War vets rant at Mnangagwa

MEMBERS of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) have cried foul over their alleged marginalisation by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration.


ZNLWVA spokesperson Douglas Mahiya told NewsDay yesterday that the former fighters were not happy that after bearing the brunt of former President Robert Mugabe’s regime last rites, Mnangagwa seemed to have forgotten about them hardly seven months into office.

Mahiya said the war veterans had expected better from Mnangagwa, whom they defended with their skin, as Mugabe’s hangers-on bayed for their blood.

“The ZNLWVA has noted with serious concern that hardly less than six months, the nation has forgotten the brave and unwavering battles against Mugabe and his wife (former First Lady) Grace’s [Mugabe] endeavour and restless desire to establish a dynasty,” he said.

“When everyone went underground, wore iron clothes in defence of self, the majority went to hide in deep trenches as Mugabe and G40 rapidly fired at anyone whom he labelled Lacoste. Others feared the mad dogs of the Mugabe regime and decided to bootlick the corrupt, cruel and money-mongering counter-revolutionaries that the former president and those of his inner circle had become.”

Led by Mnangagwa’s chief adviser Christopher Mutsvangwa, the former fighters fought the Zanu PF faction known as G40, reportedly Mugabe’s brainchild.

ZNLWVA leading figures were arrested and charged, kicked out of Zanu PF, but shot back by publicly declaring their allegiance to Mnangagwa, then Vice-President of the country, before he was sacked in early November.

The sacking triggered a chain of events that culminated in the military intervention that forced Mugabe’s dramatic resignation after thousands of people rallied across the country led by the war veterans demanding he goes.

“The show is being stolen away from the war veterans, the newspaper reportage excludes the revolutionary spirit the war freedom fighters demonstrated to keep the revolutionary fire burning, on course and firm, although not much has yet come their way. Those who were idling, bootlicking, hiding in trenches got promoted at the expense of the war veterans and the masses,” Mahiya said.

“Those who were staunch supporters of G40 are now starting to congregate around the political leadership and the President, this way not much change will be realised. Political cheating, lip service to both government and the party (Zanu PF), those with political eyes can recognise the ugly face of the former. I pray to God for new mandate of government. War veterans are waiting eagerly and expecting real change politically, economically and

The war veterans’ spokesperson said Zanu PF had been “invaded by unprogressive forces. The evil nature of these forces must continue to be unmasked”.

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  1. War Veterans while we appreciate your efforts, you need to know that you are not the only special force that went into the trenches in trying to unseat Mugabe. We need to move away for having a sense of entitlement at the expense of the rest of us because this is exactly what brought us to where we are right now. In the 1990s, Mugabe was desperate in trying to appease War vets that he can them hefty payouts that left the economy crumpling on its knees. Since then, things have never been the same. We are tired of being held at ransom by a few self, serving, self centred cronies like Mutsvangwa who only cry foul when things do not go their way. Mr Mahiya, tell me, if Mnangagwa had promoted you and given you a lot position like Mutsvangwa and a lot of money, you wouldn’t be complaining, even if nothing changed in terms of the well being of the rest of us. As far as the rest of us are concerned, nothing has changed, what makes you think that Mnangagwa and Chiwenga cares about you. Comm’n, wake up and smell the rat. You should be rooting for Chamisa by now and fighting for real democracy, not window dressed-fake democracy brought by the same old, tired folks.

    1. Here they go again the whore vets! Yes, they are not the only ones who resisted Mugabe’s even within Zanu PF. There are less than 30,000 war vets left now and they are a spent force.

  2. war vets are treated like intimate tissue paper. Before the ‘act’ the intimate tissue paper is kept close by. Immediately after the ‘act’ there are discarded. kkkkk. The next day they are used again .

  3. War vets are treated like intimate tissue paper. Before the act, there are kept close by. immediately after the act, there are discarded. Mugabe has been using and discarding them. Mnangangwa is doing the same. what a shame.

  4. Vachagara vachingoitiswa

  5. It’s now time for us all to be uplifted as a nation and not just as particular groups or particular party. Only a whole new fresh start under Chamisa can bring true hope & change frankly speaking

  6. Farai Johnson Nhire

    While I recognise and apreciate your zeal and achievements in your actions against the former dictactor, I urge cde Mahiya and his fellow comrades to remind each other that the revolution you started is still on going and it is not yet time for sharing spoils and Ed is aware of that fact. The man is still fighting very tough wars behind the scenes and I feel you need to get in touch with him and learn these facts first hand instead of cunsulting privately owned press. The recent white city incident should motivate you to have the right pespective of the current era and mold your views accordingly. If anything, you should be concentrating on the coming polls which Ed seriously want free, fair and credible after which the man can efficiently and effectively work to satisfy every Zimbabwean.

  7. What is the agenda for these war vets? You prevented “freed” voters from voting for their choice for many years, going on a tangent. …. and now? Get a life….life is what it is and NOT what it should be (in Zim’s case because partly of you and your actions). What experience do you want that will clearly show you the shortcomings of your political party and ideology?

