Vote out Mnangagwa Kwekwe-style: Chebundo

KWEKWE Central National Assembly aspirant Blessing Chebundo (MDC Alliance) boasts of having trounced Zanu PF presidential candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa twice in the 2000 and 2005 parliamentary elections. Chebundo, who is now campaigning to win back the seat, says it is possible to remove Mnangagwa from office Kwekwe-style in the forthcoming elections.

By Veneranda Langa

Chebundo will contest against National Patriotic Front candidate Masango Matambanadzo, Zanu PF candidate Kandros Mugabe, Josias Maupa (independent) and others for the Kwekwe Central National Assembly seat. The following are excerpts of an interview between Chebundo (BC) and NewsDay (ND) senior parliamentary reporter Veneranda Langa about his campaign.

ND: Why do you think that Mnangagwa will lose the elections to MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa?

BC: People will always recall that I beat Mnangagwa by 15 000 votes to 8 000 votes in the 2000 elections and he came back in 2005 and I beat him again Kwekwe style by 12 900 votes to 11 000. So, I am simply saying that if Kwekwe did it twice, then we can do it for the third time this month in the presidential election.

ND: But, Zanu PF is saying they have renewed leadership and a presidential election is different from a parliamentary election, can you explain why you think Mnangagwa can lose again?

BC: I am simply telling Zimbabweans that Mnangagwa has been part and parcel of the old order since 1980, and after 38 years of him being in government, it is high time that we should put someone young who can bring hope for Zimbabweans.

Mnangagwa was rejected in 2000 and 2005, and now we have him again contesting the presidential elections on July 30.

He came through a soft coup, but now what is needed is not the old guard. We want to restructure Zimbabweans with new ideas and we cannot continue to give him a new lease of life after enjoying being in government for 38 years.

Mnangagwa has weak points that will cause people to refrain from voting for him.

ND: What are those weak points?

BC: For instance, the people of Kwekwe rejected him because of his alleged corrupt practices, especially pertaining to gold mining. We are not sure if it is true, but information spreads and that is why the people of Kwekwe have been rejecting him.

ND: So, what is it that you want to do for the people in Kwekwe Central if you win the seat?

BC: First of all, Kwekwe needs to be ridden of scandals like corruption and political influence pertaining to extraction of natural resources. It needs to be ridden of instability where there are alleged murders that have taken place because of gold claims. Kwekwe is also a hub which can be important in economic activity, and I want to push for the reopening of industries that used to make Kwekwe tick like the steel, fertiliser, chrome and agro-based companies. Kwekwe is also in the Great Dyke and has a lot of potential. It is central in the country and needs development. As MP for the area, I will push for clear investment policies at local and national levels. This needs an MP who belongs to a party that has clear economic policies like the MDC Alliance.

ND: Are you not scared of Matambanadzo who seems to be also popular in Kwekwe?

BC: I have beaten Mnangagwa in an election and so I cannot be scared of Matambanadzo. He was Zanu PF, and what is it that he offered to the people?

ND: What were your achievements during your previous stints as MP?

BC: I ensured that MPs became role models in the fight against HIV as chairperson of the Zimbabwe Parliamentarians Network on HIV and Aids, of which I am still its executive director. I am also part of the African Network of Parliamentarians up to 2019. I also advocated for issues of transparency and accountability in the use of the Aids levy.




  2. you wish mr mp times have changed and those were the days its now new games being played and being played seriously

  3. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Zimbabwe is more than Kwekwe! Why is your Chamisa jittery then?

  4. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Chebundo sounds very dull unless he was just bluffing in what he said. Let me ask this dofo very simple questions which the interviewer would have done well to ask. Are you aware Blessing that your former boss Morgan Tsvangirai lost an election against Keneth Manyonda of Zanu Pf and did that make you more popular than Morgan then? Did the Mdc do wrong to make tsvangirai run for a presidential post which he lost again several times instead of you running for presidency on Mdc ticket? Do you think you would have won elections against Joseph Chinotimba in Buhera South those two times and why do you answer that way? Does that make Zanu Pf foolish to make Ed run for presidency instead of Joseph Chinotimba? Does it not automaticaly follow that if the two major parties contesting elections were clever enough, this time’s presidential poll would have Blessing Chebundo contesting against Joseph Chinotimba instead of Nelson Chamisa against Emmerson Mnangagwa? This is how dull these oposition kids are including Nelson.

