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‘We removed Mugabe, not the Zanu PF system’


‘MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube has said Zimbabwe’s deep economic morass goes beyond the removal of former President Robert Mugabe from power.


Speaking at a campaign rally for the alliance’s Silobela parliamentary aspirant, Fanuel Sibindi recently, Ncube said next week’s election must aim at totally dismantling the Zanu PF system, which he said was still intact under President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime.

“We marched and removed Mugabe from power last year. Mugabe left, but the system which kept Mugabe in power for that long is still intact,” he said.

“The system of rampant corruption, misrule and repression is still and very much intact.”

The way forward, Ncube said, was to dismantle the whole system through the ballot.

“The only option to dismantle this system is through the ballot. Let us vote Zanu PF and Mnangagwa out. That is the only way out. Let us vote for president Nelson Chamisa, his MP here Fanuel Sibindi and MDC councillors − that way we can have a fresh start as a country.”

Ncube warned supporters to guard against former Deputy Prime minister Thokozani Khupe’s divisive politics.
“You have to be wary of Khupe. She is only there to muddy the waters and split the MDC vote. We can defend that vote by voting for Chamisa,” he said.

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  1. Professor uya khuluma manga wena.ZANU (P.F) removed Mugabe on its own vamwe taiperekedza muchato.If a professor can not understand such political matrix then we are in deep s..t

  2. Removing zanu pf is not even solution to zimbabwe’s woes;no one should lie,but reform,Mnangagwa has already reformed in his new dispensation.Now people can openly criticize their gvt in the national broadcaster with out n backlashes

    • you are spot on these guys are just greedy and power hungry tied lawyers who want to win an election by lies and then turn on each others’ throats creating chaos for the country since when has Mbiti become redeemed to Biti in MDC led by Cobra Chamisa and since when has Welsh stopped from being a sellout beneficiary of the land reform> These are the statements that were issued against these two. The last time we heard that the two former MDC SGs were agents of Zanu pf and that Nelson chamisa was a G40 with transport deals with Bob. So who is telling the truth here and who indeed is not zanu pf then?

  3. Removing zanu pf is not even a solution to zimbabwe’s woes;no one should lie,but only reform by those in power is,Mnangagwa has already reformed in his new dispensation.Now people can openly criticize their gvt in the national broadcaster with out n backlashes

  4. Welshman -In 2008 you split the vote because you had a fall out with Morgan. It was a matter of principle that you chose to stand as MdcN. It is rich for you to accuse Dr Khupe of splitting the vote when she is also basing her stance on a matter of principle and constitutionalism. You know it ! So stop talking rubbish -the pot calling the kettle black! The Mdc alliance has rescued you and Biti as you two had become irrelevant in as far as the political dynamics of this country are concerned!

  5. Well said Welshman. Mugabeism which includes theft, chicanery, poor governance and selfish leadership is still alive and kicking. In any case Mnangagwa was the power behind Mugabe for over 50 years.

    • Not just 50 years in the background but in the frontline too…Just like Chiwenga and Perrence Shiri..these three guys were the architects of Gukurahundi as it was known then..I guess what I am saying here not in as many words is that ED, Chiwenga and Shiri were the authors of that infamous period of our history as a nation…so voting them into office on the 30th is not plain wrong but NOT politically correct at all!!

  6. I wonder when and where you have changed from being a tribalist as was said by Chamisa when you split and he was the MDC spokesman. Has he retracted his statement or have you changed? Return to principles and constitutionalism you know that Khupe is right and ED has reformed Zimbabwe.

  7. ncube is just irrelevant to zim politics.he is just there for position maybe and the money which comes with it.how many people attended this silobela rally?maybe twenty eleventeen.kkkkkkk

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