‘We will not repeat 2013 mistake’

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday ratcheted up pressure for all parties to be allowed to monitor the printing of ballot papers for the July 30 general elections, saying the opposition would this time resist efforts to railroad them into a “sham” election.

BY Jairos Saunyama

Addressing a campaign rally at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera, Chamisa claimed they had gathered intelligence reports that Zanu PF had secured the services of Russian and Chinese nationals to rig the polls through manipulation of ballot paper printing and declared “we will never repeat the 2013 mistake”.

“We are definitely going to agree on the issue of ballot paper printing. (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Priscilla) Chigumba should be serious on that one. We do not want to print the ballot paper, but we need to monitor the printing and agree on the paper to be used. We know what they are doing with the Russians and Chinese. What they did to (Morgan) Tsvangirai will not happen to me. I am a prophet, young and have learnt. We will never repeat the 2013 mistake, ” he said.

The opposition leader said the Wednesday demonstration will go ahead as planned and that if their concerns are not addressed, they would mobilise for daily protests until election day.

“We are going to run this country and you will enjoy it. Even if we come back to you and ask for a second term, you will not refuse,” he said.

Chamisa scoffed at State media reports that he was considering to appoint former First Lady Grace Mugabe as his deputy.

“Saying that I will appoint Grace Mugabe as VP shows that they are aware of my victory. We respect (Robert) Mugabe because of his legacy, the positive things that he did. He is the first elected President and I am going to be the second one.

“Mngangwa walked with Mugabe for 56 years, but they do not like him. I have not met Mugabe, but he did send a message, saying he will vote for me because I am his choice. A vote is not about age. Our government is totally a new with competent people,” he said.

Chamisa also took a swipe at Zanu PF presidential candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa, saying the two weekends events where ruling party supporters were physically assaulted by the ruling party’s militia in Gokwe and Bindura proved that he was not a popular candidate.

“You saw what happened in Gokwe and Bindura. People were beaten and forced to listen to Mnangagwa. The people do not want to listen to a beast but to a leader,” he said.


  1. How dare you call yourself a prophet young boy? You are running scared and making a lot of unsubstantiated claims and allegations each and every day. Tell us how you are to revive the economy. Don’t be a cry baby man up!

    1. @muammar u are the one who z a bby cry

  2. ive noted with a grave concern that anyone who attacks Chamisa on these platforms is either ignorant of the facts or still cacooned in the dustbins of Zanu pf’s 39 year old rhetoric. honestly what sort of promise would you await from such a clueless lot. a a new Zimbabwe, a new ‘elected president’.

    1. Come on Poppy, you still have the old ZANU PF of RG Mugabe. Wakatosara wena. Get ready for a heart attack. ED pfeeee panyanga. Chamisa Nero failed the Kuwadzana Constituency… Dololo for 20 years achidya mari zvake mufana uyu… He is not Presidential material

  3. ZanuPf running scared the end is near gone are days when people where forced to rallies Mugabe did a good job with Mnangagwa the 75 year old is beginning to show exactly what he is and what ZanuPf stands for violance, corruption and poverty I wouldn’t want another 5 years of this

  4. I wouldn’t vote for anyone who plotted a milliatary junta

    1. bindura ndizvo ….a rude awakening of the junta tab

    2. The Man, you are double minded someone. Chamisa Nero and Tsvangson were at the inauguration ceremony of ED as an endorsement….. Lest you forget. You have a very short memory no wonder you talk of a Millitary junta…All the Political organisations came out into the streets nationwide from all the races in Zimbabwe…
      So what are you talking about????

  5. Beating people at a rally simply because they were refusing to listen to a boring Mnangagwa speech! Mnangagwa should be ashamed of this.

  6. So it’s clear now Nero you have just confirmed you got a message from Mugabe. What is it that Mugabe likes about you when all along he sweared with his on mother Bona that the MDC is an evil western sponsored puppet and it will never rule zim. He bushed tsvangirai and killed many MDC cadres and now u proudly say Mugabe sent a message to you and promised to vote for you. Seriously?? What did you promise him in return. It’s clear now by your own admission you talk to uncle. Some of us believe Morgan was poisoned for a slow death by the enemy. So you dining with the enemy were you part of the scheme. You have sold out Chamisa. I am so gutted by your comment.

