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Unique medical aid scheme launched


OUT of Zimbabwe’s current population, pegged at 16 900 757, 90% do not have health insurance, a situation which is exacerbated by the high rate of unemployment and the prevailing harsh economic conditions.


In an effort to ease the situation and ensure that everyone has access to health care, Zimbabwe General Medical Aid Fund (ZG Medical Aid) has come up with affordable medical cover targeting sportspersons as well as those in the informal sector.

ZG Medical Aid chief operations officer, Takudzwa Gumbo said their aim was to provide medical cover to all people regardless of economic standing and employment status as the current medical aid schemes required proof of employment.

“We have come up with a medical aid facility that mainly targets sportspersons where we offer them shield plans for sports depending with their discipline; the rating depends on one’s needs. We are also offering cover to the 90% that, for one reason or the other, is not on medical aid as we want to ensure that everyone is medically shielded even from as little as $5 per month,” Gumbo said.

The poverty datum line stands between $430 and $574 for a household of five and $96 for a self-sustaining individual, depending on location (provincial stats), and this leaves choice of a medical aid cover out of the question given that many medical aid providers charge a minimum $50 per month.

For people outside sporting, there were five plans available, including the general plan which cost $5, silver $15, gold $35 and platinum $55 as well as the platinum executive plus which cost $130 monthly.

ZG Medical Aid also assists with a funeral incentive in case a member dies.

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