Umahlekisa presents ballot comedy night

BULAWAYO’S comedy club Umahlekisa will present a show dubbed The Funny Ballot Comedy Night on July 27 at the Vista in Bulawayo to warm their fans with rib cracking jokes before they go for elections scheduled for July 30.


Club founder Ntando Van Moyo said the show is meant for comedy lovers to laugh before the votes.

“The show is about having a laugh before the votes. It is a funny view of the manifestos and candidates. We timed it specifically for the elections and it is a period where people are tense and competitive,” he said.

“We want to give them a laugh about the choices they will make as well as possible outcomes. It’s simply an elections joke event.”

He said some of them will tackle trending political issues such as campaigns.

“We will talk about trending political issues like campaign strategies, artists in politics and more. We believe humour is a soft communication tool that can articulate electoral issues while promoting peace, unity and acceptance of choices,” he said. Ads

The show will have a mixture of Harare and Bulawayo comedians and Moyo will make a short appearance as he is not in the line-up.

Some of the comics include Mandla Da Comedian, Clive Chigubhu, Kadeem The Comic and Zwexy Mackina.

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