  7. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Ummmmmmmmm! A strong insinuation that Russian and Chinese elections are rigged??????. My foot. What do observers say? Why is UN recognizing the governments elected in those countries? Kkkkkkki. Now we have political drama from our timid opposition participants. The elections will be held, come hell or fire. ZANU PF will win and bury the lot, politically speaking.

    1. Zvambonzi maelecction ekurussia or China kabirirwa here? Tangai manzwisisa mozotaura

  8. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    Cde Mzvinavhu (Prof), are you not Herald’s Manheru columnist? Zanu will never win a free and fair election. That is why they monitor and control ZEC. They make sure ZEC does not show opposition ballot printing process. Zanu never complains about ZEC yet other genuine political parties are complaining. Zanu is ZEC and without ZANU there is no ZEC. Why were people forced in Bindura CDE? don’t resort to old barbaric tactics, they no longer work. People are now awake, beat them or not , they will not love you. It is clear that Chamisa will romp to victory judging by the way he has been well received in rural areas.

  9. People like Cde Mzvinavhu (prof) must please stick to reading the herald & stay as far away as possible from commenting on our liberated zone newsday site

    1. You cannot doubt that it is Manheru himself. We pay his salary and he spends the day writing propaganda. People, open your eyes, there is more happiness to a country where everyone is prosperous than where a few prosper due to corrupt patronage. Judge for yourself who can better make the transition to a prosperous Zimbabwe. Please think, you are entrusted to shape your future. Make use of it instead of focusing on scoring useless points.

  10. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Who was ever forced to listen to Mnangagwa speaking? These MOVEMENT FOR DAILY COMPLAINS chaps are very surprising. They look at Mnangagwa and see his soft and kind disposition and they think they have a punchbag to threaten and blackmail at will. Chamisa, you should desist from your plans to distabilse the nation for thirty pieces of silver from Uncle Bob. One of these days you will start spending your life behind bars. I heard you previously uttered some words to the effect that Mnangagwa is a weak president and watch out the man will prove you wrong very soon and uchange wochema nekuzvidemba manje manje. What is the problem with the balot paper remain the secure property of Zec it’s supposed to be? If you were the central bank governor, would avail to the citizens of this country with the know how of how to print money and the details of all the required material and where to get it from? Utikwanire mufana iwe and siyana nenyaya yekuchemera kupfekedzwa gown riri oversize.

  11. Chamisa, Chamisa, in football parlance, you are missing an open goal. There is no goalkeeper but you are going to score . You unilaterally declared yourself leader and sidelined other members of your party because you knew you were going to lose the leadership contest at a Congress. You lost to Douglas the post of Secretary General a few years ago. Some of your lieutenants are going to vote against you while at the rallies they pretend to like you.

  12. The second sentence should read, “There is no goalkeeper but you are NOT going to score”.

  13. One sentence should read, “There is no goalkeeper but you are NOT going to score”.

  14. @Sainanazvo lets call a spade, a spade it was a coup Mnangagwa and his croonies have this election to make themselves legitimate nothing can be more true than this one fact even without the coup he still isnt yet the President of Zimbabwe just hanging on untill someone is elected as for Chamisa I do not support him because I know little of him but he is yet to prove himself honestly Tendai Biti and Author Mutambara are better suited because they have done actual work in government as for Mugabe and Chamisa deal as well as Chamisa and Mnangagwa deal I dont see any reason for ZanuPf and MDC to squable over them because as far as political alliancies and agreements go there is hardly any evidence on them until they actually hold a press conference to cement the deal take it from the Americans and British if its not live on Tv then its fake…

  15. Comment…It is interesting to note the following facts from an impartial position.
    (1)Chamisa claims that him and the MDC Alliance are more popular than ED Munangagwa and Zanu-pf.
    (2)Chamisa and the MDC have made an Alliance of several smaller political parties for the 2018 elections
    (3)Zanu-pf has not made any alliance with anyone and it is going alone
    (4)Suppose the public media start complimenting the private and online media to disseminate the MDC propaganda with the sanctions firmly intact are these elections going to be considerd free and fair?

  16. Comment…mese ma zimbo muri matuvi

  17. Comment…duzvi

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