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Sibanda confident of victory in Byo Central


BULAWAYO businessman, Geneva Sibanda, who runs a vibrant cattle ranch in Bubi, Matabeleland North province, has warned that he would embarrass his fellow contestants for the Bulawayo Central House of Assembly seat.


The aspiring independent legislator said the electorate was now tired of candidates controlled by their parties’ desires rather than the wishes of the people.

Sibanda, who is a member of the Bulawayo independent forum, a grouping of independent candidates, will tussle for the seat with 17 other candidates.

Zanu PF and MDC Alliance candidates have been touted as the major contenders in this year’s election but, Sibanda said he had a different view on the outcome of polls.

“People have realised that independent candidates are ideal and versatile to use in pushing for their issues, because they use a down-top approach while the political parties candidates will have to consult their parties if what is demanded by the electorate is according to their party ideology before they can implement it,” Sibanda

He said when one is a party candidate, some issues demanded by the people may be denied by the party.

Sibanda said as an independent candidate, he would take what the people say to Parliament and bring back feedback, because he would not be bound by any party policy.

“I am a resident of Bulawayo Central, a property owner, the concerns and needs of Bulawayo Central residents are my needs. I share the same experiences with them, unlike some party candidates who are imposed on constituencies they are not resident in,” Sibanda said.

He claimed to have assisted many young people through his organisation, Young People Empowerment and Development Trust.

“It is my wish that government provides funding for health care, including infrastructure and equipment. Why would we fail to do so when we have enough resources, yet we buy brand new top of the range vehicles for MPs and chiefs. That money should have been channelled towards construction of hospitals and schools.”

He said the problem was that those in government did not experience life like the ordinary people because when their family members fell sick, they received medical attention abroad.

Sibanda said the suffering of the people inspired him to contest, while people also influenced him to do so.

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