Suspected Zanu PF supporters torch NPF official’s home

Suspected Zanu PF supporters in Hurungwe allegedly burnt a hut and a gazebo belonging to a National Patriotic Front (NPF) official.

BY Everson Mushava

Sapren Kadamukombe’s three children escaped unhurt after the grass-thatched hut in which they were sleeping was allegedly torched last Friday.

Kadamukombe reported the matter at Tengwe Police Station under RRB 2841620.

NPF Hurungwe East parliamentary candidate Sarah Mahoka said the burning of the hut happened after her Zanu PF rival, Ngoni Masenda, addressed a rally in the afternoon, where he allegedly threatened to burn down huts belonging to villagers who refuse to support him.

“Even now, as we speak, there are now two torture bases one at Chivende and another one at a farm in ward 19 manned by 12 war veterans each to intimidate people. The people are always told that they will lose their farm if they support me,” she alleged.

“The intimidation includes withholding of food aid to some people identified as my supporters. For example, Zanu PF provincial chairman Ziyambi Ziyambi even called the district administrator to stop sending food aid to ward 3 because the councillor defected to NPF.”

Mahoka claimed she had also reported the assault of her campaign agent and confiscation of her motor bike, which was later recovered at Tengwe Police Station two weeks ago.

Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabweazara yesterday said he had not yet received the report.

Masenda was not reachable, but Ziyambi said the party respected President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call for peaceful elections.

“I never called anyone to withhold food aid. As the chairman, my duty is to make sure that all people are fed,” Ziyambi said.

“If there is anyone doing violent activities, police should do its work and they should be arrested.”

NPF spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire said the violence confirmed Zanu PF’s propensity for brute.

“We also appeal to the international observers to begin to understand what we have always been saying, that Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF preach peace on public platforms when, in fact, they are planning and are already executing a violent campaign,” Mawarire said.


  1. kkkkkkkkkkkk Jehovah vanhu vaye vatanga

  2. kid marongorongo

    beware of MDC supporters who masquerade as ZANU PF supporters to perpetrate a series of crimes and political violence notably in most parts of the country for personal gains and also to tarnish the image of the ruling party. even if they are caught they falsely testify that they are ZANU PF supporters because its been established that they are being funded for that. What is not yet known is the hand behind it but its well believed that they are MDC sympathizers. Vote ED and shame the devil

  3. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

    sarah Mahoka nyarara. hanti ndiwe wakati ED vanoita se Ducks. apa iwe grade 1 hauna. Grace akakuti wakaba mari. Ndosaka wakazodzingwa mu Gvt yaMugabe yama G40

  4. Comment…Mukore uno here vanhuwe???

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