Shadowy union takes Chamisa to task over mass dismissals

A SHADOWY workers’ union has emerged pitching its narrative around the mass dismissal of workers following a Supreme Court judgment in July 2015 in which MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa was reportedly an instructing advocate.


The Zimbabwe Workers for Justice said it had been saddened by “short memories” exhibited by Zimbabweans in general given Chamisa’s role in what it characterised as a disgraceful event in the history of the working class in the country.

“In recent weeks many of us have been shocked and saddened by the short memories of many Zimbabweans. Back in 2015, there was a court case that changed the face of Zimbabwe; it changed the fate of Zimbabwe. It pitched the strong against the weak, the rich against the poor (and) big business against the worker.

“The Supreme Court case set a crisis in the Zimbabwean worker which led to around 30 000 workers losing their jobs, losing their livelihoods,” the group’s spokesperson Alex Gakanje said in a statement yesterday.

“Fathers could no longer support their families, young workers had their careers cut short, their hope and future torn out at the roots before they could even have a chance to grow.”

In July 2015, the full bench of the Supreme Court then led by the late Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku ruled against former Zuva Petroleum managers who had challenged their dismissal on three months’ notice. The court ruled that all parties to a contract had same rights to walk away from it on notice, triggering a massive job cull. ads Ads

However, in August last year the Labour Court ruled that the fired workers were entitled to reinstatement or payment of damages adding the dismissals had been unlawful.

“There was a young aspiring advocate who proudly took the despicable glory for this victory of injustice. The same Nelson Chamisa who today is the leader of the MDC-T party that emerged out of the trade union movement, a pro-worker-party. The same Nelson Chamisa who claims to represent the workers and downtrodden, the poor and the suffering,” said Gakanje. “Before we choose our president people have a right to know their candidates.”

Asked why his union had not mentioned President Emmerson Mnangagwa who reportedly has interests in Zuva Petroleum or the companies that fired workers indiscriminately, Gakanje was evasive. “Our mandate is to represent workers. We want to start where it all began and that is in July 2015. We are not worried about who owns what shares in which company. We represent the workers and seek justice.

“He (Chamisa) is claiming he will create employment. Chamisa has done an excellent job in making people forget his role in this disgraceful event. He has sought to re-write history and eradicate his role in this sorry episode,” the union said.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions in the aftermath of the ruling demanded Chamisa’s resignation from the MDC-T.

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  1. I guess Chamisa was the Advocate and at the same Judge in this matter. I also guess he was responsible for for crafting the then existing labor Act. Mashaya nyaya idyai mari yeZanu makanyarara. At least he helped to expose the ill-written and ill-thought Labor laws leading to the currently amended.

  2. Mabasa eZANU PF aya. Tavakuzviziva.
    This Alex guy was given a well written statement by Mutsvangwa. If you were dismissed and no longer working Alex, how come you purpport to represent workers( Zimbabwe Workers for Justice). Where on earth have you seen rovha representing workers as Chairperson of a workers committee. All Workers committee are registered with the ministry of Public service and social welfare. To prove us wrong Alex Kindly publish the registration certificate of such a workers union.
    Uri mbwa yemunhu.

    1. This is a true story please.

  3. Imi ve SHADOWY workers’ union you should be thanking Advocate Chamisa for exposing that piece of legislation and you should be happy that it was amended so that no workers are going to be dismissed in such a cruel manner. Thumps up to Advocate Chamisa.

  4. Nhai,Why where those people fired. Remember that if a company is facing difficulties it should retrench for it to survive. And also how many people has lost houses in Murambatsvina ?????? Food for thought!

  5. Why has the newspaper called them “shadowy” is Newsday being partisan. For everyone ‘s information the MDC ceased to be a workers’ party long ago. So there is absolutely no alignment between their manifesto and workers needs. Check their top table and identify a worker. It’s the lawyers party now. Shocked that ZCTU joined them in their March.

  6. Uku kwakutsvaka uta mugate uku kushaya nyaya chaiko ashaisa vanhu mufaro Chamisa shame..iye Alex yo kutopoza achiverenga chirinugu chaasina kunyora nxaa..kukanganwa chazuro nehope isu kana mukataurei zvenyu hatidzore tsvimbo hama dzedu dzakafa 2008 makanganwa here, dzimba dzichipiswa, vanhu kuita maoko ma sleeveless nanhasi vamwe zvirema, mari dzedu dzakarovera muma bank tikatoitawo vana vedu vakafawo nenzara, nanhasi tirikutambura mari hakuna, dzimba dzedu dzikaputswa naKasukuwere muHarare umu nhasi takugara kumusha, mabasa chaiwo akapera makambani avhara coz of Zanuoid musataure zvekupenga tirikurwadziwa isu, 38 yrs dzekutambura
    murambatsvina maikanganwaka,ESAP nxaa

  7. Is this so called Union registered, if so which Industry is it registered to operate in?
    If not please give us a break and stop misrepresenting genuine workers.”stop it”
    Majaira old dispensation yayi uraya vanhu vasina mhosva.
    Who is worse off muridzi we company kana mumiririri we wayo?

  8. kkkkkkk stupid stupid, he sc…. you for 37 years and you were hero hero him, now you want to start another circle of being sc….. again. You beyond redemption i say!!!!!!



  10. Mnangagwa was Justice minister,

  11. KKKKKKKKKK. Zvonakidza kana ED achitukwa nezvaanonzi akaita during Mugabe reign and hazvikanganwiki, but kana zvakatadzwa naChamisa zvotaurwa zvonzi zvaipa. shame on u mune kufunga kwakadaro. Zvekuti union igenuine or bogus zvine basa rei as long as zviri kutaurwa is true. Chamisa akamiririra company zvikadzingisa vanhu basa period. Dont justify the wrong by saying zvaakaita zvakabatsira kuti mutemo ugadziriswe that is bulshit. Dai aida kugadzirisa mutemo he could have taken that to parliament since he was an MP.

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