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Que Montana returns with new offering


AFRO-POP musician Que Montana — whose four-year recording deal with South Africa’s Cool spot — has run its course is now back in the country and has announced his return with the release of his fifth album, Sara Ugarike.


Born Brighton Kufa, the musician who rose to fame in 2011 with the song Sei which topped charts on local radio stations, said his latest offering was a reflection of musical maturity.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, the Huya Titaurirane hitmaker said his decision to come back home was influenced by the need to reconnect with his fans.

“I decided to come back home after all these years because I was starving my local fans as more of the songs were in English and Zulu and my sound had changed completely. Although music in South Africa was good, I needed to rekindle my career and reconnect with my local fans,” he said.

“Sara Ugarike is a fusion of my different genres from across Africa with a Zimbabwean sound. From the album, one can actually get traces of West African music with some Pasada music from Mozambique and we revived music from great brands such as Ilanga.”

The former Andy Brown bass guitarist said the 13-track Sara Ugarike was named by his fans.

“My album titles have always been based on the theme of the project but this time around I sampled the album to my fans who then selected Sara Ugarike as their best song, hence the name,” she said.

The multi-instrumentalist has worked with a number of local and international artistes including South African producer Techno Beats, Rozalla Miller, Tanga WekwaSando, Afrika Revenge as well as Ammara Brown and Taurai Mandebvu.

The album also carries the tracks Mudiwa Usadero, Siluwe, Lover Lover, Sara Ugarike, Munondishushirei, Kure Kure, Kumauro, Stop Playing with My Mind, I Miss You, Ndamirira, Sinyoro naSinorita and Tsvete Tsvete.

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