State security agents swarm Beitbridge

STATE security agents swarmed Beitbridge Border Post yesterday ahead of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s visit tomorrow to officiate at the upgrading of country’s busiest port.


The heavy presence of police, soldiers and spy agents follows recent security breaches in Harare, Gweru and lately Bulawayo, where the Zanu PF leader narrowly escaped a bomb explosion, which later killed two of his deputies’ aides and injured 47 top party and government officials.

Border control officials yesterday have had their parking temporarily moved to another site far away from the spot where the ground-breaking ceremony will be held as security agents enhanced their checks.

“We have instructions to scrutinise and be strict. We cannot make a mistake,” an immigration hand at three security points introduced specifically for Mnangagwa’s visit said.

A busload of plain clothes men, suspected to be security agents, also arrived in Beitbridge and inspected the two venues Mnangagwa is expected to visit.

He is expected to address a political rally at Dulivhadzimo Stadium after the visit at the border post.

The Beitbridge border post is undergoing a $100 million facelift expected to ease traffic flow.

Beitbridge was awash with all-terrain vehicles, many of which were driven by men in army apparel.

A Zanu PF truck carrying a refined public address system went round Beitbridge blasting the popular Jah Prayzah hit song Kutonga Kwaro, synonymous with the November uprising that ended former President Robert Mugabe’s rule.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa yesterday launched the Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency (Zingsa), Zimbabwe National Qualifications Framework and the Zimbabwe National Critical Skills Audit report in Harare.

Zingsa, which is being spearheaded by the Higher and Tertiary Education ministry, seeks to advance geospatial science, earth observation and satellite communication systems

The use of satellite technology is expected to unlock cutting-edge solutions in health, agriculture, mineral exploration, disaster management and the water management sectors.


  1. Takesure Zvazviri

    Better for improving security, President`s enemies will not rest till they achieve their agenda. But its now till late havamugone ED.

  2. good move for security of the country

    1. The country is insecure – food insecurity (food imports), financial insecurity (no local currency/liquidity crisis), power insecurity (ZESA load shedding)….you have to be very daft to think soldiers provide ALL the security the country needs. In this case, they’re providing personal security only…confusing the two clearly shows daftness of immense proportion.

      1. it also shows that you have been brain washed to the last litre, do not interpret everything you read in the opposition papers to be the gospel truth the fact remains that the army is there to protect the country and its citizens against foreign invasion and ask yourself a simple question, how come we do not see videos of most the allegations carried in the media in this day of cellphone technology and point of correction there is hardly power load shedding these days wondering if you are in zimbabwe.

  3. kid marongorongo

    ED dont be destructed by the enemies of development, don’t ever listen to empty vessels they are just blowing a meaningless tone, Zanu Pf is moving on if you want a better tomorrow hang on. ED has my vote.

  4. Now that we have a Space Agency, do you think we will be flying to the Moon soon to collect our US$?????

  5. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Space Agency is not only about moon rockets. It has also to do with satelite technolopy that has many uses incuding telecomunications, weather forecasting, animal deases control, pests control, mineral exploration and many others.

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