Vambe dumps Zanu PF to drum up support for Chamisa

RENOWNED drummer Douglas Vambe has shifted his political allegiance to the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance after dumping the ruling Zanu PF party, which he accuses of abusing him and failing to recognise his efforts.


Vambe, the brains behind ZBC’s news bulletin drumbeat, made the remarks last week during an MDC Alliance street rally in Cherima high-density suburb, Marondera.

“I played the drums at Zanu PF and State functions, but I have nothing to show for it. It is bad,” he said.

The 76-year-old drummer, who has been a regular performer at most Zanu PF and State functions, was in 2009 given a 100-hectare farm located along Marondera-Murewa Road by former President Robert Mugabe as a way of appreciating his works.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, the outspoken drummer said despite the farm, he had not been rewarded ever since the drumbeat was recorded at the then Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation studios in Mbare in 1962 and he deserves more from the ruling party as well as the nation.

“This is not about the farm. I am worried about how I was treated given my contribution to the ruling party. It was going to be better if I was earning something monthly. I feel that I deserved a status and be counted among the top party officials, but that is not the case. They do not recognise me,” he said.

“It is not about (Nelson) Chamisa, it is about me and reality. This is what is happening and I am not afraid of expressing it.”

Born on August 2, 1942, in Magunje village, Uzumba district, Vambe said he fell in love with the traditional drum when he was four.

His drum-playing skills saw him flying to the United Kingdom in 2008 after being invited to perform at the Birmingham International Arts Festival.

He is also known for popularising the jerusarema/mbende drumbeat practiced by the Zezuru people living in the Murehwa and Uzumba, Maramba and Pfungwe districts in eastern

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  1. Bull shit Vambe ,the Farm is enough for you!

  2. Oh dear and this constitutes national news? Cry the beloved country.

  3. Nonsense Vambe, you cant do this on the 11th hour back in the day in Kambuzuma you were a household name bacause of your allegiance to zanoids and now with this move your future and last days are for sure doomed

  4. Chris Kambasiya

    Don’t you think the 100 ha farm is enough.What more do you need.Dont display primitive greediness sir.Some of us dont even have a 200square metre stand to build a house

  5. good move

  6. good move, well done Vambe leave the party of criminals

  7. Vamwe vanhu havatendi chokwadi. Kupiwa purazi just for playing drums kwaakuti it’s not enough. Hamunyari bambo.

  8. Can I have his farm and I will pay him $10000 every month?

    1. mudhara vambe chokwadi here.

  9. mudhara vambe ma1 avo kushora purazi, but ikodzero dzavo kuenda kwavanoona kungangovadyisa kwaChamisa

  10. This Vambe guy is out of his mind.100 hectare is more than enough.what monthly allowance does he want.You are too lazy old man.

    1. Saka boora ngoma rakuda kutoiswa government pension.

      Hre is free advise

      He has an Intellectual property right to claim for his artistic work of the drum beat and his performance which he should claim for its usage by the broadcasting corporation. He need proper legal advise, he may have a valid claim but he needs to direct it to those liable. Otherwise, he consented it to go for free since he has been quiet about it for so long and he was given a farm by Mugabe as a recognition for his artistic rights so in the end, he may not get anything, but it is worth trying.

      If he wants I can act on a no win no fee.

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