chekumirira

  9. tendai chaminuka

    For any progressive Zimbabwean an ED vote is the most appropriate thing to do as it gives Chamisa time to really take over IN 5 years time

    1. but lets also not forget that Guvheya will be waiting in the wings so Nelson may have to wait until he turns 55years

  10. Comment…nyikas ino haisi ye zanu

  11. Comment…zanu pf imbwa dzevanhu

  12. To be honest ED was just power hungry to be president but he is clearly not the man to put Zim on the map where it should be, somehow he is just an army puppet

  13. Us the people, will teach the proud and the overconfident a good lesson, we dont forget easily those who stole our votes in 2008, they killed our brothers and sisters, they killed innocent civilians in Matebeleland, we wont forget. Come 31 July we will teach them a good lesson. Asijik

  14. Lets be honest Chamisa is not ready yet to be the nation`s President period

    1. Lets be honest; you obviously don’t know anything JOS. If I may ask you. What makes one ready? Killing innocent people, ringing elections, being Mugabe’s post boy for 38 yrs, having dementia, having no educationl? You are the reason why Zimbabwe is not moving forward. You want to be led by a GERIATRIC who cant even do simple arithmetic. Only a looser will advocate for a Geriatric.

  15. You will realize that he is ready to be the nation’s President come 30 July,you will tell others jos.

  16. Mbama irikutopanika hayo, saka ED overtaker tiende ivo vasare vachinokora tsoka. ED ane support mhani, tine over half yevanhu vatinomborentesa kuti vangouya kuma rally enyu but tozovatora musi wezvinhu (30) 12 days to go.

  17. Lets be honest zimbabweans,the useless old ED Mnangagwa is already at pension age,he will never ever able to carry the present’s world economic emancipation zimbabweans are dare in need of because he and Mugabe have already failed us dismally to develop zimbabwe. Pasi nespirits yehumbimbindoga hwevanhu veZANUPF. His and zanu pf time of continuing disrupting the lives of people must come to an abrupt ending.

  18. Uncle Sam uri gudo risina pfungwa.

  19. Jos hapana zvauri kutaura apa saka mbavha idzodzi ndodziri nani here waka dyiswa ne zanu chokwadi kutambura kose uko kwe vanhu iwe uchakarara nanhasi sorry hako Chamisa ndozvo lets have newly and fresh blood then kana zvaramba toisa mumwe asi asiri zanu mbavha iwe hazvikurwadze coz hauna hama yako yakaurawa ne zanu.How do you feel kuchengeta mhunhi dzemunhu for past 10 years hamuzive kuti anouya here kana kuti kwete ko aripi ko kana akafa akavigwa kupi iwe ndopaunoti zanu zanu pafunge

  20. Chamisa may not be ready for Zim but Zim is definitely ready for him so whether he likes it or not & whether we like it or not he is our Joshua to the promised land

  21. We want to be led by those old and mature and experience ones who, because of their age will not be able to remain on top for too long. Chamisa is just onother Robert Mugabe in the making and the chap is a bloody dictactor and crook and lawless also.

    1. @Farai. I don’t blame you. you are one of the GERIATRICS and will obviously want one of yours. Shame!

  22. #kwekwehim

  23. Kwekwe him and he will certainly Gokwe and Bindura you also.

  24. ED pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  26. kid marongorongo

    “While others are planning demonstrations, Zanu PF is planning development.ED its very true about development thats the president we need not that one who thinks ZEC will elect him as President.

  27. Come 30 july,Goodbye Zanu PF.We will never miss you.

  28. Development ipi manje ipapa nyarai nhema dzoga dzoga tave kukuzivai.to zanu july 30 you will never forget what you did for the 38 years muchitonga nema tried and tested failures

  29. Ed pfeeee hapanacbekumirira.

  30. Down with Mnangagwa’s military junta, militarisation of the Repuplic of Zimbabwe and state these ZanuPf represent all the failures in the last 38 years and I wouldn’t want another moment of this let alone 5years if Mnangagwa wins Im changing my nationality better elsewhere that here if these guys are still around

  31. Its not certain, its guaranteed victory,watch this space

  32. Comment…i wonder why zimbabwean
    people seem to be interested in these lies from zanu leaders. ED, as he is affectionately known, has been playing the pivotal role in all the vote ridigging during Mugabe’s tenure. Always there are promises when the elections are at the proximity. Gyzers for traditional leaders,what a shame. promises after promise. Fund your terrorist group first- the war verterians may be but this time you will not make it.

    1. Chamisa is on a mission to destroy MDC, hamuzvioni here vakomana

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