  8. douglas wait until after elections do not make noise for nothing there are serious issues to be taken care of first for heavens sake

  9. With all due respect warvets are not relevant going into the future. They are now part of a nice history that makes good reading in the national archives. Of course we will always cherish and remember them on certain designated days like 18 April, but the nation cannot be held to ransom by them.

  10. I think war vets had their time in the sun and that time is finished. So they expect ED to ignore everyone else and focus on them. Unfortunately ED has not done anything for anyone and so the war vets have company but someone needs to tell them that Zimbabwe has now moved on and there are more other pressing issues than the self serving war vets.

    1. Shuwa sibili.These are the people that cause corruption. Ama $ 50 000.00 lawana should have started companies that are so strong and big by now and so many citizens would be employed. But what did the war vets do? Really can somebody enlighten me.They were used for corrupt tendencies and they still want to be used. What a shame. Mugabe was removed from that seat by God himself and He has not even asked for anything from any of us. We have failed as a nation to even come together and thank God for the gift of freedom from that one yet groupings are already jostling for favorable positions from the current admin.I am sure my children`s grandfather must be turning underground wherever he was buried in Mhangura. He died for this country in reality and some people who still have the gift of life can`t keep his memory dignified. Shame on you war vets.For a change can you stand up and work for what you eat. Kanti lingamadoda bani lina?

  11. Cde Mahiya, you have lost the struggle . You are now a reactionary and a potential political criminal within ZANU PF. Is this the correct channel of communicating grievances within ZANU PF . Pasi nemi!

  12. What did you expect from ED only six months in the office and yet Mugabe used you for over four decades. Stop being cry babies you war vets and especially you Mahiya. Is this a question of sour grapes after suffering defeats in the ZANU PF primaries at the hands of one Tongai Mnangagwa. So, you expected ED to say; “Listen you young Tongai, don’t you know that this is the mighty Doug Mahiya you want to compete against? Oh no my nephew stop it for he fought so fearlessly in my corner and i cannot dare disappoint him. Come on and withdraw your candidature right away”

  13. Comment…war vets deseerve a good living irregardless of political, economical nd social instability .They fought so hard to liberate generations .War vets did not fight for hunger nd poverty so please spare them pedzeranai nadambudzo nd creww

  14. Comment…whr is my comment mr editor anywe..war vets deserve a good living irregardless of social, economical nd politics instability why bcoz they sacrificed their one life to liberate generations.They didn’t fight for poverty or hunger so spare them nd confont dambudzo nd crew.All these misfortunes in zim have nothing to do w war vets war vets did their part

  15. @melissa sando kwauri whether exetended dambudziko apihwa five yrs zero +,-,* or / = to zero

  16. kkkkkkkkk imbonzwaiwo zvinoita nhamo ndimi wonzero yenhamo yatinayo SHAME ON YOU WARVETS.

  17. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Cde Mahiya lets deal with this important task of making sure that we campaign for cde ED. This is not the time to talk about issues of special recognition. Pse you are a trained cde.

  18. I am disappointed to here Mahiya saying he wanted a big chunk of the national cake becoz they helped oust mugbe. What exactly do you want? Did all war vets participated. if not so u mean the few who were once expelled should live large at the expense of the povo. Now I see that whatever warvets do is not for us all but for themselves. I remember u saying u are no longer aligned to any political party as warvets but to all Zimbabweans. However as soon as the Mugabe was ousted u quickly forgot your promise and jumped onto the Zanu gravy train thing that u will get milk and honey while the rest suffer. Where did u put the $50 000 which were equivqlent to more than $30 00US then? makadya yose uku economy ikadonha. I dont think u deserve anything now becoz u demanded payment for your war services and u were paid handsomely. Builder akavaka imba wobhadharwa anoclaimer kuti imba ndeyako here? True heroes are those who died and got nothing. Moreover a lot of u who claim to be warvets are NOT. Some of u were war refugees, others were vetted by their relatives in 1996 to 1997 as war vets. Vamwe vakatora vakadzi, vazukuru, varoora, vakuwasha, etc vavo kuita mawarvets. Why vetting was done 17 years after the war. The 30 000 living warvets is too much a big number which cant be justified. Saka hondo yakarwiwa nemawarvets mangani since 80% died coz of traumas, wounds, atrocities they committed, etc. I believe real warvets are between 5 000 to 10 000 and all the others are fake. i know a lot of fake warvets and vamwe vacho vaive mapuruvheya nemadzakutsaku who took advantage of their vetting relatives.

  19. lets behave like matured people cdes ed ndivo vari kutong regai vapinde panyanga tirongerwe ramangwana rakajeka

  20. Thats were you prove that you are a fool Mahiya, as a war veteran you do not fight for a person but for ideals. You fought Mugabe now you fight for Mnagangwa. When will you ever learn.

  21. muchanya

  22. It was Mugabe caving in to the war vets ridiculous demands that bankrupt this country. The reckless printing of money that led to the collapse of our national currency and economy.
    Yes Bounty….the war vets sure did play their part…..

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