Traditional leaders letting us down: ZPP

ZIMBABWE Peace Project (ZPP) national director Jestina Mukoko said traditional leaders were letting the nation down due to their involvement in politics as the country moves towards the elections.


Speaking to the media during a workshop on elections, Mukoko said the refusal by president of Chief’s Council Fortune Charumbira to publicly apologise as ordered by the courts was a sign that the traditional leaders were influencing the election process.

“I was in Nyanga recently, a lot of people that I spoke to are afraid of the role of the traditional leaders. What has happened in courts regarding Chief Charumbira and him failing to respect the court ruling, for me that demonstrates impunity. They actually know that nothing will happen to them. Up to this day, he has not retracted. The other traditional leaders will do likewise.

“People are afraid and this is evident on the ground. Even though cases of violence are slightly lower in comparison, there are a lot of issues at play. The role of traditional leaders has been magnified and this is being used as a tool of intimidation,” she said.

Recently, while addressing party supporters in Mutoko, President Emmerson Mnangagwa urged Zanu PF aspiring party candidates to work hand-in-hand with traditional leaders if they wanted to win the forthcoming elections.
Mukoko, a victim of the 2008 political violence, said this election was more peaceful as compared to the previous polls.

“The changed attitude towards violence by the ruling party, cannot be ignored. The President has really tried to hammer home the issue of peace and for us as the ZPP, comparing figures from the previous elections, we have had the benefit of hindsight in terms of the information we have got from past elections.

“But the figures from our monthly reports, show that in the last two months there has been a decrease in intra-party violence and it does not show that we are going into an election which is a positive,” she said.

According to ZPP, female representation in the forthcoming elections was at its lowest this election.

“Participation of women in the political fray has largely been hampered by intimidation from both political parties and community. The representation is too low and this is because women get the worst of it in terms of threats and intimidation.

“Of concern also is the fact that women were being thrust against each other and that has widened the gender disparity that already exists. Women avoid being harassed by staying away,” she said.

Meanwhile, the ZPP report, as of June 15 said the MDC Alliance topped in cases of intra-party violence with 19 reports as compared to Zanu PF’s three. Most of the violence cases were recorded during primary elections.

The workshop was organised by the Centre for Investigative Journalism Zimbabwe (CIJZ) and running under the theme Interrogating, spotlighting and documenting politically motivated violence and human rights violations.

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  1. Kokerai Chisvo

    Ko handiti ndiMambo regai vatonge

  2. I think ZPP should be focusing more on Violent activities wch hv escalated the Alliance Camp and stop persecuting our Traditional Leaders

  3. thank you traditional chiefs do not be influenced by youngsters of today remember you were the ones who also bore the brunt of the chimurenga war so short memories will not pay

  4. Traditional leadership has no relevance in modern day democracy, it is the Constitution which leads people’s lives.

    Traditional leaders are primitive dictators which should have been abandoned with the coming-in of civilisation in the late 60s.

    Traditional leaders became so by killing in primitive wars minority tribes. During slave trade they were used by Arabs to identify victims inwhich case their kith and kin were spared – some happen to be the Chiefs today.

    Smith protected the Chiefs and their kids but everyone else suffered the war, Mugabe continued with Smith’s protectionism while Mnangagwa is taking the art a step further. Finally Chiefs/traditional leadership has never been for the rest of the populace.

    1. apo ndiko kunonzi kushaiwa zvekutaura ko kunyarara unobveyi? Shuwa nhasi 3 july 2018 chief akasevenza nemaArabs achiripo achingotonga saka anogonaka saka Mwari vachimuchengeta PAMBERI NEMA CHIEF EDUUU!!! PASI NE MHANDUUUUU!!!

  5. people are now forgetting the relevance of traditional leaders these pipo contribute much in our land…cultural erosion ikutikanganisira..

  6. tikatarisa nhorondo yeZimbabwe mbuya nehanda nasekuru kaguvi vaitungamira zimbabwe pasati pane zve machurches izvi ngatisarasei chiri mumaoko nekuda kuombera

  7. Hondo Zvenyika

    Matraditional leaders participated in politics during and aftr the colonial era i dnt see anything wrong now w em mupolitics. Vakatobatsira kuty kusava nehudzvinyiriri vanoda kuty nyika ibudirire iende mberi.

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