    1. Clever questions there Farai Johnson Nhire. They would have had place the interview in the correct context.

    2. Irrelevant questions.Zva ed na Chinotimba zvri kubatana papi.Chebundo ari kungo taura kuti ed ane history yekuruza maElections, and that will continue.Ikozvino anozviti kuvanhu ‘I am your president’.Aka vhoterwa nani?

  5. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Kwekwe haisi Zimbabwe vachebundo. apa iZANU PF v MDC. Saka mirirai nguva.

  6. You don’t need to tell Zimbabwean about Mnangangwa and ZANU PF. They all know who he is.You sell you MDC policies and let them decide who they want to move their country forward.

    1. Taura hako, hapana asinga zvizivi kuti ibhinya.

  7. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Let me explain my Chinotimba and Manyonda examples: Blessing Chebundo won against Ed for no other reason other than that the Kwekwe constituence is an Mdc stronghold. Morgan Tsvangirai lost to Keneth Manyonda because the constituence in which he contested is a Zanu Pf stronghold rather than an indication of tsvangirai’s incompetence. Blessing Chebundo agrees that he cannot make it against Chinos simply because Buhera South constituency has more Zanu Pf supporters than Mdc ones.These are very simple facts and i am surprised you did not get the sense of it first time.

  8. Mr. Chebundo if this is not waffling I don’t know what else to call it. Tshela abantu what you want to do for the Kwekwe electorate. Hatshi ukuthi ube lokho ukhuluma ngokunqoba uMnangagwa owakwenza kudala. Akuncedi abantu khona lokho, ngeke kuvale ama pot holes emigwaqweni, kumbe ukuletha imithi ezibhedlela zeKwekwe. Lokhu kutshengisa sobala ukuthi lawe you are now a dinosaur you are still living in the past. Ukhuluma nge new blood pho wena usafunani? Tshiya phela kungene abanye. Ngabe ngihlale Kwekwe wawungeke wathola ivote yami

  9. kid marongorongo

    kwekwe is not zimbabwe chebundo, do you think you will win again vanhu vakato sempla vakaona kuti hauite uri kuloser mukwekwe imomo takatoona kuti ED atori bhoo manje hapana zvawakaita kubva pawakapinda muparliament kunze kwekungotura kuti wakambokunda vaMnangagwa, ndiwe waivhota here, ok toda kuona muromo wako iwoyo this time.hapana kana one development project yauri kuita izvozvi vanhu vari kutemana nemabhemba mukwekwe imomo iwie sa leader uchimwa doro nemhondi. ko sei uchituma vanhu kuti vateme vanhu nemabhemba, mweya weumhondi wakakubata wakanyanya iwe. Kwekwe yese ngativoterei VaMnangagwa nzvimbo yedu inobudirira, mkorokoza handei tinovhotera ED tichere goridhe redu takasununguka.

  10. munya luke bikaldo

    I have been holding it but it looks like only comments that are pro zanu pf are the one seeing the light of the day in the Newsday paper.I smell a very stinking rat.

  11. So there was no rigging after all

  12. We luv Ed totomuvotera chete hapana zve rigging

  13. chana chazuro

    chebundo must ask munyaradzi gwisai what happens when you begin to think that you own people, without owing your victory to the popularity of the party that you represent. During that time anyone representing mdc in kwekwe would have trounced anyone representing zanu pf, thats a fact. bvunza gwisai akazofunga kuti anodiwa maningi avhoterwa ne 15000 voters, akazoita independent candidate, and got less than 10 votes. dzikama

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